Death of the Republic Part 1 –


America is dying. This election has a choice between a radical Marxist and an ineffectual liberal. Obama is not a lover of this country. He has no grasp of the principles of freedom and independence which the Founding Fathers embraced and the foundation documents specify so clearly. McCain does love this country. He seems to prefer populist notions rather than the principles which are the bedrock of our prosperity.

How on earth did we get in this mess? Well, in one sense this is a direct legacy of the ‘60s insanity. But let us divide this discussion into several pieces.

Firstly, the Republican Party has betrayed the ideals of freedom. The Republican Party was founded in direct response to slavery. They were against it. The Democrats were for it. (They still are!) The history of the Republican Party was to support strict interpretation of the Constitution. The greatly unpopular (and unnecessary) Civil Rights legislation of the ‘60s was sponsored by the Republican leader Everett Dirksen and passed over the objections of the majority of Democrats. The national parks system was set up by Republicans. The reason that I say that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and any other special legislation aimed at any minority group is that a strict interpretation of the Constitution prohibits any special group consideration. It is unconstitutional to give special privilege or take away anything based on group identification, majority or minority. All that is necessary for the protection of anyone is the Constitution.

Anyway – back to the discussion. After the fiasco of Nixon – who was certainly no more crooked than many liberal politicians: LBJ, just about all the current crop of liberals in Congress, etc., Jimmy Carter was elected in a backlash against the Republicans. Jimmy was arguably the most incompetent president of the 20th century. Remember gas shortages, layoffs, first real appearances of Moslem terrorism in the popular press, etc. etc. etc.? I do, and there was nothing that Carter did not botch. The nation recovered its sense and elected Ronald Reagan, arguably the best president of the 20th century. We elected Bush, Sr. on the coattails of the Republican successes. Unfortunately, Bush, Sr., like Bush, Jr. was a rather lukewarm sort of President, with no real Conservative feel. Perot ran as a spoiler and put the Republicans completely in disarray by appealing to the Conservative majority of this country. This got Clinton into the White House, but the Republicans still got a Congressional majority by a large margin. This is a rather quick and dirty recap, not an in depth analysis.

The Republican Revolution of 1995, led by Newt Gingrich, was the first non-Democrat dominated congress since the 1950s. This revolution happen because we were given specific promises to fulfill Conservative desires. We did not get this. We were betrayed.

We were not given reduced budgets. We were not given immigration control. We did not see an end to earmarks and pork-barrel spending. We did not see the reduction of the influence-peddling and lobbying. We did not see the Constitution upheld.

We did see the Congress tie itself in knots trying to prosecute Clinton for getting a blow job while he sent troops to die for Moslems in the Yugoslavian conflicts. (Where was the liberal Code Pink style outrage over Clinton sending troops to die in no-win wars in Europe and Africa?) It is not that Bill Clinton should not have been penalized for his actions and his lying before Congress, etc., but dammit, any politician worthy of the name knows that fighting a battle that cannot be won while ignoring the job at hand is a stupid waste of time.

The Republicans did not give us the reforms we voted them in to do, they gave us corruption, stupidity, bribe taking, pork, bridges to nowhere, and so forth.

Let it be noted – the Democrats did not force us to choose someone as weak as McCain on conservative values, the Republicans, by their betrayal of all the core values of Conservatism, have put themselves in a position of weakness from which this country may die. This is terminal cancer folks, and the Republicans don’t seem to get the picture. In spite of the media bias, this is still a majority conservative country, and a good, strong, Reaganesque politician who stuck to conservative positions could be elected handily. Unfortunately – the Republican party has bought into supporting “Centrist” cant from the liberal press – and what they mean is what we call RINO – Republican In Name Only. And we conservatives do not get exited about such candidates. We will vote against the liberal candidate, but we do not vote for such lukewarm creatures.


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