You Want Some Gas –



It’s not very hard. As long as we compete for foreign oil with China, India, Africa, Australia, etc. we will never see affordable oil products again. And everything else in our economy such as food will continue to spiral out of reach. We will see a deliberately caused depression the likes of which we have not seen before. The funny thing is that the Chinese boom economy is riding on our backs. The African states will collapse without our foreign aid – read charity. The Mexican economy will tank without our massive amounts of cash going over the border, both legal and illegal. The Europeans will not be able to survive economically if we collapse.

The stupid beat-up-on-the-oil-companies strategy that the politicos are going for is shooting the messenger instead of acknowledging the message. If Hitlary thinks that she can dictate oil prices to the Arabs (who think little of us while they rob us), guess again. If we were the only place for OPEC to sell oil, maybe she could pull it off. With the rest of the world needing oil, they will laugh at us all the way to the bank.

It is not a difficult proposition to cut the price of oil in half quickly:

  • Remove the moratorium on exploration and drilling. Tell the enviro-kooks to go to hell. This does not mean trash the environment. That is contrary to any intelligent use of resources. By all means, keep it clean, but use the bloody resources. Do NOT go into the strategic reserve – that is suicide. But open Anwar and offshore for exploration and drilling.
  • Immediately build refineries. First – we don’t have enough to supply our needs. Second, Katrina aftermath should have shown us the stupidity of having critical resources in vulnerable places. Build at least one refinery per state. Some states might need two, or more.
  • Any state that refused a refinery or refused offshore exploration and drilling should be told that they could damn well negotiate with OPEC to get their needs met. Or pay triple for products from out of state – when they can be spared.
  • Immediately start the process for at least one nuclear power plant per state. The French have been using them safely for years, and if the French can do it we certainly can.
  • We should also be searching intelligently for those alternative sources that should certainly be out there. But we need to find something(s) that will replace oil properly, not pie in the sky lies like ethanol. For what it takes to get one gallon of ethanol you can feed a poor Mexican kid for over a year. That is not a sensible way to get fuel. Food for fuel is stupid, at the very least. Swapping over to light bulbs that are hazardous waste and cost more to own than the standard incandescent is stupid. This nonsense about one piece of paper to wipe your butt is stupid. It is not a crime in this country to be stupid. It is not a crime in this country to believe stupid things. However, these are crimes against nature, and to listen to these stupid kooks and form national policy on uninformed, unscientific information will, like most crimes against nature, have horrible long-term consequences.

Incidentally, Hillary is screaming that everything was fine when the Clintons went out of office. Nuts. The country barely avoided a massive reaction after 9/11. Things started going to pot in a big way when the Democrat Congress was elected. The President has a whole lot less to do with the economy than the Congress does.

Think about that for a while.


One Response to “You Want Some Gas –”

  1. Mrs. Mutton Says:

    Everything was “fine” when the Clintons left office (hey, if it was the Clinton*s*, doesn’t that mean she’s already served her two terms???) because the way they balanced the budget was by paring the military down beyond the bone and leaving it with outdated weapons. Not to mention the way Slick Willy let Osama slip right out of his hands — he was too busy playing golf to give the executive order that would have allowed military reconnaissance to take out Osama. But nooo, everything was Fiiiiiiiiiine when the Clintons left office!

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