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23 December 12

[This is in response to a post on Cooking with Dee.]

I’m not sure what you mean by a ‘gun enthusiast’. So let’s take different views and see if we can get there.

You say you like cooking – so do I. I also like good cooking tools. I have mostly Kitchenaid appliances – I like using them because they are fine – well made, pleasing to the touch – and they do the job I want. I also have very fine knives – Sabatier carbon steel. I don’t know that I’m a knife enthusiast – but I want the tools to do the job properly. These knives feel good to the hand, take a razor sharp edge, are comfortable when chopping, etc. In the case of kitchen tools, I not only like them for what they can do, but also for what they are. However, if I did not cook, I would not have pleasure in the tools.

Same for woodworking – I have a whole shop full of tools – most very fine. And I love them for what they are and what they do.

Now then, guns. There are people who collect them simply for what they are as machines. Many are quite beautiful as machines. I feel some of that but I don’t have the money to collect things that are that expensive for no other reason.

You say that you have an emotional fear/rejection of weapons. OK – but that is emotional, not rational. Much like a fear of spiders or snakes or airplanes. Shall we then ban spiders, snakes, and airplanes? Terms like ‘assault weapon’ are purely emotional terms used to evoke a negative response. So let’s look at some other arguments and see if we can get rational.

Hunting – this is a no-brainer. We have been hunters since our beginning. We still are. It might be noted that if we ban hunting then game wardens have to kill excess herds since we have eliminated natural predators. Animals breed to fill all available food supply and then a bit. When the food supply naturally has a bad year, animals die slowly and painfully. We then have to thin them. It might be pointed out that hunters do and have done more for conservation (they invented it) than all the enviro-nuts out there. Restricting hunting to only black powder or bow is the most rank of hypocrisy and will result in a rise in painfully wounded animals dying slowly. By the way, I remember that back in the 1950s there were herd thinnings and I remember film of rangers in choppers mowing down herds with machine guns. As usual, not all were killed, some were wounded and crawled off to die.

Target shooting – there is a whole lot of pleasure in putting holes in a piece of paper. It is not up to you or anyone else to dictate which hobbies someone might like. I despise football, basketball, and all the rest of the violent sports. Since I don’t like them should I impose my will on everyone else? Even if it is for their own good? This has been the favorite argument of totalitarians imposing restrictive laws. You can’t have a drink – for your own good – created the Mafia and organized crime as it is known and loved today. The restrictive attitude of the early 20th century is still with us.

Self-defense – Also a no-brainer, but let’s look at it. A gun is the ONLY way that an old, crippled, arthritic, weak, small person (or any combination) has of defending against physical violence from a younger, stronger, fitter, etc. attacker. All other forms of defense have limitations. Physical defense – like martial arts. OK – I have to have a fit body, I have to learn and practice for many years. And – contrary to Hollyweird – a larger, stronger adversary will win unless there is a fairly large difference in fighting ability. And so on. All other forms of defense, from rocks to cutting to stabbing to bows all require strength, agility, ability, and skill.

But let us get down to what the Founding Fathers really meant (read the writings of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, the Anti-Federalist papers, etc.). The main purpose of an armed citizenry is to keep the powers of oppression by the government in check. We are supposed to be armed, nasty, and free. The first act of Hitler, Mussolini, and many others has been removal of the guns from the hands of honest citizens. Government cannot, will not, and does not remove guns from the hands of criminals and the insane.



The difference between the Jews in Warsaw and everywhere else is that the Warsaw Jews were successful in taking an honor guard of dead Nazis with them because they had guns and used them. This did several things: They died with honor instead of like sheep in a gas chamber – heroes in my book. They also tied up many German troops that the Nazis could not use elsewhere, which saved many Allied lives since the troops that were shooting at the Jews were not shooting at the Allies.

All governments are magnets for those who seek power and wealth. The main difference that I see is that the crooked Republicans want to take your money, but the Democrats want to take your freedom. Remember that in liberal New York you can no longer super-size a meal because someone else has determined that it for your own good. I am a rational adult human. I will determine what is for my own good and anyone else does not have my permission to make life decisions for me. I don’t understand the logic of people who want to treat children as adults while treating adults as children. Anyone who thinks that government can be trusted to make decisions for them is living in a fantasy land. The reason that you are being scared to death with horror stories about guns is that this government (and the lapdog news media) wants to take away your ability to defend yourself.

As far as ‘assault weapons’, whatever they are: if the government limits my ability to protect myself from it – then that it a good reason to rebel, for each limitation is only another step to dictatorship where I have no say in my life. I should like to point out what the news media has NOT in this country. The same day that the kook broke into the school and killed 20 people in this country the news media was full of it. The Chinese government tsk, tsked and said that we should ban guns. No one has bothered to report that the same day a kook broke into a Chinese school and killed 23 people and children with a knife. Are you ready to ban knives? My 12” kitchen knife would make a nice ‘assault weapon’. People have been killed with rocks. Are we now ready to outlaw ‘assault rocks’?

