Evil Oil Companies and the Present Mess –


Herself Sez: Warning – Liberals – read the whole thing before you start reacting! Otherwise you may put a bigger foot in your mouth than usual.

Oil prices are soaring. This affects everything else. Commodities like food have to be delivered with oil as the motive force.

Hillary and Barack seem to blame the evil big oil companies. Does supply and demand not fit into their world? We seem to want to listen to two flakes state that they want to penalize big oil. Is profit a dirty word? Should the evil shareholders not make dividends for their investments? You know, the evil capitalists like pension plans who are heavily invested in big oil stock. The very pension plans that unions hold. The pension plans that teachers hold. The pension plans that almost every working American holds. They want to reduce the gasoline taxes for a while or have the oil companies pay them. Who was it that put heavy taxes on to start with? Liberals, mostly. What idiot thinks that you can raise a corporation’s operating expenses and not have the prices raised to offset same? Corporations do not pay taxes. They pass them on to the end user in the form of higher prices. If they don’t, the profits go down and the corporation will not stay in business if it does not make a profit. The workers have no more jobs. The investors lose their money. Then the libs will want to bail them out at taxpayer expense.

So, how did we get into this mess? This is not really that difficult. We do not have enough refineries to process all the fuel we need. We are not only importing oil, we are also importing gasoline at horribly high price. See – our gasoline standards are the highest in the world. It costs much more to meet our standards than it does to meet China’s, Africa’s, India’s, or any other. We must build more refineries.

Drilling. We are totally at the mercy of the oil producing nations. Most of whom are NOT our friends. They don’t really care about us, China, India, Africa, etc. are willing to soak up a considerable amount of product. We either pay more or the oil goes elsewhere.

We do not drill much in our own oil because all the political hooraw about it. There is about 300 years worth of oil in the Anwar reserve. The environuts won’t even hear of using it. There is considerable in the Gulf. The people in Florida want gas but don’t want any offshore drilling in their back yard. Typical. Note that with current technology and standards that it is quite possible to extract oil in a clean and responsible and safe manner. But the environazi’s don’t care.

The current craze over corn ethanol is purely stupid. It does not work on so many levels. Corn takes more energy to produce and refine than it provides. Farmers are like anyone else – they will follow the money. Corn production being profitable means more land cleared for corn. Corn depletes the soil, so more chemicals. Corn grown for fuel does not have to meet the same nutrient and pesticide requirements as corn grown for food. More pollution overall. Corn has to be subsidized or it is not affordable at the pump. So we use more financial resources that we don’t have. Corn grown for fuel means less corn for food. Poor people that depend on corn for food are squeezed even harder as food corn goes up in price. What we have is another liberal feel-good solution that has no rational support and is being pushed into national policy which is detrimental on all fronts.

We are seeing a recession brought on by newsies and Chicken Little sky-is-falling liberals for their own purposes. A recession is really defined as two negative growth quarters in a row. We have not had any negative growth yet, but the doom-and-gloomers have been preaching for the last couple of years and people are beginning to believe them. Let me point out that we came out of what was headed for a recession in 2000 very handily. Then people were stupid enough to put in a liberal Congress. The doom-and-gloom started almost as soon as the libs had a majority in the Congress.

The newsies are talking about bad unemployment when we have a 5% rate. This is the same rate that was praised to the skies under the Clinton administration as being so low.

Yeah, we are headed into a mess. But it is artificially created by the Democrats and their pet press to feed their craving for power. And the liberals in this country are dumb enough to believe their lies and put them into power.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have much use for McCain and the Republicans. I am not a Republican, I am a conservative. I don’t generally vote FOR the Republican, I just vote against whichever is the most poisonously liberal, which is usually the Democrat.


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