Mostly I Don’t Vote –


– for a candidate. I tend to vote against the candidates with political philosophies that I can’t stand.

I guess I have tended to vote against the Democrat/Liberals for the past 40 years or so. Back in the day I could and would vote for the occasional Democrat – Zell Miller comes to mind.

But lately the Democrats seem to be hell-bent on betraying this country and all we have stood for. The fact that the Republicans are frequently stumble-bums doesn’t take away from the fact that I vote against the Dems more than for the Republicans. The Democrats have always been a bit of a populist party. The fact that the founders of this country had the opportunity to set up a democracy and did not should say something to us. Oh, you thought that this was a democracy? I guess you never read the Constitution or the Federalist papers or any of that stuff. Then you probably had a government education. The fact is – we are not a democracy, we are a republic. There’s a bit of a difference here. Just for starters – you have no Constitutional right to vote in a Presidential election and the popular vote does not mean a thing. The President is chosen by the electoral college. Only the number of electoral votes means a thing. The states are free to choose their electors in any way that they see fit.

The Democrats have chosen to be a party that panders to the lowest denominators in our society. I was in a union for many years as the job I was doing was a union position. I remember the business manager of the local getting up in meetings and beating on the pulpit and yelling “We’ve GOT to elect a Democrat”. Never mind that 99% of the union membership were actually more in line with conservative thought, they voted Democrat to get their special interest perks.

Every non-standard sexual group is pandered to by the liberals. Now the fact is that most of these special group laws are Constitutionally questionable and unnecessary is never considered. They vote Democrat to get special consideration for their group.

The blacks in this country have been seduced by the Democrats for some strange reason, and there is popular myth that the Democrats got the blacks the “rights” of normal Americans. Nonsense. The beloved Saint Jack didn’t give a hoot about the rights of the blacks. It was a Republican minority, led by Everett Dirksen, a Republican, which passed the civil rights legislation which buried Jim Crow over the objection of the Democrats.

The current Democrat liberal view is summed up in the words of Richland County, SC Councilwoman Bernice Scott, who bluntly told the audience “this race is not about race or gender.” Scott said the decision should come down to which candidate can “feed the sheep.”

Feed the sheep? Although I was not around when FDR started the welfare society, I was around when LBJ declared the “War on Poverty”. We have not eliminated the lower class non-performers since we have only given the non-productive money. We have declared that lower class behavior is not to be discouraged and have not educated the lower performers into anything useful. We have fought the war on poverty the liberal way. We lost.

I guess that we have indeed created a nation of sheep who will not take control over their own lives. Nor will people take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. We currently have a situation where the government is being asked to bail out the banks that have made very poor decisions about who they loaned money for housing. Why am I financially responsible for bailing out a corporation that has made bad decisions? Where is the logic in the liberal desire to bail out failing corporations and yet punish corporations that have made good decisions and make a profit? Sounds to me like the libs are consistent in their desire to reward failure and punish success.

Sheep will need more and more nanny government in their lives. This is not what the founders had in mind at all. We see nowhere in the world that socialism has worked, yet the Democrats/Liberals are heading toward that cliff with all the passion of the legendary lemming rush to destruction.

The basic message is still the same – the Democrats/Liberals want the nanny state and want to take care of all you stupid, incompetent people that don’t have enough sense to run your own lives. Of course, that gives them what they want most – power. The conservatives want to provide all you people with the opportunity and tools to make your own success. Of course, this also means that you have the opportunity to make your own failure. But note – it is your own and you retain the dignity of a reasonable, adult human being. You do not have the status of a stupid, vapid, incompetent pet sheep.

I would rather die free than live as a pet. I will continue to hold my nose while I vote against this insanity.


3 Responses to “Mostly I Don’t Vote –”

  1. Meg Says:

    Hear, hear. I was the very first Republican in my family, and I’ll never forget my mother’s shock when I told her I had registered Republican: “But the Republican Party is the party of the rich man, and the Democratic Party is the party of the working man!” “So,” I replied, “how come you always vote for Republicans?” “I like their candidates better.” “So do I. And I want to be able to ensure that I continue to like their candidates. I want to be able to vote in the primary.”

    The year was 1967, and by the next year, every working stiff in New York City understood that he was no longer of any concern whatsoever to the Democratic Party. I always get a sour laugh when the Democrats start talking about their “union base” — every working-class person I know votes Republican. We’re not as dumb as the Democrats think we are.

    (Oh, as to the black thing — I think the blacks are starting to wise up, too. I’m noticing the same trends with them that took place 40 years ago with immigrants: the immigrants voted Democrat, and their children and maybe their grandchildren, but by the fourth generation the latest, people were starting to wise up. I see more black conservatives these days than I would ever have dreamed possible.)

  2. turtlemom3 Says:

    Herself Sez: Down here we don’t have to be registered Repubs to vote in the Repub primary, same for Dems. BUT, if you vote in the Dem primary, and the Repubs have a run-off, you can’t vote in it! So you have to be absolutely sure you are happy with all the candidates in the one party before voting in the other primary. I got “caught” one year, so I’m pretty cagey about it these days.

    O yeah – I no longer vote for 3rd party candidates. It was the Ross Perot votes that gave Clinton his first term. Never again.

  3. Sagebrush Gardens Says:

    Out here in Sagebrush Country, the Democrates “think” Republicans are dumber than a bag of hammers. However, the Republicans KNOW the Democrats are…

    …just a thought.

    Oh, and BTW, as to the rest of your post: I couldn’t have said it better.

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