England and Australia have banned guns. Domestic violence is up. Chicago has banned guns. Murder by guns runs about 20 a week. The only people that gun bans benefit are criminals and dictators. When the sheep ban slings the wolves have a field day.

Switzerland has never been conquered. Even the Nazis ignored it – because, by Swiss law, every household is armed. Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese commander in chief in WWII, opposed war with America, and wanted nothing to do with invasion plans for the US mainland. He had studied at Harvard and told the Japanese high command that every house in America was armed and there was no possible way to conquer the US by force.

The European model: it is of interest that if you really study the European Union, that goal of socialism that every liberal wants to rule America, you will eventually see that what Germany could not win by arms in WWI or WWII, they have finally achieved today. Total domination of the EU council and that major power of legislation equals Germany now rules Europe. Incidentally, one of the fun provisos is that if you commit an action in your own home [in your country] that is a crime elsewhere in the EU, but not in your country you can be extradited to the other country for prosecution.

Oh yeah, I should mention that if some of those teachers had been armed, the kook would have been dead before he killed all the kids. Actually, since kooks are cowards, he probably would have passed by any place that had people who could defend themselves.

Big guy kicking little guy – how long does it take the cops to get there if no one calls them? If someone does call them? Little guy has a gun – kicking does not even start.


Beauty Pageant Loses Collective Mind –

16 May 09

{{Herself Sez: He’s back! (At least this week!) And even MORE curmudgeonly than ever!

By now most people should have heard about the dust-up that probably cost Miss California the Miss USA crown.

Asked what she thought of gay marriage by the “openly gay judge” Perez Hilton, she said (as gently as possible) that in her family marriage was between a man and a woman.

Later the director of the Miss California pageant told Fox News “As co-director of the Miss California USA, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss California believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman,” said Lewis in a statement. “I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit. I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone and religious beliefs have no politics in the Miss California family.”

What is happening is that the liberal political correctness litmus test is being applied to every walk of life in this country. You will soon not be able to win a beauty pageant, open a business, or do anything else without the official liberal seal of political correctness.

Don’t think that can happen here? It is happening here. The liberals fought hard during the 1950’s and 60’s to get the loyalty oath trashed. Don’t remember that? Used to be that all public college professors had to sign an oath that they supported the Constitution of the United States and did not advocate violent overthrow of the government. This never did strike me as being terribly unreasonable since the government paid a good deal of the salaries of these people.

Now the libs are gleefully plotting to take away all free speech. Think not? The “fairness doctrine” is the tip of the iceberg. This business with the Miss USA pageant is another sign of the continuing erosion of freedom of thought and speech. Did you know that it is illegal to criticize a politician 60 days before an election? How ‘bout that for thought control? The “local doctrine” is being strongly pushed in the liberal Congress. What is that? Well, the FCC will survey all radio stations and if the content is “offensive” to some members of the community, the license can be lifted. This is aimed at Rush, Sean, Neal, and other conservative radio commentators. Where there is a conservative community and they can’t be hung on the “offensive” clause the second part kicks in. The content does not have enough “local flavor”. And the license can be lifted. Basically, since liberal talk radio has never been financially successful, the libs will kill conservative voices with government power.

The internet is free. Yeah, right. Legislation is being introduced in the Congress to allow the president the power to shut down the internet on an emergency basis. Note that the nature of the emergency is never defined in the bill.

Oh yeah, and what stupid idiot asks a homosexual that obviously dislikes women to judge a beauty contest? Looks like the libs are really showing their lack of sense – common or otherwise.‏

Watch Schindler’s List –

19 April 09
Title page of the first printing of the Federa...

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– And ask yourself if the Nazis said worse about the Jews or hated them any more virulently than the left hates productive conservatives.

Watch the wretched and poisonous liberal CNN newsies and their reactions to the Tea Parties around this country.

Think about the liberal efforts to remove firearms from the hands of decent citizens, and their total lack of effort to reduce criminals in our system. The purpose of the second amendment is not to protect us from criminals – although that works also – but to protect us from our own government. And if you doubt that then you have not read and understood the Constitution, the Federalist papers, or any of the other source documents by the Founders of this country.

Where the ghetto Jews in Europe were armed there was the possibility of resistance. And they did. They died. But they died like humans, and weakened their persecutors before their demise. Where they had been disarmed, there was no possibility of resistance. And they were slaughtered like vermin by the Nazis. Either in the streets or in the death camps.

