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Watch Schindler’s List –

19 April 09
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– And ask yourself if the Nazis said worse about the Jews or hated them any more virulently than the left hates productive conservatives.

Watch the wretched and poisonous liberal CNN newsies and their reactions to the Tea Parties around this country.

Think about the liberal efforts to remove firearms from the hands of decent citizens, and their total lack of effort to reduce criminals in our system. The purpose of the second amendment is not to protect us from criminals – although that works also – but to protect us from our own government. And if you doubt that then you have not read and understood the Constitution, the Federalist papers, or any of the other source documents by the Founders of this country.

Where the ghetto Jews in Europe were armed there was the possibility of resistance. And they did. They died. But they died like humans, and weakened their persecutors before their demise. Where they had been disarmed, there was no possibility of resistance. And they were slaughtered like vermin by the Nazis. Either in the streets or in the death camps.

Listen to the left and their reaction to free people expressing disapproval of the government and compare that to the initial speech of any totalitarian movement. The scorn and dehumanization of anyone who disagrees with them is one of the hallmarks of any movement which will persecute and eventually kill or imprison people of the opposition. We see that in the left nowadays. Not only do the newies sit by and let incredibly vile statements by the guests go without challenge – the interview of the poisonous Jeneane Gerofalo comes to mind, but the newsies themselves indulge in poison – Susan Roesgen’s vileness comes to mind. The various CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and other liberal stations have used vile epithets about the protestors and used the protests more as an opportunity to attack Fox News – which is the only network to even attempt to report news accurately and to present both side of a debate.

It can’t happen here? But I say to you that it is happening here. The “students” at various universities will listen to crazies like Ward Churchill or William Ayers or any left wing nutcase but will generally shout down anyone who is the least bit conservative. The defense for the poisonous lies of Ward Churchill is “freedom of speech”. Why then, is freedom of speech denied to any with whom they disagree? Truth is not valued – political correctness is rampant. Schools want to stop celebrating Columbus Day because they think that Chris was a terrible person and politically bad. So no truth of history will be taught. Reminds me of totalitarians all through history – which will be taught as the left desires.

The Congress has already passed legislation which is clearly unconstitutional and has betrayed the Oath of Office and the very Constitution which they swore to uphold. It is not only happening, it is here. It may be one year or ten years. But certainly before twenty years you will see even the form of the Republic scrapped. Whether this happens solo or with an invasion by some outside force is up for grabs. I suspect that after the left weakens us enough there will be conquest either by Moslems or possibly Chinese, since both are determined to rule the earth, and both are truly Imperialist.


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