Every time I walk on water, I get wet stuff up my nose. These essays are pure opinion. You should check the factual stuff for yourself. You should think for yourself. If you should happen to disagree with my conclusion (what a silly thought!), then so be it (but you may want to get your head checked).

With age comes wisdom. So we’ve all heard. Heinlein said that sometimes mature wisdom resembles being too tired.

Robert A. Heinlein-face

Robert A. Heinlein-face

I observe that almost universally, the very young keep their brains in their hands and feet. They are always interested in going and touching. As they become adolescents, the brains move between their legs. With age the brains migrate up the body. I think, now that I’m going past gray into white and the equipment is no longer so faithfully demanding, that my brains have made it all the way up to my stomach. They may reach my heart before I die (maybe). I don’t know if they’ll ever reach my head.

My wife says I was “born old.” Well, maybe. After a rough-in-places life, I’ve reached the point I think I can expound from time to time. So I will

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia chapel.

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia chapel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Born in St. Louis, raised in Decatur Ga. Married disasterously, divorced, married to Herself – successfully now for over 36 years. Converted to Orthodox Christianity – formerly a member of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, now a member of the Antiochian Orthodox Church and attending St. James Antiochian Orthodox Mission only 8 miles from the house. Facebook page, HERE. May post something about that later.

Children – 3 – not bio, but they are mine and I love ’em.

Grandkids – 10 or 11 or 12 or something. Only 1 girl among ’em. Need more girls, but the kids are through reproducing.

Hobbies – woodworking, woodturning. Like to listen to classical music. Recently have turned to writing down some of my rants.

Politically EXTREMELY conservative in the true sense of the word.

Himself with Magnus the Magnifi-cat

I seem to say “Harumph” a lot more than I used to…

General Position on These Essays

I write these essays for my own amusement. These are mostly off the top of the head and are opinion pieces and not in-depth research (which would be too much like work). Or sometimes to catch up with my very dearest friend who is on the other side of the country, and whom I have not seen in around 35 years or so.

Herself about 15 years ago. Need to get more pictures of her

Some of the stuff is highly political, or religious, or general musings, or recipes. Herself seems to like these ramblings and has set up a blog site to post some of those that are not too terribly personal, or have had the personal edited out. I am perfectly happy for these to be published this way. If my opinions come somewhere in the ballpark of yours, you may enjoy these. Contrariwise, if you lean leftish, they will probably tick you off. Some of the positions may surprise you. That is ok, either way. Comment away, pro or con. Herself will probably publish the comments that are interesting, amusing, and not particularly personal or vitriolic. I will probably not respond directly to comments. I may or may not be inspired by a comment to bloviate further on some topic.

So – read, enjoy, maybe try some of the recipes. They are here for your pleasure.


One Response to “About”

  1. KimmyO Says:

    I found your ramblings to be quite interesting. You strike me as a thought provoking person. Maybe you should consider a new career as a writer…something to think about or perhaps just ramble about.

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