Listen to the left and their reaction to free people expressing disapproval of the government and compare that to the initial speech of any totalitarian movement. The scorn and dehumanization of anyone who disagrees with them is one of the hallmarks of any movement which will persecute and eventually kill or imprison people of the opposition. We see that in the left nowadays. Not only do the newies sit by and let incredibly vile statements by the guests go without challenge – the interview of the poisonous Jeneane Gerofalo comes to mind, but the newsies themselves indulge in poison – Susan Roesgen’s vileness comes to mind. The various CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and other liberal stations have used vile epithets about the protestors and used the protests more as an opportunity to attack Fox News – which is the only network to even attempt to report news accurately and to present both side of a debate.

It can’t happen here? But I say to you that it is happening here. The “students” at various universities will listen to crazies like Ward Churchill or William Ayers or any left wing nutcase but will generally shout down anyone who is the least bit conservative. The defense for the poisonous lies of Ward Churchill is “freedom of speech”. Why then, is freedom of speech denied to any with whom they disagree? Truth is not valued – political correctness is rampant. Schools want to stop celebrating Columbus Day because they think that Chris was a terrible person and politically bad. So no truth of history will be taught. Reminds me of totalitarians all through history – which will be taught as the left desires.

The Congress has already passed legislation which is clearly unconstitutional and has betrayed the Oath of Office and the very Constitution which they swore to uphold. It is not only happening, it is here. It may be one year or ten years. But certainly before twenty years you will see even the form of the Republic scrapped. Whether this happens solo or with an invasion by some outside force is up for grabs. I suspect that after the left weakens us enough there will be conquest either by Moslems or possibly Chinese, since both are determined to rule the earth, and both are truly Imperialist.

Oh no! There’s a Negro in the White House –

27 February 09

To which the majority of conservatives will reply – “So What?” We do not care about race one way or the other. We observe that the only people still obsessed with race in this country are liberals – who will give any minority a pass on ethics, morals, and abilities. The conservatives do not care about race, gender or whatever. We do care about the ability to get the job done.

I will grant that conservatives do not like Obama – but this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fact that his track record has shown him to be far left. His previous statements show him to be a socialist. His past associations with violently radical political types scare us to death.

His race does not concern us at all. His ability to pilot our ship of state through the liberal induced recession bothers us. His will to defend this country again Moslem aggression bothers us. His earlier statements regarding judicial legislation terrify us as he will probably be appointing new Supremes – and we have seen the erosion of Constitutional freedoms from leftist judges.

Liberals count minority – particularly black – a positive as much as the worst rednecks used to count it a negative.

The RNC just elected a qualified man – who happens to be black – Michael Steele as chairman. The color of his hide has nothing to do with his qualifications to guide the party. And –as far as I know and am concerned, his race has nothing to do with his qualifications. I do not see how the content of melanin in his skin affects his ability to (hopefully) steer the Republicans into the conservative mold that will be necessary to revitalize the party and save this country.

Now then – just who is left that still obsess about race? White liberals have so much self-loathing and hatred of the country that they are for just about anything that will weaken our country. Middle class and upper class blacks know that they have gotten where they are from education and hard work. Lower class – but sane – blacks know that if they get an education and work smart they can get to whatever class they desire. There is, however, a class of blacks who cannot get race out of their heads. The same bunch that keep the race lords like Jessie Jackson and others of like feather who have outlived their usefulness in power. This is a mental disorder that rationality does not touch. I don’t know how long it will take for this to die out.

However – is there still discrimination in the world? But of course. Any time you choose one thing over another you have exercised discrimination. When you say, “I like this and don’t like that” you have exercised discrimination. That said, I do discriminate against black people who mumble unintelligible ghetto mush mouth, who wear ridiculous looking baggy pants with the crotch down around their knees and their underwear showing. When I hear someone’s name is Antwone or Dehundra or some such pseudo African name my radar is somewhat suspicious. When I see some kid with a fourth-rate car who has spent more on the sound system than on the car and rudely and defiantly pollutes the air with the painfully loud junk I consider this an indicator of worthlessness. People who have a decent education speak clearly and use a reasonable vocabulary and grammar. People who are intelligent and motivated do no present themselves as bums. The ironic thing is that no-one will tell them that while this obnoxious “in your face” and “fuck you, whitey” attitude does offend the people that they want to offend, these are the same people that they will need to impress to get good job opportunities.

What about low class whites? Well, when I see a white kid with piercings, tattoos, bad hair, sloppy clothes, etc. the same discrimination kicks in. When I hear a redneck whine with every other phrase “you know” the same discrimination kicks in. It is a matter of personal worth and not of color. Race means nothing in this.

I have no use for people who are useless. If I am hiring – particularly in this economy – I want the very best individual I can get. My employees have to be the very best. Race does not matter. Gender does not matter. But I will certainly not even consider hiring the third rate losers.

