The role of government –


According to Jeremiah Wright, the government is the tool of the evil white community and it’s main function is to come up with schemes to kill or drug or destroy people of color. I must say that the Moslems must be much more efficient than we are. We imported 400,000 black slaves (doesn’t count the 100,000 or so that died in route) and there are 36 million plus black people in America today. The Moslems imported over 20 million (doesn’t count the approximately 50 million that died in route) and there are almost no blacks in the Middle East today. For that matter the Germans did a pretty fair job reducing the Jewish and Gypsy populations of Europe. Of course, Mr. Wright doesn’t like Jews very much. He doesn’t seem to like white people very much either. But he’s not a racial bigot. He’s not a hate monger. He doesn’t indulge in hate speech. Bullshit. Pardon my bluntness.

By the way – if there were really a white conspiracy to eliminate the black population of the United States – then there would not be those 36 million plus black people in the country.

So, if the government of the United States is so bad why then do the followers of Obama (and Hillary) expect the government to fix all the woes of their lives? If the government is engaged in a conspiracy to eliminate blacks how can it be that the black community wants to trust government to feed them and make all their decisions for them. Remember that one of Obama’s followers said that Obama was the best qualified to “feed the sheep”.

Either the government of the United States is trying to kill off all the black people and is so totally incompetent that it could not be trusted with anything or Mr. Wright is nothing but a bitter, hate-mongering kook.

We have provided the opportunity for each citizen to strive for whatever goals are in his heart. But, we can not and will not guarantee that any given goal will be met. We have simply provided an atmosphere where each individual can determine his own destiny. Success or failure is up to the individual at hand.

Even if one or more individuals put obstacles in the way our society puts no limits on the citizen. It is time for the black community to grow up and get over it. I can do no more than provide the freedom for opportunity and see to it that overt discrimination is punished. Even if I had the means to make every single person in the country an overnight millionaire I would not do it. When the Spanish started conquest of the New World so many people got so rich so fast that the country no longer had anyone who wanted to work. Outsiders started coming to Spain in droves to do the jobs that had to be done. The will to succeed disappeared from Spain and the economy tanked and the country went into a 500 year decline. Spain has been recovered from this self-imposed disaster only in the last 50 years or so. Sound familiar? People do not need an easy life handed to them on a platter. People need to strive for success and achieve it on their own to be happy and satisfied.


2 Responses to “The role of government –”

  1. The Sagebrush Gazette Says:

    So aptly said. One needs to read Teddy Roosevelt’s speech which he delivered to the Hamilton Club back in 1899. It says it all. (It could also be applied to one’s “church” life, too; but suffice it to say, this should be essential reading in our schools… along with the Declaration of Independence (which, by the way, enjoins upon us the duty to throw off the shackles of an oppressive government) and the Constitution.

    On, and also, it would be worth reading George Washington’s First and Second Inaugural speeches.

    Herself Sez: The Ol’ Curmudgeon asked me to remove Teddy’s speech and put it into a Blog Post by itself. He prefers to keep comments short and snappy 🙂 Love you, Sagebrush!

  2. The Sagebrush Gazette Says:

    Will do. When I get time, I’ll post to one of my blogs with the text of the speech, along with GW’s 2 inaugurals and farewell. All of them can be found through Google if one doesn’t want to wait.

    I’ll remember to keep them short next time.

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