Betrayal –


Watching Fox News this morning I saw their “fair and balanced” blather on “what does the Republican Party need to do to rebuild”.

Well now, let us understand that the nutty Dems did not win this election. The Republicans gave it away. The Republicans betrayed this country and their constituents that put them into office. You would have thought that 2006 would wake them up, but that did not happen.

There is some insane idea that the Republicans must be the ones who “reach across the aisle”. There is all kinds of punditry going around about the need to be “centrist”. Crap. To compromise with a rabid liberal means doing things their way. Some dipshit New York Democrat stated that “the purpose of government is to aid the poor, not the rich”. He also stated that he is a “Roosevelt Democrat”, and a common-sense centrist.

This is just balony. The purpose of government is not to do re-distribution of wealth. The purpose of government is to co-ordinate resources and to protect individuals. Period.

Rebuild the Republican Party? Simple. Return to Conservative principles. Get rid of the corrupt candidates. Ditch the glitzy and slick campaign managers. Tell the truth. Do not compromise with radical liberals. Compromise between people of reasonable natures is good and desirable. Compromise with a radical idiot is only one more step towards the goals of the radical. There are times when compromise is not in order. If you have a child pitching a tantrum, do not compromise, put your foot down. There are times when the proper thing to tell a liberal is “grow up and get over it. The answer is no.”

When we see corruption we must stop it. It does not matter if it is a black Democrat like William Jefferson, or a white Republican like Ted Stevens. It must be stopped and the perpetrators gotten out of Congress and into jail.

Integrity and adherence to Conservative Principles are what will not only rebuild the Republican Party, but also this country as well.


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