Lower class people have been told that anything they do is fine. The liberals have forced morals and standards of decent behavior out of the public consciousness. No one will tell these people that their own behavior is what holds them back. Therefore the only conclusion they draw is that they are being held back and put down because they are black. They do not know that the only thing holding them back is themselves and the climate created by the liberal victim mentality. What about the white failures? Who do they blame? Many times I hear “well – if I was black I’d get it”. Irony – as much as low class blacks think whitey is holding them down lower class whites are beginning to think that they are discriminated against because they are white. To all I say – grow up. Get an education, learn a trade. Get out of this victim mentality. Or we will surely kill the greatest country in the history of the world. The only society that ever tried to maximize personal freedom. The only society that tried to make opportunity for everyone to have the possibility of success.

Death of the Republic Part 1 –

10 February 09

America is dying. This election has a choice between a radical Marxist and an ineffectual liberal. Obama is not a lover of this country. He has no grasp of the principles of freedom and independence which the Founding Fathers embraced and the foundation documents specify so clearly. McCain does love this country. He seems to prefer populist notions rather than the principles which are the bedrock of our prosperity.

How on earth did we get in this mess? Well, in one sense this is a direct legacy of the ‘60s insanity. But let us divide this discussion into several pieces.

Firstly, the Republican Party has betrayed the ideals of freedom. The Republican Party was founded in direct response to slavery. They were against it. The Democrats were for it. (They still are!) The history of the Republican Party was to support strict interpretation of the Constitution. The greatly unpopular (and unnecessary) Civil Rights legislation of the ‘60s was sponsored by the Republican leader Everett Dirksen and passed over the objections of the majority of Democrats. The national parks system was set up by Republicans. The reason that I say that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and any other special legislation aimed at any minority group is that a strict interpretation of the Constitution prohibits any special group consideration. It is unconstitutional to give special privilege or take away anything based on group identification, majority or minority. All that is necessary for the protection of anyone is the Constitution.

Anyway – back to the discussion. After the fiasco of Nixon – who was certainly no more crooked than many liberal politicians: LBJ, just about all the current crop of liberals in Congress, etc., Jimmy Carter was elected in a backlash against the Republicans. Jimmy was arguably the most incompetent president of the 20th century. Remember gas shortages, layoffs, first real appearances of Moslem terrorism in the popular press, etc. etc. etc.? I do, and there was nothing that Carter did not botch. The nation recovered its sense and elected Ronald Reagan, arguably the best president of the 20th century. We elected Bush, Sr. on the coattails of the Republican successes. Unfortunately, Bush, Sr., like Bush, Jr. was a rather lukewarm sort of President, with no real Conservative feel. Perot ran as a spoiler and put the Republicans completely in disarray by appealing to the Conservative majority of this country. This got Clinton into the White House, but the Republicans still got a Congressional majority by a large margin. This is a rather quick and dirty recap, not an in depth analysis.

The Republican Revolution of 1995, led by Newt Gingrich, was the first non-Democrat dominated congress since the 1950s. This revolution happen because we were given specific promises to fulfill Conservative desires. We did not get this. We were betrayed.

We were not given reduced budgets. We were not given immigration control. We did not see an end to earmarks and pork-barrel spending. We did not see the reduction of the influence-peddling and lobbying. We did not see the Constitution upheld.

We did see the Congress tie itself in knots trying to prosecute Clinton for getting a blow job while he sent troops to die for Moslems in the Yugoslavian conflicts. (Where was the liberal Code Pink style outrage over Clinton sending troops to die in no-win wars in Europe and Africa?) It is not that Bill Clinton should not have been penalized for his actions and his lying before Congress, etc., but dammit, any politician worthy of the name knows that fighting a battle that cannot be won while ignoring the job at hand is a stupid waste of time.

The Republicans did not give us the reforms we voted them in to do, they gave us corruption, stupidity, bribe taking, pork, bridges to nowhere, and so forth.

Let it be noted – the Democrats did not force us to choose someone as weak as McCain on conservative values, the Republicans, by their betrayal of all the core values of Conservatism, have put themselves in a position of weakness from which this country may die. This is terminal cancer folks, and the Republicans don’t seem to get the picture. In spite of the media bias, this is still a majority conservative country, and a good, strong, Reaganesque politician who stuck to conservative positions could be elected handily. Unfortunately – the Republican party has bought into supporting “Centrist” cant from the liberal press – and what they mean is what we call RINO – Republican In Name Only. And we conservatives do not get exited about such candidates. We will vote against the liberal candidate, but we do not vote for such lukewarm creatures.

