News media lies –


That’s not conjecture. I know it for a fact. My youngest son works for a Federal agency. Fairly high middle management or bottomside upper management, chose your favorite wording. Also one of my godsons works there. When Katrina hit, the youngest was on the ground in New Orleans that Sunday night. That’s the night before the worst hit. My godson was on the ground that Monday night that it did hit.

Both tell the same story. The youngest had set up one of the Federal supply depots and was ready to assist. It is not lawful for Federal intervention to take place without local permission. This was denied. He had to watch people die that could have been saved if the Louisiana and New Orleans authorities had not declined aid. It was never reported that way. The press was and is too busy trying to sandbag an administration that they hate way down on the gut level.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Bush supporter. I think that at best he has been a mediocre president. But, newsies should not lie. If they hate Bush, editorialize till the cows come home. On the editorial pages. But put facts on the news pages. Not lies. Either by commission or omission.

The next time that you hear that there was no Federal response, know it for the lie that it is. Know that it was the locals that bitched the whole thing up and let people die unnecessarily. Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco bear far more culpability than do the feds. Race played no part. Local stupidity and corruption are the main villains.

Herself Sez: Why post this here now? Lemme tell you. Local stupidity and corruption will be major players in the current election – not to mention media stupidity and short-sightedness.

Believe me – there was more, MUCH more, going on than the media ever told. And it won’t come out until GWB and some of his high officials write their autobios 10 years from now.


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