Bloodline Another Hollyweird Myth –


Bruce Burgess has another Hollywood piece of unsupported BS – a movie called Bloodline, another one of these Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had kid(s) pieces of dreck. The first premise is that the “evil Roman Catholic Church” suppressed all evidence for 2000 years. Nonsense. This thing purports to be documentary. The evidence shows that it is just another mockumentary.

The West may not know about Mary Magdalene, but the Eastern Church certainly does. We were never dumb enough to confuse her with the prostitute who washed Jesus’ feet. Or Mary, sister of Martha, or any of the other Mary’s in the Scriptures. The Scriptures merely state that she was possessed of seven demons, which Our Lord cast out. She became one of the followers of Christ. She was one of the women who went to the tomb to wash and properly bury the body of Christ. She was the first to recognize the Risen Lord. This much is in Scripture.

While the Western Church has had many goofball ideas about Mary, let us examine the Eastern Tradition and see what it says. First off – titles: Mary is know as “Apostle to the Apostles”, “Equal to the Apostles”, and “Myrrh-Bearer”. Next, Tradition says that she worked with John the Apostle until she died peacefully and was buried at Ephesus. In the 9th century her uncorrupted body was exhumed, move to Constantinople, and reburied in the Church at St. Lazarus’ Monastery. The titles alone show that the “anti-feminine bias” that so many see in the Church is not true in the East and never has been.

While the Hollyweird crowd seems to think that these lies prove something about Jesus’ life, only liberals get that emotional about it. In the East we know the early years much better. Let us say, for the sake of argument, that this nonsense which is totally unsupported by any archaeological or historical evidence is true. In the Eastern view, Christ was God. Second Person of the Trinity. By His Incarnation, life, death, burial, Resurrection and Ascension He re-created the fractured Universe (not just Earth) and forever healed the breach between God and Man. Either He was God and did all this or He was a nutcase. No in between is possible in Eastern Orthodox theology. If He did indeed do all this, as we believe, then being married or not would simply not have mattered. And we would have simply recorded it as a fact of His life. It would not have changed our attitudes or theology one little bit.

Let it be noted that Rome does not and never has had any authority over the Eastern Church. Even if there were a Roman Catholic “cover-up” it would not have made any difference at all in the Eastern Church. We have never paid any attention to what Rome did or did not want.

So much for this latest BS attack on Christianity.

If the liberals of Hollywood were honest, they would admit that they are interested in attacking Christianity. Not religion, they don’t have the hatred of Islam that they have for Christianity. This is interesting. Granted that individuals can be and always will be nasty pieces of work, even those in the Church, Christianity is about forgiveness, reconciliation, and love.

If the libs wish to do a factual documentary instead of a hatchet job I would recommend that they take a good look at Islam and Mohammed. Islam is a religion of conquest and domination. Nowhere in Islam is there any doctrine about turning the other cheek. Nowhere in Islam is there anything about love and giving someone the cloak from one’s back.

Christ cannot be faulted on incorrect or hateful behavior, as much as the anti-Christian libs would like. Mohammed, on the other hand, is well documented as a murderer, a liar, a pedophile, a rapist, a slaver, and a petty revenge seeker. But the Hollywood liberals are either too stupid to realize that the Moslems would kill or enslave them at the earliest opportunity or they are too cowardly to tell the truth about Mohammed and Islam. It seems that they are much more interested in telling lies about Christ, since they know that we Christians are supposed to forgive them. If they told the truth about Mohammed, their lives would be in danger.


One Response to “Bloodline Another Hollyweird Myth –”

  1. an Ol’ Curmudgeon critic Says:

    Bloodline Movie is an awesome movie.

    Oh get a life Ol’ Curmudgeon, don’t take it so seriously, it’s a good well made film and just because you don’t agree with its findings doth not make it a bad movie. Go watch a Disney movie if you want a happy ending, life aint like that. The Christian church has lied to and killed hundreds of thousands of people to protect themselves, if this is religion you can keep it, I perfer the truth to be told as I am sure do many others.

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