The Great Equalizer –

3 January 09

Let’s think about force. An unpopular topic, I know. In a primitive society, size = strength = winner. If a small man disagrees with a big man, the smaller man is going to lose in a confrontation. The bigger man rules. Women are going to lose in these brute strength contests.

As societies evolve, weapons come into being. Things like clubs and swords and the like. You know – muscle powered. Does the bigger man still prevail? Usually. Now, it is perfectly true that a smaller, faster, more skilled man could defeat a larger opponent, but it takes training and lots of practice for the smaller man to get there. The skill factor is less with a bashing or slashing weapon, greater with stabbing weapons. Of course, generally we can look at two opponents and say that young and trim will defeat old and fat. So there are still discrepancies. A man will defeat a woman. And so on.

It is worthy of note that in any method that involves close interaction between combatants, if other factors are equal, the bigger opponent will usually prevail. Kung-fu movies to the contrary.

Later on we got gunpowder and shoulder weapons to use it. Yes, I know cannons are in there, but they are usually awkward for personal combat. Back to shoulders. Now a shoulder weapon is a marvel. It enables anyone to be effective with just a bit of training and practice. Size is of little consequence. Sex is not of much consequence. But – it is damned awkward to carry around a shoulder weapon.

The final and most wondrous of weaponry is the hand held weapon. Now we have something that anyone can use. There is no way of telling who is the faster draw. There is no way to tell who is the better shot. There is no way of telling who will actually aim and shoot without hesitation. Size and strength are completely nullified. A small woman can defeat a large, powerful man. An eighty year old woman can protect herself from a punk gang. This has happened more than once.

In this age the hand weapon is the pistol. A pistol is easily carried and may be concealed. The modern pistol will hold enough ammunition and deliver it at a suitable rate to be reliable protection. It is worth noting that the personal pistol is always the first thing outlawed by a totalitarian government. The totalitarian state rightly fears an armed citizenry.

The Founding Father’s worded the Second Amendment very poorly. Their intent had nothing to do with militia formation. They seriously intended for the citizenry to be armed to prevent governmental misbehavior. This is made abundantly clear in numerous other official documents. It is manifestly clear that the FFs had a profound dislike of government and wanted no more government than the bare bones minimum. They were aware that if the citizenry is unarmed there is nothing to stop government from taking all freedom away. I note that the liberals want more government and want to disarm the populous. These are the preliminary steps to dictatorship or oligarchy. The current libs want an oligarchy from everything I can see. Government force will be used “for your own good” and “to protect the environment” and so on. All very caring, compassionate, well meant and benevolent, no doubt. A benevolent dictatorship is still a dictatorship. All done by force.

What? You jump up and exclaim! Force, why, the government of the good ol’ USA doesn’t use force. They use laws. My dear reader, law IS force, for if you break the law, the state will pursue you. You will be forced into court. You will be forced to pay a penalty, either financially or prison. Or death. Try not doing exactly as told. As much force as is necessary will be applied by the minions of the state to force (there’s that word) your compliance. How much income tax would you pay if the IRS didn’t have force to back up its demands? Ultimately and literally a gun to your head. This taking money at gunpoint is usually referred to as theft.

Now, if one bad boy uses a weapon to resist, he will lose. There are enough cops to stop him. If millions of citizens decide on armed resistance, the state is doomed. The side with superior force and moral authority will be victorious. If there are not millions of privately owned arms, then there can be no successful revolt.

OK, but we’ve got to take the weapons away from the criminals and nuts. No. Doesn’t work. If we look at the countries that have banned private possession, we see that crime does not go down. We also see that criminals can get black market weapons any time they wish. We also see a populous that cannot defend itself. Whether from criminals or from the state. What would be very nice would be for the state to do what it is supposed to do. Protect citizens from harm by others. Even if this means executing those who commit murders and other violent crimes. Or habitual career criminals. Most of the people that are booked for murder have criminal records of significant length. Frequently going back to their juvenile years. Yet we insist that criminals’ rights are sacrosanct and do not protect the rights of decent citizens. Right now it seems that the libs are more likely to kill someone for chopping down the wrong tree or lighting a cigarette than for killing children.

As a final note, let us look at the Virginia Tech tragedy. There is the argument that if the gun laws were properly followed, the killer could not have gotten weapons. Immaterial, he could buy them on the black market, if necessary. Anyone who can read and follow directions can get homemade bomb instructions from the internet. Well, what if the school authorities had thrown him out or had him committed? Boy, oh boy. The libs on campus would have gone nuts. The ACLU would be sharpening its knives. You cannot deprive anyone of liberty based on what they might do. And you cannot make medical information public. The ACLU sued so that even known AIDS carriers who would not stop dangerous and indiscriminate sex could not be restrained. But, I digress. If the lad had been prevented from obtaining firearms there is no guarantee that he would not have used a bat or a knife or a tire iron. The one thing that would have stopped it would be another armed student with the guts to take the madman out. Come to think of it, if the students had rushed him in a group instead of cowering helplessly there would have been a fraction as many casualties. Yes some would have been wounded. Yes some would have died. But more would have lived.

