The mighty hunter –


. . . has just returned from slaying the fatted Costco. I don’t know if you have them in your neck of the woods, but for us, the savings are tremendous. I suppose a Sam’s Club would be somewhat similar. The kick is that it is rather in bulk and you have to cut and package your own when you get home. Big deal (Does take more energy than we have sometimes).

Good beef tenderloin for $3 a pound. Good pork tenderloin for $2 a pound. Triple cut lamb chops for $6 a pound. Bacon wrapped fillets for $2 apiece. And so on. I got a little over 6 months meat supply for $172. Good stuff, too. We eat high on the hog.

The local Honey Baked Ham store sells “soup bones” for $4 apiece or 3 for $10. These so-called bones have at least 3 lbs of good end meat on them. It is just not pretty enough for them to make sandwiches from. Super bargain for split pea soup or anything requiring the bone and/or some hacked or ground ham. May have to write some of those up some day. {{7/07}}

Herself Sez: Himself is not writing much at the moment, so some of the posts are older – I’m mining his hardrive for his older, but unpublished goodies!

I went to Publix yesterday and it is definitely time for the Ol’ Curmudgeon to get himself to Costco and fill up the freezer again. GOLLY! the prices for meat are out the roof! $8/pound for salmon fillets, $14/pound for beef tenderloin, $4/pound for ground beef. UGH! I remember being able to get a really good top round roast for $1.50/pound – no more. It’s $6/pound. YIKES!

Costco, here he comes!


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