Witches Reveal the Truth –


– about liberals. They are liars and hypocrites.

The Code Pink wackos have been blessed by the Berkley city council. They even have special parking permits to more easily enable their dwindling numbers to park in front of the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Berkeley. This makes them a government approved entity, at least in the land of the fruits and nuts.

On Friday, May 9, 2008, the Code Pink nuts staged a witchcraft rally and practiced spells against the military.

A couple of things are revealed here. Firstly, the Code Pinks really are that crazy. Second, the fundamental liberal bias is not for “separation of church and state” as they love to proclaim. Their real bias is simply anti-Christian.

If the libs were really against religion, Berkeley would have shut them down when they started with the witchcraft. Imagine the howls and ACLU lawsuits if a government sanctioned group had hauled out a Bible and tried to pray. I haven’t heard the first condemnation of these nuts from anyone on the left.

The left is really desperately trying to be as obnoxious as possible. It is not that they are against religion. Yes, they do espouse atheism. They also are quite willing to give in to any unreasonable demands of Moslems. The left has supported footbaths for Moslem students at taxpayer expense. The left is perfectly willing to support Moslem dietary demands. The left is fully supportive of the “witches, crones, and sirens” who showed up at Berkeley.

Fact is, these people simply want to be as offensive and nasty as possible to the majority of decent people in this country. The main thing that I observe about the left is that most of these people are desperately unhappy with themselves and their lives and want to make everyone else as unhappy as they are.

I don’t think that I will ever understand the logic of these Code Pinks. They no doubt think that the many attacks against this country by Moslems are no more than we deserve. “Chickens come home to roost” as one prominent kook put it. Problem is, these mental cases don’t want anyone to be able to protect himself and his family against anyone else. There is no connection between these people’s worldview and reality. No military rapidly equals no country and no freedom for idiots to play at witchcraft.

Historically, Moslems only persecute Christians. They torture and execute homosexuals. They enslave women. Is that what these liberals really want? Or are they so stupid and full of hate for the people of this country that they cannot see what will happen without the military?

It is worth noting that the protestors are getting fewer and fewer and the organizers are more and more desperate to get media coverage for their failing antics.

{{Herself Sez}} The Ol’ Curmudgeon had an angioplasty with insertion of yet another stent on the 25th. He’s back to working from home, but not writing anything for the blog. So – I’m posting some of his older (and not very pertinent) rants. He still has a few recipes left, though, so the blog will be heavy on those for a while.


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