Kenndy Myths and Facts –


The liberals love the Kennedys. But let’s take a bit of a look at the record:

Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.

One of the richest men in America. True.

Staunch supporter of America. False.

Joe thought that democracy was dead and admired totalitarian government. He was an avowed admirer of Adolph Hitler and tried to get the US to align with Germany. He tried to get positive propaganda for Hitler in the US press.

Anti-Semitic, virulent. True.

Joe hated Jews and thought that they deserved anything that Hitler did to them.

McCarthy supporter. True.

Joe was a big time McCarthy supporter and thought that anyone vaguely communist should be persecuted.

Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.

Totally agreed with most of his father’s positions. Wrote many positive letters from prewar Germany praising the work of Hitler to the skies. Agreed that anything done to Jews was only what they deserved.

John F. Kennedy

President of the US. True.

Did not reject Joseph McCarthy, which cost him the 1956 vice president running position.

Big on civil rights movement. False.

Quite reluctant to support civil rights. Approved J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI targeting and persecution of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy

Did not reject Joseph McCarthy. Represented the Kennedy clan McCarthy’s funeral.

Edward Moore Kennedy

Cheated in school. True.

Murdered Mary Jo Kopechne

Never proved that it was deliberate. However, if his account is to be believed he was drunk out of his mind and certainly had no business driving. That’s still murder by negligence and impairment. Alternately, he freaked out and did nothing while the woman struggled and drowned horribly. Choose any of the three scenarios and he deserves to be treated like the scum that he is.

Supports environmental causes. False.

Like so many, Senator Kennedy wants all the rest of us peons to have to live up to stringent environmental laws which he does not apply to himself. He opposed the building of a windmill farm near his area of the world because that’s where he sails his boat. There are photographs of oil being dumped off his boat into the bay, yet he would force the rest of us to live up to the highest standards.

Owns large shares of oil company stock. True.

Feels for the poor and less fortunate. False.

As with many liberals donates a very small fraction of income to charity.

Conservatives donate a considerably higher percent of income than do liberals. Liberals don’t seem to approve of voluntary charity, they want the government to do forced re-distribution of income, not voluntary private charity.


4 Responses to “Kenndy Myths and Facts –”

  1. turtlemom3 Says:

    Herself sez: Everything the Ol’ Curmudgeon outlines above istrue. You have only to Google for the facts. A good website to visit is:
    Although it appears sensational, it backs up it’s claims with both sensational and non-sensational sources.

    Another source is: “Hostage to Fortune: The Letters of Joseph P. Kennedy” – edited by a Kennedy grandchild. Although she minimizes the facts, she doesn’t cover them up.

    Still another good source is: “The Kennedys at War: 1937-1945” by Edward J. Renehan, Jr. Both books are available on Amazon, and portions of both books can be perused online.

    The Kennedys, despite their enormous wealth which is diversely invested and provides a luxurious lifestyle for all the members of the family, believe in redistribution of wealth – other people’s wealth. “Oh, I feel so bad for the poor!! Here, let me take YOUR money to help them!”

    The Kennedy’s have influenced at least 3 generations of Democrats to move farther and farther Left. Whether they realize it or not, the ultimate end of the move to Socialism, they will lose their wealth, too, no matter how much they try to protect it through both legal and illegal means.

  2. Mrs. Mutton Says:

    I am amazed, not because I love the Kennedys so much — you only have to live in New England to understand what a collection of fakes they are — but because of their support for Hitler and McCarthy — I’d have assumed they were much more supportive of “Uncle Joe” (Stalin) and his motley crew of cutthroats. (I should also note that many people thought that Joe McCarthy was a saint, my own parents among them — not to mention the article in the Atlantic Monthly, some 15 years ago now, “Joe McCarthy Was Right” about all the Communists in the American government during the Roosevelt and Truman years).

    Oh, and you left out the part about Joe Kennedy being the first chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission — Roosevelt picked him because he was such a ruthless investor that he knew all the tricks of illegal manipulation of Wall Street! Gotta love them Kennedys! (NOT!)

  3. The Sagebrush Gazette Says:

    It’s interesting that you would inform us of

    “Big on civil rights movement. False.

    |Quite reluctant to support civil rights. Approved J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI targeting and persecution of Martin Luther King, Jr.|

    I read a document on Wikipedia which most definitely stated that MLK was a communist, and a womanizer. Funny thing, though, so was Joe Kennedy, and in more than a latent manner.

    Looking back in retrospect, I can see where even JFK was a latent communist, (and a womanizer), and had a lot in common with MLK.

    JFK’s successor, LBJ, was no shining “pillar” of society either. If it had not been for the Republicans in the Congress, Civil Rights might not have been enacted.

    However, everything you’ve stated about the Kennedy’s is so, so true. And to see how much harm they have vomited upon our society and culture only sickens me more when the general populace doesn’t have the discernment to “get it.”

  4. Amnah Khan Says:

    Do you think that RFK hated Josephy Mccarthy or liked him in the end? Attending a funeral service of a former colleague regardless whether he was good or bad, I think is just a gesture of professional outlook, nothing more.

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