Double Standard Alive and Well –


Consider the way Conservative talk show hosts were treated by the libs at the Democratic Nation Convention. They were bluntly told that they could expect no co-operation from the DNC and that their access to libs for interviews would be severely restricted.

Contrast the way the liberal media was treated at the Republican Convention. Full co-operation and they were treated quite well.

Consider the crucifixion of Sarah Palin. The media has put her private life under a microscope. They have not examined her on the issues but have gone exhaustively into her family life. The very libs that are all for “women’s rights” have hammered on her being a working mother. The very libs that want abortion on demand with no parental notification for minors are flaying Sarah Palin because her daughter is pregnant (and going to bear the child). The very libs that do not want our dui laws to apply to illegals and do not want child molester’s records to be public are making a big deal about Palin’s husband having ONE dui 22 years back.

Sarah Palin is constantly hammered as “inexperienced”. Bull – she has more executive experience than the entire Democrat ticket. The tough questions have never been put to Obama – who is qualified for nothing. Palin will be extensively grilled. There will be a microscope applied to Sarah Palin’s firing of Walter Monegan (so-called Troopergate). That’s not a problem – if reported fairly. Monegan was corrupt and incompetent. But where is the scrutiny of Biden – who is crooked as a dog’s hind leg? It is well known that Biden’s vote and influence are for sale. Where is the news scrutiny of the relationship of Hunter Biden to Joe Biden’s votes? Check it out – it’s for real. But I don’t see the lefty newsies pursuing what I consider a real and relevant story. Where is the grilling of Obama’s socialism – which is clearly contrary to the Founding Father’s intentions for this country – and which cannot be shown to have worked successfully anywhere on this planet. Where is the grilling of Obama for his stated intention to tax the people of this country heavily and send the money to other countries because we are “citizens of the world”.

Now the latest in double standards. A book about Aisha (sometime Ayisha), the child-bride of Mohammed, was cancelled by Random House at the behest of a Texas University Professor type – Denise Spellberg. Want to guess which way an academic type leans? Part of Spellberg’s response is “I don’t have a problem with historical fiction. I do have a problem with the deliberate misinterpretation of history. You can’t play with a sacred history and turn it into soft core pornography.” Why is it that the nastiness portrayed in The Last Temptation of Christ arouses no such reaction? Indeed – if you will think about it the only reaction I can remember from the left was that The Last Temptation of Christ was a wonderful thing covered under freedom of speech. Why is it that The Jewel of Medina is to be restricted? Yeah, it is fiction. Yeah, it is not completely accurate. The book has Aisha 14 – she was in fact 6 when Mohammed married her. The tale that is recorded as Moslem sacred history is that she lost her hair immediately and Mohammed did not consummate the marriage until she was 9. Marrying a 6 y.o. and sex with a 9 y.o. is still perversion and pedophilia any way you dress it. Why is it OK to “play with a sacred history and turn it into soft core pornography” if the story is about Christ and not OK to even come close to the truth about Mohammed? Why is The DaVinci Code OK and I am a religious bigot if I react negatively to that? Why are we supposed to be sensitive to Moslems and not to Christians? Random House was warned that the lives of their employees would probably be at risk if the book were published. Where is the outrage of the left? If a group of Christians were to riot and/or murder someone for perceived disrespect the left would be howling for blood. When Moslems riot and murder we are told that we need to be sensitive and respectful.

I don’t mind evenly applied criticism – but the standards need to be applied to all equally.


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