The role of government –

28 October 08

According to Jeremiah Wright, the government is the tool of the evil white community and it’s main function is to come up with schemes to kill or drug or destroy people of color. I must say that the Moslems must be much more efficient than we are. We imported 400,000 black slaves (doesn’t count the 100,000 or so that died in route) and there are 36 million plus black people in America today. The Moslems imported over 20 million (doesn’t count the approximately 50 million that died in route) and there are almost no blacks in the Middle East today. For that matter the Germans did a pretty fair job reducing the Jewish and Gypsy populations of Europe. Of course, Mr. Wright doesn’t like Jews very much. He doesn’t seem to like white people very much either. But he’s not a racial bigot. He’s not a hate monger. He doesn’t indulge in hate speech. Bullshit. Pardon my bluntness.

By the way – if there were really a white conspiracy to eliminate the black population of the United States – then there would not be those 36 million plus black people in the country.

So, if the government of the United States is so bad why then do the followers of Obama (and Hillary) expect the government to fix all the woes of their lives? If the government is engaged in a conspiracy to eliminate blacks how can it be that the black community wants to trust government to feed them and make all their decisions for them. Remember that one of Obama’s followers said that Obama was the best qualified to “feed the sheep”.

Either the government of the United States is trying to kill off all the black people and is so totally incompetent that it could not be trusted with anything or Mr. Wright is nothing but a bitter, hate-mongering kook.

We have provided the opportunity for each citizen to strive for whatever goals are in his heart. But, we can not and will not guarantee that any given goal will be met. We have simply provided an atmosphere where each individual can determine his own destiny. Success or failure is up to the individual at hand.

Even if one or more individuals put obstacles in the way our society puts no limits on the citizen. It is time for the black community to grow up and get over it. I can do no more than provide the freedom for opportunity and see to it that overt discrimination is punished. Even if I had the means to make every single person in the country an overnight millionaire I would not do it. When the Spanish started conquest of the New World so many people got so rich so fast that the country no longer had anyone who wanted to work. Outsiders started coming to Spain in droves to do the jobs that had to be done. The will to succeed disappeared from Spain and the economy tanked and the country went into a 500 year decline. Spain has been recovered from this self-imposed disaster only in the last 50 years or so. Sound familiar? People do not need an easy life handed to them on a platter. People need to strive for success and achieve it on their own to be happy and satisfied.

How to Defeat America –

25 October 08

The world knows the way not to defeat America – direct confrontation. In the last century Italy, Germany, and Japan tried direct confrontation – to their considerable sorrow. They should have known better. Many officers and high officials of those countries, including the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, were educated in America. Unfortunately for them, they mistook the leftist Ivy League University attitudes that they knew to be representative of the average American’s attitude towards totalitarianism.

In this century Al Queda made the same mistake on 9/11/2001. If you directly attack America, you will be flattened.

There is a much better way, as the North Vietnamese discovered. Fight a very limited holding action overseas and let the American left win the war for you. The North Vietnamese have stated that they knew that the war was lost in the late 1960s and they could not possibly win a military victory. Wise political and military strategists also saw that if they could just keep a holding pattern that the American left would force withdrawal and that the South Vietnamese could not possibly stand against them. And so it was. The first outright defeat of American troops came at the hands of home-grown American traitors, not at the hands of any enemy forces.

The left of the 1960s and their spiritual children who are such haters of this country and traitors are even stronger than ever.

Consider the words of George Orwell:

The majority of pacifists either belong to obscure religious sects or are simply humanitarians who object to taking life and prefer not to follow their thoughts beyond that point. But there is a minority of intellectual pacifists, whose real though unacknowledged motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration for totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writing of the younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States …

Notes on Nationalism, May 1945

Consider Ward Churchill, Code Pink and other traitors. It is not enough for Code Pink that they will not serve to defend this country, they wish to deny others the freedom to follow their consciences. If an Armed Forces Recruiting station is in your neighborhood then you have the freedom to go in or not, as your own choice. If Code Pink shuts down said recruiting station then they have denied you the choice of going in. That is not freedom. That is totalitarianism.

I find it of interest that Mr. Churchill felt free to lie about his military service and his ethnic heritage. He felt free to misappropriate public funds for his un-factual “research”. I should say that this is typical of the left. Any conduct is ok. Any lie is ok if it furthers the noble goals of the left. Expediency is the byword of the day. The end justifies the means is a fervently held belief.

