I Thought Jews Were Supposed to be Smart –


Back in June, I saw Ellen Ratner on Fox and Friends. She was supposed to be giving commentary on Obama’s resignation from his church. She pooh-poohed any suggestion that his church affiliation meant anything to his campaign, and rather loudly and proudly proclaimed that there would be an Obama presidency.

Deep sigh. Even the so-called intelligent Jews seem to be incapable of learning from history. Let us review. Many of Obama’s advisors and base supporters are Nation of Islam members. His (former) church, the one he belonged to for over 20 years, has a track record of strong ties with Farrakhan, and has had many sermons from the pulpit that are rabidly anti-Jewish and strongly pro-Palestinian.

Obama has publicly stated that he would be sympathetic towards further expansion of the Palestinian “rights” in Israel. He has stated that he would immediately open talks with Moslem groups that have the stated purpose of eliminating Israel and the Jews. Obama has selected Zbigniew Brzezinski as his chief foreign policy advisor. Those who can remember, or bother to research the history, will realize that Brzezinski was foreign policy advisor under Jimmy Carter, arguably the worst president that this country has ever had. Certainly Carter’s track record is that of pro-Moslem and anti-Israeli. Check the funding of the Carter Center in Atlanta. Follow the money, and you will see that Jimmy is considerably beholden to Moslem interests. Zbigniew Brzezinski showed himself to be not a friend to Israel long ago. He does not seem to have changed his spots.

I should point out to liberal Jews like Ellen Ratner that the anti-Jewish sentiment in the world is still alive and well. If America pulls what little support we have for Israel there will be nothing to stop the terrorist Moslems from wiping out the Jews. Check it out, there are very few Jews left in Europe courtesy of the Nazi “solution”. The anti-Jew sentiment in Russia is still as rabid as it ever was.

Many years ago we had a couple over to dinner. They were from Russia and came to our church. Lovely woman, nice husband. But – after dinner the husband started in on a virulently anti-Jewish rant. No logic, just lies and hatred. After a short period of trying to get this guy to calm down, see reason, and understand that I would not tolerate this sort of hateful diatribe in my home, I finally just had to ask them to leave. I could tell that the wife was mortified and ashamed of her husband’s attitude, which was totally illogical and incompatible with Christianity. I felt sorry for her. But not to the extent of putting up with that sort of poison in my house. Don’t ever think that this sort of hatred is not still alive in the world. And make no mistake, this guy and those like him would pull the lever on a gas chamber with glee. Or cheer while others bombed “those dirty Jews” out of existance. Why is it that the great unwashed always talk about “dirty Jews”?

If we allow Obama to weaken support for Israel and it is destroyed how much longer will it be before the racism of the Nation of Islam and other stupid and ignorant groups becomes inflamed to anti-Jewish action in this country? Remember, you liberal Jews who march in the same parade as the Jew-haters, that the Nazis and everyone else who has similar beliefs do not differentiate between those who are religious Jews and those who have Jewish ancestry. To these people, a Jew is a Jew, and the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

We are seeing history repeat itself, but this time the Jews are marching in the same parade as those who would destroy them. Just how smart is that?


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