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Is the media slanted left? If you can’t see that you are living in some alternate reality. I find it interesting that the newsies latest flap is that Sarah Palin may (or may not) have had an affair.

Now, whether she did or did not is not the question here. The question is why is this even a story? The media only lightly covered Bill Clinton’s getting a blow job in the oval office. And then only when they could not ignore it any further. The libs never did see why we conservatives were so upset about that.

The media has not seen fit to report much on JFK’s affairs – including that with Marilyn Monroe that may have contributed to her suicide.

There is little or no coverage or outrage over Martin Luther King’s many affairs – including his bird-dogging of every underage babysitter that I know of.

John Edward’s torrid affair and bastard child were ignored until the sleaze paper forced it into the open. The mainstream media surely is not going to convince me that they had no clue and only a yellow tabloid could find out about that affair.

And, Oy vey, do you ever hear about Ted Kennedy? Not only a drunk [HERSELF SEZ: and and murderer] but also too many affairs to count. Where is the coverage and the moral outrage?

So, let us ask why it is that the affairs of liberal men do no in any way seem to be news (unless the media’s hand is forced) and do not disqualify them for office. It would seem that the same newsies that give liberal guys a pass want to hold conservatives – particularly female conservatives to a different standard.

As I keep hollering I don’t mind which standard is used – but it should apply equally to all. Didn’t I hear something about without regard for race, creed, color, gender, sex, national origin, religion – or what have you. It seems that the double standard is alive and well – particularly among libs.

Well – truthfully – I would prefer a moral standard that meant something. But it should apply to all. And at what age do we start holding people to that standard. I – like most young’uns – didn’t have a whole lot of moral sense when I was young and dumb in the 60’s. Doesn’t mean that I would behave similarly nowadays at all. Do we give past behavior a pass? I don’t think that adolescent dumb is who I am today. We know that young dumb is curable by simple maturation. Do we hold females to a different standard? How then does that fit in with the liberal chant that conservatives are male chauvinist pigs? Is there not a great deal of anti-female bias in the good-old-boy cover-ups of liberal male congressional misbehavior?

Chuck Wrangle is not reported for the very same offenses that were used to hound a Republican congressman from office. Don’t mistake me – I think that corrupt officials should be run out of office. The difference is that I would also hold libs to the same standards. Of course – we might run out of liberal congress types if we held them to a moral standard. Actually – that’s not fair, and I should be fair. Truth is that we might run out of government type of all persuasions if we held them to some sort of moral standard.

[HERSELF SEZ: Gee, and then we might entice in some less corruptible people to public office. Wouldn’t THAT be refreshing. Think Plato’s Philosopher-King.]


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  1. The Sagebrush Gazette Says:

    It is no surprise that the MSM has been out to destroy Sarah Palin ever since Senator McCain announced her. Last night, during the debate with Joe O’Biden, you could see the condescending smiles from “Plugs” and sense that Sarah was kicking his ass.

    Speaking of less than ethical behavior of liberals, has the media ever thought to question Joe Biden himself? I doubt it. I’m sure some people would like to get paid for the work that they did for him, for which he was invoiced, but being the lawyer he is, he managed to stiff them of their due.

    He may have been a “single parent” for a while, after he lost his first wife. That’s commendable; but 36 years in the Senate, and being wrong on the Congressional Record is not.

    When John McCain and Sarah Palin win this election, they need to appoint Rudy Giuliani as their Attorney General, and they need to follow up the FBI investigation of this latest one trillion dollar scandal on Wall Street. Not only should they not fund this debacle, but they ought to shake out the losers and prosecute the crooks who instigated this. I’m sure you will find some recognizable names in the pile, among them some of our illustrious senators on the other side of the aisle.

    The main reason they are applying a double standard to Sarah Palin is because they are scared. They are scared that if McCain-Palin wins, that heads are going to roll.

    I can only hope so. Somebody needs to come in and mop up Washington and clean house. If we don’t, God will!

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