Young, Dumb, and Liberal –


I watched an interview of a college girl this morning. Enlightening. I think, ah, it’s like, … like, well – you know, my family is Democrat.

Would you ever vote for McCain?

(I’ll skip all the likes, ahs, you knows). No – he’s too old. We’re modern, he’s not.

Knock, knock, knock. Hello!! Anyone home?? By her logic experience does not count. Knowledge does not count. Mature judgment does not count. Just youth and being “modern”. By her logic Obama is more qualified because he is young and inexperienced. Does that make a baby more qualified to vote than she is?

What about Obama’s 20 year association with Jeremiah Wright? This guy is a kook. If Wright were white and saying what he has been he would have been dismissed as a racially bigoted kook and any candidate associated with him would have been laughed and sneered and jeered from the scene. But, he is not white so he gets by with this crap, as does Obama. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can certainly listen to a couple of any preacher’s sermons and pretty well figure out where he comes from. Is Obama asleep during the sermons or that dense or what? Yeah, I know that he has distanced himself from Wright lately, but people – 20 years?

The same bunch of starry-eyed college kids stated that Wright had told Obama that Obama would have to distance himself from Wright and didn’t seem to think that Obama should be held responsible for being affiliated with the man for 20 years. What was that about birds of a feather?

I’m beginning to think that we should raise the voting age to 30 and require that only taxpayers be eligible. That’s not necessarily as far out as it sounds. Developmentally the human brain, as measured by EEG does not fully mature until between 24 and 28. Interestingly enough the last area to develop fully is that of judgment. Non-taxpayers are not paying the fiddler. They are likely to vote themselves bread and circuses every time. As my mother used to say – he who pays the fiddler calls the tune. Go figure.


4 Responses to “Young, Dumb, and Liberal –”

  1. The Sagebrush Gazette Says:

    There was a time and culture where one did not vote unless they: not only paid taxes – but also owned land… and a man was not a man without a woman. (I know that sounds elitist and sexist Maudie, but it’s true.)

    The “ahs, like, uh, duh, uh, uh, uh’s” that we hear from our high school and college kids is a result of being educated in the liberal establishment… government schools. It’s no wonder they sound like Obama off the teleprompter.

    God help us! These are the future candidates of future elections, and conservatives better get their act together and get off defense! It’s time to go on offense, because… in football – at least – that’s how games are won.

    Winning in the arena of ideas and philosophies is not done by compromising and kowtowing to liberal nonsense. Winning is done by handing them their asses on a silver platter.

  2. Mrs. Mutton Says:

    Hmmm, not being eligible to vote till age 30 — I like that. Being a taxpayer/landowner — I like that even better. Meanwhile, how do you like McCain’s running mate? I *had* planned to vote for McCain just because I couldn’t stand the thought of voting for Obama, but suddenly, this race has just taken on a no-holds-barred feel. A working-class Republican whose husband is a union member, with five kiddos — now, Obama can’t say with any credibility at all that McCain “just doesn’t get it.”

    (Oh, and — how can he not “get it,” when MC CAIN is the one with combat experience?!?!)

  3. mtriggs Says:

    Herself sez: Yeah, Sarah Palin is someone I can certainly vote for, and the Ol’ Curmudgeon is stepping on his tongue and drooling! What a woman! Lives her high morals and values in the everyday! What a difference from the Clintonistas. What a difference from the “inside-the-beltway” mentality and morality!! I think Neal Cavuto may be right – Friday at noon, the Dems lost. They should just fold their tents and go home! She certainly isn’t “business as usual,” and she is tough enough and moral enough to speak up to McCain if he starts to move in a direction that conflicts with her moral compass!! Just wish we had more of her in Washington.

  4. Lola LB Says:

    The more the left flings mud at Sarah Palin, the more enthusiastic I’m about voting for Mc’cuda!

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