The Economy –


The economy is in a mess. The liberals want to blame the Republicans. God knows, they do deserve part of the blame. Pork barrel spending has gone amok with lots of Republican participation since the 90’s.

The Republicans want to blame the Democrats. God knows they do deserve part of the blame, perhaps even the majority. Dumb social legislation like the Fair Housing Act have greatly contributed to the toxic debt that is killing our lending institutions. Evil actions on the part of groups like ACORN, which will threaten a lending institution with all kinds of legal crap if they deny a loan to someone who is unqualified to pay it back and said individual is some minority. People – the only color financial people should see is green. And if someone has poor credit and insufficient resources the loan should not be made. If someone has marginal credit the loan may be made – but the cost of collection will be higher. It is not racist to charge more for that loan than a loan to someone who has a good track record and the resources to repay that loan. A sad fact of life is that it costs more to service loans in lower class neighborhoods than in middle class. All the legislation in the world will not change the facts of life. Legislating who does or does not get loans is about as dumb as the perennial favorite – a bill to make pi = 3.0. Yes there really have been such bills.

None the less – no matter whose fault it is – we have to fix this mess. And borrowing from our children and grandchildren is not the way to do it. Printing phony money is not the way to do it. That will lead to rampant hyperinflation a la Weimar Republic. And the economy will totally collapse. John Maynard Keynes described the situation in The Economic Consequences of the Peace: “The inflationism of the currency systems of Europe has proceeded to extraordinary lengths. The various belligerent Governments, unable, or too timid or too short-sighted to secure from loans or taxes the resources they required, have printed notes for the balance.” This is basically what the current bailout is doing. There are insufficient resources to pay for the non-existent money that is being passed out. The Congress is essentially spending imaginary money.

We know from experience that raising taxes will not work. Anyone other than a brain-dead liberal knows that the Republican reaction to the first depression was to raise taxes. Roosevelt and the Democrats continued that, which lengthened the mess. Kennedy, to his credit, lowered taxes. The economy rose. Reagan – the only President to have studied economics – lowered taxes further. The economy boomed. None the less – the current Congress will probably raise taxes – while lying about it – and that will make this mess worse.

There has been (and still is) great mismanagement of corporations. There has been (and still is) obscene spending on the part of major corporate fat-cats. It is not the business of the government to regulate how much compensation can be paid to an executive. It is not the business of the government to make $35,000 toilets illegal. It is the business of the stockholders. If the newsies had been doing their jobs this stuff would have been publicized so that the stockholders could deal with it. Unfavorable news will make a Board of Directors take notice. But the newsies were (are) entirely too busy trashing Bush and fawning over Obama and liberalism in general to do their jobs. If good financial reporting were in place Madoff (and others like him) would have been exposed a couple of billion back. But no – our news people spend more time chasing Brittany Spears than they do chasing real news.

OK – so how do we get out of this? It will take strong medicine to make this country strong and safe again.

First – stop rewarding incompetence. We have gotten to a place that has made pets of people who cannot or will not support themselves. We cannot just stop welfare cold – too many people would starve and/or turn to crime. However – we must stop paying these incompetent people for breeding. We must state that to draw welfare mandatory birth control and/or sterilization is a must. This has nothing to do with color or religion – it has to do with just how many fleas we can tolerate before we are out of blood.

Second – get serious about crime. By all means – give every reasonable protection to the accused. The Constitution is based on the principle that government cannot be trusted. However – we need to protect the innocent victims – not the criminals. When guilt of violent crime has been proven – execute the offender, do not spend millions coddling them. Habitual criminals – some with arrest records that go on for pages and pages – are a luxury that we cannot afford – execute them if they will not reform and behave. Even non-violent habitual thieves cost us billions every year.

Third – make up our minds about drugs. Right now it is more likely that the libs will prosecute tobacco smokers with more enthusiasm than crack smokers. Either stop drug use cold and execute drug lords and habitual users or legalize and control same. But quit fooling around. If we are serious about ending drug use then tell drug producing countries that we will destroy their drug field if they will not do it themselves. And then follow through. But quit spending billions for little or no result.

Fourth – and perhaps most fruitful. Follow that which has been proven to work. Never mind the emotionally satisfying (to the class hating libs) tax the rich and the corporations. When that happens revenues and jobs go down – not up. Pass the Fair Tax and watch the prosperity boom. Of course, that will mean that politicians no longer have the power to grant special exemptions to those good buddies who line their pockets.

Fifth – eliminate forever the amending of bills. Let each bill stand or fall without amendments. Eliminate omnibus bills completely. Repeal most of the nonsense passed since the late 1950’s.

{{Herself sez: Pass line-item veto!}}

Of course – none of the above will happen. The political corruption that was alive and well throughout the 1930’s is running wild again. Funny how the Franken vote recount and “found ballots” have all favored the Democrat. Yet there are people who don’t think that race is totally corrupt! The libs whined that Bush stole the election – nonsense. But these same people stand by and snicker as corrupt liberal after corrupt liberal is demonstrably stealing elections – particularly in the Northeast and Midwest.

Until we have gone through a fairly tough depression and raised a relatively tough generation who are willing to let failure weed out the weak and will not want to be forced at gunpoint to support the weak and totally reject the poison of the 60’s generation we will not survive this mess. It is of interest that those who are most interested in forcing the rest of us to support failure via government coercion are the same ones who do not donate to private charity with their own money. I would be more impressed with the redistribution rhetoric of Obama and company if they had been more generous than George Bush – who gives a significant percentage of his income to charity. Typical of the liberal – use the government to force me to do that which they wish. That will not fix the economy but will lead to further erosion of freedom and eventual dictatorship.

{{Herself sez: The liberal mantra: “OH! I feel so GUILTY that I’m doing well and all these people are poor and hungry! Here, we’ll take YOUR money and give it to them. My money? It’s all in special tax shelters and can’t be touched.”

Of course, we could also have a replay of history in the ending of this financial mess. If the Moslems attack boldly enough to finally convince even the liberals that we have a war on our hands then we might survive it. But since liberals hate Christians more than the Moslems who want them dead we might not survive. But – we shall see what happens.


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