The True Face of PC –


This is a link to a news release which discusses a pending case. Rockwell Collins, as so many corporations, has required “diversity training” that employees are required to take online. The employee requested that he be exempted from the portion of the training on homosexuality since he was required to “celebrate and embrace” homosexual lifestyles. He was fired.

Now then. This is PC gone nuts. It is one thing to state that one should not actively persecute someone for being gay, it is quite another thing to require that we all “embrace and celebrate” the gay lifestyle.

I grew up around gays. One of my godmothers in the Episcopal Church was a lesbian. One of my parents dear friends was a homosexual. I daresay that I have probably known and worked with more gays than 99% of the people in Corporate America. I taught ballroom dancing in the 1970’s and was the only straight male teacher in the studio.

Now then. In the workplace there is no diversity. Not in the sense that the pundits mean. Yes indeed, there is diversity of people, but really there is not and should not be diversity of behavior. In Corporate America one must perform the job. Period. That is the only yardstick that can or should be used. To perform most corporate jobs it is required that the individual be able to communicate. This usually means that one speak comprehensible English. This also usually means that one must be able to read and understand English manuals and memos. One must also be able to write a comprehensible memo – in English, preferably with at least reasonable grammar and spelling.

Generally, sex has no place in the workplace. I don’t know (or care) if most of the people at my workplace are married, shacking, playing, solo, or what. It does not belong in the workplace. I am not interested in hearing about Studly Hungwell’s exploits whether the object is male – female – or ambiguous.

Likewise, proselytizing has no place in the workplace. This is usually understood by liberal dominated Corporations to explicitly mean that Christians have to shut up and allow the “diversity” of Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist, or whatever. I have no problem with considerate people of any persuasion. However, the Moslem who believes that women must always have a subordinate position must leave that at home. The Mormon or the Jehovah’s Witness or the Fundamentalist must not preach in the workplace. This is understood. But this also applies to the atheist, the Moslem, etc.

It is understood that the Moslem may not like the Jew, but is not free to express that dislike in the workplace. It is also understood that the Moslem will probably never celebrate and embrace Judaism. Nor is it required for him to do so (yet). It is understood that the Moslem may consider women inferior, and that while his attitude cannot be changed to “celebrate and embrace” females as the equal of male, this is ok as long as it does not get brought into the workplace.

Why then, is homosexuality different? I do not hate homosexuals, nor do I particularly like them. I like or dislike individuals based on their behavior and personality. As a Christian I do not approve of the practice of homosexuality, but I do not hate someone for being homosexual. For that matter, as a Christian I disapprove of any sexuality outside of marriage. No matter what the gender of the participants. Again I state that not putting someone down for being different – as long as they are behaving decently in public and in the workplace – that is all that is required. This business of corporations requiring that I accept, celebrate, and embrace some group or other is more than nonsense. It does indeed look like the people who are talking about the “homosexual agenda” are quite correct. They are not the paranoid nuts that they are depicted in the liberal press and worldview.

As a free American, I may like or dislike anyone or any group at will. What I may not do is infringe on the freedom of another individual. The government – or any corporation or individual – does not have the right to tell me what I must think. A corporation may dictate that hatred and discrimination not be practiced on the job. But said corporation may not dictate that I must embrace behavior which is totally against the teachings of my Church or conscience.

The thought police are on your case. If you do not toe the line your job will be in jeopardy. Last time I looked it was the liberals who were pushing this stuff. Go ahead, elect Obama and a Democrat Congress. This will become an even more common practice. The Constitution is dying. And most are standing by without any protests.


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