Oh no! There’s a Negro in the White House –


To which the majority of conservatives will reply – “So What?” We do not care about race one way or the other. We observe that the only people still obsessed with race in this country are liberals – who will give any minority a pass on ethics, morals, and abilities. The conservatives do not care about race, gender or whatever. We do care about the ability to get the job done.

I will grant that conservatives do not like Obama – but this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fact that his track record has shown him to be far left. His previous statements show him to be a socialist. His past associations with violently radical political types scare us to death.

His race does not concern us at all. His ability to pilot our ship of state through the liberal induced recession bothers us. His will to defend this country again Moslem aggression bothers us. His earlier statements regarding judicial legislation terrify us as he will probably be appointing new Supremes – and we have seen the erosion of Constitutional freedoms from leftist judges.

Liberals count minority – particularly black – a positive as much as the worst rednecks used to count it a negative.

The RNC just elected a qualified man – who happens to be black – Michael Steele as chairman. The color of his hide has nothing to do with his qualifications to guide the party. And –as far as I know and am concerned, his race has nothing to do with his qualifications. I do not see how the content of melanin in his skin affects his ability to (hopefully) steer the Republicans into the conservative mold that will be necessary to revitalize the party and save this country.

Now then – just who is left that still obsess about race? White liberals have so much self-loathing and hatred of the country that they are for just about anything that will weaken our country. Middle class and upper class blacks know that they have gotten where they are from education and hard work. Lower class – but sane – blacks know that if they get an education and work smart they can get to whatever class they desire. There is, however, a class of blacks who cannot get race out of their heads. The same bunch that keep the race lords like Jessie Jackson and others of like feather who have outlived their usefulness in power. This is a mental disorder that rationality does not touch. I don’t know how long it will take for this to die out.

However – is there still discrimination in the world? But of course. Any time you choose one thing over another you have exercised discrimination. When you say, “I like this and don’t like that” you have exercised discrimination. That said, I do discriminate against black people who mumble unintelligible ghetto mush mouth, who wear ridiculous looking baggy pants with the crotch down around their knees and their underwear showing. When I hear someone’s name is Antwone or Dehundra or some such pseudo African name my radar is somewhat suspicious. When I see some kid with a fourth-rate car who has spent more on the sound system than on the car and rudely and defiantly pollutes the air with the painfully loud junk I consider this an indicator of worthlessness. People who have a decent education speak clearly and use a reasonable vocabulary and grammar. People who are intelligent and motivated do no present themselves as bums. The ironic thing is that no-one will tell them that while this obnoxious “in your face” and “fuck you, whitey” attitude does offend the people that they want to offend, these are the same people that they will need to impress to get good job opportunities.

What about low class whites? Well, when I see a white kid with piercings, tattoos, bad hair, sloppy clothes, etc. the same discrimination kicks in. When I hear a redneck whine with every other phrase “you know” the same discrimination kicks in. It is a matter of personal worth and not of color. Race means nothing in this.

I have no use for people who are useless. If I am hiring – particularly in this economy – I want the very best individual I can get. My employees have to be the very best. Race does not matter. Gender does not matter. But I will certainly not even consider hiring the third rate losers.

Lower class people have been told that anything they do is fine. The liberals have forced morals and standards of decent behavior out of the public consciousness. No one will tell these people that their own behavior is what holds them back. Therefore the only conclusion they draw is that they are being held back and put down because they are black. They do not know that the only thing holding them back is themselves and the climate created by the liberal victim mentality. What about the white failures? Who do they blame? Many times I hear “well – if I was black I’d get it”. Irony – as much as low class blacks think whitey is holding them down lower class whites are beginning to think that they are discriminated against because they are white. To all I say – grow up. Get an education, learn a trade. Get out of this victim mentality. Or we will surely kill the greatest country in the history of the world. The only society that ever tried to maximize personal freedom. The only society that tried to make opportunity for everyone to have the possibility of success.


2 Responses to “Oh no! There’s a Negro in the White House –”

  1. futiledemocracy Says:

    “The conservatives do not care about race, gender or whatever. We do care about the ability to get the job done.”

    The reason the Republicans have used both Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal, is because you guys appear to have an obsession with trying to say “hey!! Look at us!!! We’re inclusive too!!!”

    And the ability to do the job? Seriously? George Bush!!!!

  2. turtlemom3 Says:

    Well, the Ol’ Curmuegeon and I are deeply conservative. We don’t think George Bush is a true conservative. BUT, he was a better choice than John Kerry or algore. We are in the position of having to vote for and support people who are the “lesser of two evils.” We are, in my NOT so humble opinion, on the way to another revolution. Whether it is violent or non-violent is up in the air at the moment. The Great American Tea-Party was small, but is only the first step toward a conservative reaction to the incredible administrative incompetence of the Obama crowd.

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