Given all that, the enemies of America are foolish if they provoke direct confrontation. The way to defeat America is to keep very slow pressure on and court the assistance of the left. Patience and little bites will allow our internal traitors to defeat us.

Make no mistake, the hate-mongers of the left will peace and love this country into the grave. They will destroy the military. They will open the borders. They will allow crime to be rampant in the streets, just so long as none of the criminals is politically incorrect. The rights of the sadistic criminal are more important than the rights of his victims. Remember that there was more outrage over the remarks of Don Imus than there are over brutal repeat child murderers. If a white gang murders a black, then that is a hate crime and there is great outrage. If a black gang murders a white then little or nothing is said.

If you enemies just wait a bit you will not have a military to worry about. You will be welcomed by these Ward Churchills as honorable repayers of America’s sins. After all, he and those like him consider the murder of the 9/11 victims was only what they deserved and asked for.

So, just be patient. Push forward an inch or two. Be ready to pull back half an inch and rest for a bit. Repeat. Let the left think that when you yield up half an inch of your gain that they have won a great diplomatic and moral victory. They will be happy if you just let them have an occasional scrap. Let them keep their pride in their great moral victory while you keep the majority of your gain. Yours will be the final pride when the left sinks America and you just walk in victorious, knowing that the proudest nation on earth is now yours. You can do anything you like if you don’t get in a hurry and let the left feel good about it. Remember Hitler’s big lie tactics – they worked with the left of his day – Chamberlain ring a bell? “Peace in our time!”, while Adolph gulped another country down.

Use lies, the left likes them and uses them. Consider the charge that America is imperialist. Obviously, anyone with an ounce of sense can see that it just ain’t so. America could have annexed all of Western Europe after either World War and no one could have stopped her. Consider that America has taken no foreign nation as a vassal. Think about the charge that the left is currently glorying in: America invaded Iraq for oil. America has not taken any Iraqi oil. I personally think that she should, at fair market value less some reasonable discount, until the cost of freeing Iraq is paid. But America has not chosen to take the oil. Consider some other leftist stupidities: 9/11 was an inside job. The government did it. Katrina could not have flooded New Orleans. The government must have blown up the levees. AIDS is a government plot. Like I said, dumb. But the left keeps spouting this crap. While the left’s policies are in place you grow stronger as America grows weaker. No new oil exploration of our own resources. No new refineries are being developed and built. The politicians are persuaded to waste resources on stupid stuff like ethanol, which costs more to grow and process than the energy it delivers. Outlaw incandescent light bulbs, even though the replacements cost more energy overall. Yes, the left’s policies will leave America so weak that she will fall on her own. The only battle necessary will be to determine which enemy gets to walk in and take over. Don’t worry about conquering. The Quislings of the left will welcome whichever conqueror prevails with open arms.

I Thought Jews Were Supposed to be Smart –

21 October 08

Back in June, I saw Ellen Ratner on Fox and Friends. She was supposed to be giving commentary on Obama’s resignation from his church. She pooh-poohed any suggestion that his church affiliation meant anything to his campaign, and rather loudly and proudly proclaimed that there would be an Obama presidency.

Deep sigh. Even the so-called intelligent Jews seem to be incapable of learning from history. Let us review. Many of Obama’s advisors and base supporters are Nation of Islam members. His (former) church, the one he belonged to for over 20 years, has a track record of strong ties with Farrakhan, and has had many sermons from the pulpit that are rabidly anti-Jewish and strongly pro-Palestinian.

Obama has publicly stated that he would be sympathetic towards further expansion of the Palestinian “rights” in Israel. He has stated that he would immediately open talks with Moslem groups that have the stated purpose of eliminating Israel and the Jews. Obama has selected Zbigniew Brzezinski as his chief foreign policy advisor. Those who can remember, or bother to research the history, will realize that Brzezinski was foreign policy advisor under Jimmy Carter, arguably the worst president that this country has ever had. Certainly Carter’s track record is that of pro-Moslem and anti-Israeli. Check the funding of the Carter Center in Atlanta. Follow the money, and you will see that Jimmy is considerably beholden to Moslem interests. Zbigniew Brzezinski showed himself to be not a friend to Israel long ago. He does not seem to have changed his spots.

I should point out to liberal Jews like Ellen Ratner that the anti-Jewish sentiment in the world is still alive and well. If America pulls what little support we have for Israel there will be nothing to stop the terrorist Moslems from wiping out the Jews. Check it out, there are very few Jews left in Europe courtesy of the Nazi “solution”. The anti-Jew sentiment in Russia is still as rabid as it ever was.

