Gad-zukes –


The ubiquitous and handy Zucchini can be handled a ton of ways. Here’s a packet cooked variation:

thin sliced onion
thick sliced mushrooms
couple of rings of red or orange bell pepper
minced garlic
chopped sweet basil and/or any other herbs you like
blop of olive oil and/or butter
salt, pepper, and other spices you like
bit of bread crumbs dusted over
ice cube – a useful trick in packet cooking – provides steam, but easier to handle than just water

Cut zukes into bite size pieces, place on a square of heavy duty foil. Layer on the other veggies: onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, butter/oil, herbs, spices, ice cube last. Dust well with bread crumbs. That’s optional – come to think of it, everything’s optional in this thing. Wrap it up tight. 450° oven for 30 minutes OR a medium hot grill for 15.

For a far-eastern whang, use some teriyaki sauce or hoisin sauce. For a Vietnamese flavor, add a sprinkle of 5-spice powder, serve over rice with Nuoc Mum sauce. If straight Nuoc Mum is too stout for your taste buds (and/or nose), try adding a bit of fresh squeezed lime juice. The stuff does smell, but damn, it’s good.

Needless to say, nothing fixed in stone on this one. Throw in a bit of ground ham or whatever.

You do know to use true Oriental type rice, not the instant junk, don’t you?


One Response to “Gad-zukes –”

  1. turtlemom3 Says:

    Herself sez: There is much to be said for this simple recipe! It’s good as “just” veggies, but it’s open to all kinds of variations!! Add some shrimpies or scallops; try some ground-up left over roast beef; try some cooked chicken. (Always use pre-cooked beef, chicken, or pork for this because the cooking time is too short to cook them. Cooking time should be sufficient for shrimp or scallops.)
    Enjoy this – it’s simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. You protect all the vitamins in the veggies. You can use nearly any veggie you want to. In the summer, I like a mixture of squashes: zukes, summer squash, & pattypans. In the fall I like zukes and acorn squash (cut into very small cubes) and pumpkin. In the winter it’s carrots and potatos with, maybe, some parsnips or other tuberous veggies. You get the idea – you can vary by season, and, as the Ol’ Curmudgeon sez, you can vary to your own taste and preferences.
    Packet cooking is fabulous! No pots, pans, skillets or baking sheets to clean up – just toss out the packets. Ig you are REALLY adverse to having to clean up, eat out of the packet and you won’t have dirtied up a plate. heh heh heh heh heh!

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