How to Steam a Fish –


A Chinese sort of way of cooking a fish is to steam it. Usually they use a wok, and some notched, crossed sticks to hold the steaming platter above the boiling water. This is great, if you have the wok and the sticks. If you don’t, you can fake it with whatever will hold the platter up. I use the same Homey-D quarry tiles that I use to line the oven for baking free-form bread. If you don’t have a wok any pot large enough to hold a plate with an inch or two clearance will work just fine. A domed lid is better than a flat lid so that the condensate will run down the sides and not drip onto the platter.

Any white fish can be done this way, we like tilapia.

A leaf of Romaine or Nappa cabbage or whatever as a bed for each loin
Some chopped onion on top of the green leaf
A fish loin or filet per leaf
Sliced mushrooms on top of each fish

1/4 cup of soy sauce
1/8 cup water
small clove of garlic per fish, chopped
either some chopped fresh ginger or a pinch of dried ginger
about 5 grinds of pepper

Mix all the sauce and drizzle over the fish. Sprinkle chopped green onion over the filets. Put the platter over the boiling water, cover, and let steam for 20 minutes.

Herself Sez: I was never enthusiastic about fish. Oh I would eat it, but I wouldn’t willingly, and spontaneously order it, say, at a restaurant – except at a Japanese restaurant with a really good sushi chef!! Food of the divine!!

Well, Himself laid this little darlin’ of a dish down before me and I melted!! WOW! Fish that didn’t make me sick!! Please, sir, may I have – More?!


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