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Bah Humbug

29 December 11
Scrooges Third Visitor

Scrooge's Third Visitor from Dickens, A Christmas Carol

As I sit and watch the Disney 2009 version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ I’m rather struck with the impression that Dickens may have written the first of the liberal ‘real meaning of Christmas’ type things. Let me also say that I rather enjoy ‘A Christmas Carol’ and consider the Disney pretty much my second choice. The 1999 version with Patrick Stewart is my favorite.

As I said – I rather enjoy the story – as a story. The problem with every one of the ‘real meaning of Christmas’ things is that they are by people who have no clue. Christmas is not warm fuzzy feelings, whether about babies in mangers or mankind as a whole.

What, then is Christmas? It is either the Incarnation of God as Man, or it is nothing more than some pagan winter festival. Which is what the liberals have been aiming at for years. We should, indeed, ‘Love our neighbors as ourselves’. BUT – that is the second commandment, not the first. The first is ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, and mind’. The Incarnation is the first act of the mighty series of events that culminated in the Crucifixion and Resurrection – which re-created the fallen world. If we participate in that re-created and redeemed world then we reflect the love of the Master of the Universe for His creation and only by reflecting the love of God can we truly love our fellows and the rest of the creation. Consider that the very liberals who deny God and talk about loving one another cannot seem to even hold a marriage together, much less consistently love anything as ornery as the rest of humanity.

The Nativity of Christ

So what is the conclusion of this ramble? Easy –anything that talks about Christmas that is not specifically Christ centered is just blowing smoke about a liberal mid-winter festival. We already know that all the commercial BS has nothing to do with Christmas. So also let us realize that all the ‘feel-good’ stuff is also a red herring. Only in Christ is there Christmas.


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