The Philosophy of Rights –


To the modern liberal “rights” are bestowed by government. You are “given” those rights by the government. This is interesting since it leads to talking out of both sides of the mouth.

You can hear nutcases like Jeremiah Wright or any other conspiracy kook saying lunatic things. Things like AIDS is a government plot to eliminate group X. Group X is usually blacks or homosexuals, depending on the persuasion of the individual. Another goodie is that the failure of the dikes during Katrina was a government plot. Or 9/11 wasn’t really by Moslems, the Twin Towers were blown up by the government.

This deluded paranoia is so ludicrous that a rational person can only look on in stunned amazement.

The funniest part of the whole mindset is that these people will usually turn around and say that the government ought to do something about some social ill. If the government is the source of all ills then why should it be trusted to “take care of the sheep”. Current screams from the left are to “fix” gas prices and “fix” health care. Fact is, these deluded people don’t have enough brains to be allowed to vote since they don’t have any sort of grip on reality. If you check the facts you will plainly see that “government” is in fact responsible for both of these things being broken. The best “fix” that could be would be for government to get out of both problems and let private enterprise do what it does best – provide goods and services that people can afford for a reasonable profit.

Now then. Let’s go back and see what the Founding Fathers thought and based the Constitution on. To them the government was not the source of human rights. God is the source of human rights. Of course, the libs and the ACLU don’t want the word God used anywhere, in spite of the fact that all the FF’s frequently quoted God as the source of all good. Their position and wording, for those who can read (and comprehend) the English language, shows that they were forbidding the government to interfere with those rights that they deemed God-given. They considered these rights so fundamental that no discussion was necessary. “We hold these truths to be self-evident”. In English self-evident means that anyone who is sufficiently awake and intelligent can see it for himself and it needs no further proof or discussion.

The essential position of the FF’s can be summarized best as never allow government to become the master. The best intentioned of people will take your freedom away. The FF’s operated on the principle of hamstringing government as much as possible, since they had a profound distrust of any government.

The FF’s were more interested in forbidding government the ability to interfere with natural rights than anything else. The lawyers and judges of today are obviously too brain-dead to read any of the Foundation Documents and understand what they have read.

By the way, the modern conservatives do not always understand the correct position either. Many of them have fallen into the trap of thinking that the government guarantees individual rights. That is somewhat marginally better than thinking that government grants those rights. But still not correct. Government minions can help enforce punishment when someone else violates our free exercise of a given right, but only if we ourselves hold firm.

If we as individuals and as communities are not militant about exercising our freedoms they will slowly be eroded. Remember that the small-minded bully and the paternalist who wants to manage your life only differ slightly in motivation, not in result. Both types are interested in running your life for their own goals, not for yours. Both types are drawn to government service where there is some degree of communal authority and prestige. Both will take as much control over you life as you allow. Sometimes the only way to deal with such people is to be militantly rude and firm to the point of violence to enforce our own freedoms.

Remember that the FF’s were quite in favor of violent action where necessary. Each of us is ultimately responsible for seeing to our own freedoms. By all means, use intelligent means where possible. Use sensible discussion where possible. Use legal means where possible. But remember, you will only be free as long as you are willing to fight for that freedom. And to assume all responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

Contrary to the bleeding-hearts, violence does solve things. If you are trying to harm me or mine and I kill you then that threat is completely eliminated. Thus solving the problem. If we arm ourselves and kill any gang member who threatens decent citizens, then the gang is no more and that problem is solved. “Violence doesn’t solve anything,” is just so much propaganda. It ain’t the truth. We secured our freedom and our nation by violence. It did rather solve that problem.

Herself Sez: Want more information? Check out these links:
Declaration of Independence
Constitution of the United States
Federalist Papers
Patrick Henry: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress; October 14, 1774
Thomas Paine: Common Sense
Thomas Paine: Rights of Man

I might add at these two places you will find nearly ALL of the early American Founding Fathers’ documents and writings: Project Gutenberg and Patriot Post.

You will have to search a little harder on Project Gutenberg (hint: check out the earliest years’ publications) than on Patriot Post to find what you are looking for, but both are worthwhile. And both are free.


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