Heritage –


Here is the heritage of Eastern Orthodox Christianity:

“Here is consolation above all consolations! Here is consolation for those broken by tempest. Let them only remember that Christ is there among them, and let them not be afraid. He is the Helmsman. Here is the consolation for those in pain. Let them know that Christ is there by their bed, and let them not despair. He is the Physician. Here is consolation for the old. Let them not lose sight of the fact that Christ goes with them through time right to eternity and eternal youth, and let them be at peace. Here is consolation for those who are tormented by men. Let them not think that they are left alone, for Christ is with them in all their suffering, and at their judgment, and in prison; and let them rejoice. He is the Judge. Here is consolation for those tormented by evil spirits. Let them remember that consolation for those tormented by evil spirits. Let them remember that Christ the Conqueror of evil spirits, is on their side, and let them be strengthened. He is the Victor. Here is consolation for those who seek the light of righteousness and truth. Let them believe that Christ is closer to their souls than to their eyes, and let them follow His leading. He is the Light.
Oh, my brothers, truly Christ is always with us, as a light that is ever present to the eyes of those who look. But to our loss, if the eyes of our soul are closed, then the light seeks in vain to encounter the pupil of our eye! On, what sorrow and grief is ours when we are not with Christ! He comes to meet us – do we go to meet Him? He desires to be with us – do we desire to be with Him? If we desire consolation, we must be with Him everyday to the end of our lives.”

Homily on the living presence of Christ
Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich (1881-1956), a Serbian Bishop, Prolog, v. I 29 February. pp 225-225, .

Here is the heritage of Islam:

“He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah’s cause”

5/17/2008 (Kandahar, Afghanistan) – A child is killed when Sunni extremists attach a bomb to a bicycle.

5/17/2008 (Paktia, Afghanistan) – The Taliban murders three Afghan civilians with a roadside bomb.

5/16/2008 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – Mujahideen stage a rocket attack in a commercial district, killing at least twenty people.

5/16/2008 (Fallujah, Iraq) – Sunni bomber take down four Iraqis with a bombing attack.

5/16/2008 (Khar, Pakistan) – Tehreek-e-Taliban terrorists kidnap a Pakistani man and cut off his head.

5/15/2008 (Kohat Cantt, Pakistan) – Local Taliban kill two Pakistani soldiers on routine patrol.

This same Serbian land that has produced so many outstanding people is now dominated by NATO troops who support the Moslem invaders. We have become protitutes for the Moslem oil producing countries. Rather than following that which is morally correct we so often follow what the Moslem oil producers dictate to their wholly owned American government officials.

Liberals are quite happy to see us not producing our own oil. Until we (short run) produce our own again, and, (long run) find economically viable alternatives to oil we will continue to be the slaves of these who either fund our enemies or are directly our enemies.

I suggest that those who are so opposed to “religion” are, for the most part, not anti-religion. They are mostly anti-Christianity. I do not see the people who so rail against Christianity do the same to Islam.

Re-read the above words of a contemporary saint and contrast them with the headlines below them. I will grant that there are those who pervert Christianity for their own needs. There will always be corruption in any institution that has humans associated with it. However, check the results of the heritage of the Pure Christianity of Orthodoxy when compared with the results of the heritage of Islam.

“By their fruits ye shall know them” (Matthew 7:16) is as much common sense today as when Christ first uttered those words.


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