The Supreme Court


Just recognized that we have a Second Amendment to the Constitution – barely. Lawyers/Judges remind me of the Talmudic Pharisees of which Our Lord spoke so disparagingly. Straining at gnats and swallowing camels whole. Goodness.

Have you ever read the US Constitution? I highly recommend it. The thing, particularly the original before 20th century amendments, is perfectly lucid and understandable English. I might also add anyone who can read and understand basic English can understand it. We don’t need great interpretation, we simply need to be able to read and comprehend our own language. Bill Clinton may not know the meaning of the verb “is”, but then, he’s a left-leaner. Oh yeah, and a lawyer, even if barred before the Supreme Court. The rest of us do understand plain English.

The Federalist Papers might just make a nice dessert after digesting the Constitution. Try ‘em. Full of vitamins and minerals and good for you, Tasty.

The statement of the Second Amendment is perfectly plain, no matter how the feverishly anti-gun crowd would like to twist it.. If further clarification is needed I would refer you to the writings of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Patrick Henry, and just about any of the other Founding Fathers (FF’s).

They are all completely unanimous in declaring that it was their firm intention that this be a country of an armed citizenry. All the time. “Take your gun on your walks” – Thomas Jefferson’s letter to Peter Carr. There were several reasons for this attitude. The obvious, of course, is personal defense. If a gang member is the only one armed, you are either robbed or dead (or both). If you and all that are around you are armed the gang member will be dead. That was one intention.

The next obvious reason was putting food on the table. We don’t need a gun at Kroger and meat is not quite as pressing a reason as it once was.

Now, let us get down to the REAL reason the FF’s wanted an armed citizenry. To keep the government honest. Never mind the feverish bullshit of the left. Go read what the FF’s really wrote on the subject. They really considered that the first step of tyranny would be to disarm the citizens. So did Hitler, so did Stalin, so has every repressive government on record. As I have pointed out before, if one citizen is armed and incensed, the government minions will soon settle his hash. If the entire citizenry is armed and really pissed there are not enough cops to stop them from reclaiming their government. Notice that any time weapons are taken away from honest citizens it is always in the guise of “for your own good” or “we only want to protect you” or some other paternalistic crap.

The right seems to think that it is some kind of victory that private ownership was upheld – barely. Nuts – it is a net loss that the stupid thing went that far. A local court should have ruled that ANY gun control was unconstitutional – it is! The fact that these idiots that have sworn to uphold the Constitution and are the highest court in the land could even consider going against the Constitution in that blatant a fashion demonstrates that they are either stupid, traitors, or senile. They damn sure didn’t read the same Constitution I do, and certainly didn’t read the additional works by the FF’s.

Oh yeah, the “we have to keep guns away from the insane” or “the criminals” argument. That’s not in the Constitution. And it’s totally stupid. Anyone who thinks that gun control keeps criminals unarmed is brain dead. Check any of the nations where it is illegal to even have a gun. The criminals still have them. And like it very much that the victims cannot defend themselves. Keep them away from the insane? HOW? If the students at Virginia Tech had been armed maybe one would have died before someone killed that nutcase. If more women were armed the incidence of rape and batterings would drop like a rock. I will also guarantee that public manners would improve markedly.

The FF’s were no fools. It is the modern sheep – particularly the 60’s crowd and their offspring that are totally stupid. And weak. And willing to give up freedom for security. If we let these people continue to have their way then the days of freedom will be numbered. When we give up our weapons then slavery or pet status will follow as surely as night follows day.

“Give me liberty or give me death” is foolish rhetoric if not backed up with weapons and the willingness to use them.


One Response to “The Supreme Court”

  1. turtlemom3 Says:

    Quote: “Give me liberty or give me death” is foolish rhetoric if not backed up with weapons and the willingness to use them.

    Herself sez: … and backed with the resolve to die if necessary. Period. When my children left to go into the military, I told them, as did the Spartan mothers, “Come back with your shield or on it.” Meaning, be willing to live or die – but to do so with their honor intact. And to live or die for their country’s honor.

    In my opinion, every young man and woman should spend a minimum of 2 years in service to the country between high school and college. Any branch of the military services would be fine – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard. For those who do not qualify for the military, AmeriCorps VISTA, or AmeriCorps NCCC, or working for a service organization such as the Red Cross or Meals on Wheels. Preferably one that is very disciplined.

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