Many years ago we had a couple over to dinner. They were from Russia and came to our church. Lovely woman, nice husband. But – after dinner the husband started in on a virulently anti-Jewish rant. No logic, just lies and hatred. After a short period of trying to get this guy to calm down, see reason, and understand that I would not tolerate this sort of hateful diatribe in my home, I finally just had to ask them to leave. I could tell that the wife was mortified and ashamed of her husband’s attitude, which was totally illogical and incompatible with Christianity. I felt sorry for her. But not to the extent of putting up with that sort of poison in my house. Don’t ever think that this sort of hatred is not still alive in the world. And make no mistake, this guy and those like him would pull the lever on a gas chamber with glee. Or cheer while others bombed “those dirty Jews” out of existance. Why is it that the great unwashed always talk about “dirty Jews”?

If we allow Obama to weaken support for Israel and it is destroyed how much longer will it be before the racism of the Nation of Islam and other stupid and ignorant groups becomes inflamed to anti-Jewish action in this country? Remember, you liberal Jews who march in the same parade as the Jew-haters, that the Nazis and everyone else who has similar beliefs do not differentiate between those who are religious Jews and those who have Jewish ancestry. To these people, a Jew is a Jew, and the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

We are seeing history repeat itself, but this time the Jews are marching in the same parade as those who would destroy them. Just how smart is that?

The True Face of PC –

18 October 08

This is a link to a news release which discusses a pending case. Rockwell Collins, as so many corporations, has required “diversity training” that employees are required to take online. The employee requested that he be exempted from the portion of the training on homosexuality since he was required to “celebrate and embrace” homosexual lifestyles. He was fired.

Now then. This is PC gone nuts. It is one thing to state that one should not actively persecute someone for being gay, it is quite another thing to require that we all “embrace and celebrate” the gay lifestyle.

I grew up around gays. One of my godmothers in the Episcopal Church was a lesbian. One of my parents dear friends was a homosexual. I daresay that I have probably known and worked with more gays than 99% of the people in Corporate America. I taught ballroom dancing in the 1970’s and was the only straight male teacher in the studio.

Now then. In the workplace there is no diversity. Not in the sense that the pundits mean. Yes indeed, there is diversity of people, but really there is not and should not be diversity of behavior. In Corporate America one must perform the job. Period. That is the only yardstick that can or should be used. To perform most corporate jobs it is required that the individual be able to communicate. This usually means that one speak comprehensible English. This also usually means that one must be able to read and understand English manuals and memos. One must also be able to write a comprehensible memo – in English, preferably with at least reasonable grammar and spelling.

Generally, sex has no place in the workplace. I don’t know (or care) if most of the people at my workplace are married, shacking, playing, solo, or what. It does not belong in the workplace. I am not interested in hearing about Studly Hungwell’s exploits whether the object is male – female – or ambiguous.

Likewise, proselytizing has no place in the workplace. This is usually understood by liberal dominated Corporations to explicitly mean that Christians have to shut up and allow the “diversity” of Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist, or whatever. I have no problem with considerate people of any persuasion. However, the Moslem who believes that women must always have a subordinate position must leave that at home. The Mormon or the Jehovah’s Witness or the Fundamentalist must not preach in the workplace. This is understood. But this also applies to the atheist, the Moslem, etc.

It is understood that the Moslem may not like the Jew, but is not free to express that dislike in the workplace. It is also understood that the Moslem will probably never celebrate and embrace Judaism. Nor is it required for him to do so (yet). It is understood that the Moslem may consider women inferior, and that while his attitude cannot be changed to “celebrate and embrace” females as the equal of male, this is ok as long as it does not get brought into the workplace.

Why then, is homosexuality different? I do not hate homosexuals, nor do I particularly like them. I like or dislike individuals based on their behavior and personality. As a Christian I do not approve of the practice of homosexuality, but I do not hate someone for being homosexual. For that matter, as a Christian I disapprove of any sexuality outside of marriage. No matter what the gender of the participants. Again I state that not putting someone down for being different – as long as they are behaving decently in public and in the workplace – that is all that is required. This business of corporations requiring that I accept, celebrate, and embrace some group or other is more than nonsense. It does indeed look like the people who are talking about the “homosexual agenda” are quite correct. They are not the paranoid nuts that they are depicted in the liberal press and worldview.

As a free American, I may like or dislike anyone or any group at will. What I may not do is infringe on the freedom of another individual. The government – or any corporation or individual – does not have the right to tell me what I must think. A corporation may dictate that hatred and discrimination not be practiced on the job. But said corporation may not dictate that I must embrace behavior which is totally against the teachings of my Church or conscience.

The thought police are on your case. If you do not toe the line your job will be in jeopardy. Last time I looked it was the liberals who were pushing this stuff. Go ahead, elect Obama and a Democrat Congress. This will become an even more common practice. The Constitution is dying. And most are standing by without any protests.

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