Why do I despise Universities –


The normal charge that universities are bastions of liberalism is only too true. I don’t necessarily mind people who disagree with me. That’s ok. Stupid, but ok. What I do mind strenuously is the dishonesty involved.

I grew up in a university environment. My mother taught at the university level for 44 years. Herself has a PhD. You might say that I have been around academia for the first half to three quarters of my life.

Typically liberal is the university mindset. Anything that slams this country or people who work for a living is fair game. Anything that gores one of their sacred oxen is likely to have severe repercussions.

Take Ward Churchill, for instance. His hatred of this country and poisonous polemics in class are well documented. The university where he was employed took the position that his diatribes were covered under free speech constitutional law. His many lies about himself and his past are well documented, but were not taken into consideration. Never mind that the students that he had were defrauded of the money that they had paid for his classes. He was allowed free reign with no repercussions.

Contrariwise, consider any professor who expresses the least doubt about the “global warming” religion. There are many examples of professors who have been disciplined or whose contract was not renewed after expressing same.

Consider the professors – documented to some extent in Ben Stein’s Expelled – who suffer bad consequences if they do not embrace Darwinism fully. To express any doubt, to even mention creationism or Intelligent Design is to expect termination of your job.

I suppose as Orthodox Christens our position is nearest to Intelligent Design. We don’t really get wrapped around the axle as to how God created the cosmos. We believe that the cosmos was created by God. We do not care whether it was 6 days as in the earth went around the sun 6 times or whether He used long periods and evolution. It is not particularly germane to our salvation which way He went. We do not get indigestion about slow evolution, and there is some evidence for that. However – and this is crucial, there is no conclusive evidence to support the Darwinist beliefs.

Another true story. I know. It happened to herself when she was getting her PhD. She experienced all kinds of discrimination and persecution. She has two very bad traits that are worthy of psychological treatment according to liberals. She is a Christian. First strike. She likes men. Second strike.

If herself even mentioned God in class she was severely put down. Contrariwise, the woman who headed the program would spend the entire class period rhapsodizing about the “Mother Goddess” and lecturing on the beauties of same-sex love. There were no disciplinary actions against this woman. Interestingly enough, she was married and had a child (female, of course). If I remember rightly, the husband was an engineer who made good money. The fact that he was a dickless liberal who put up with this nonsense was his problem.

Anyway, I would object somewhat less if these libs were honest. But I do not see any honest libs out there.

Joe McCarthy was right about the number of liberals and socialists. The problem is that McCarthy was such a dumb asshole, and his policies were so stupid and unconstitutional. But that doesn’t mean that he was wrong.

Where I have the problems with the academics is that there is no intellectual honesty. Science should be (and is) based on nothing but facts. Provable facts. Global warming and Darwinism are religions not supported by incontrovertible fact. Therefore it is intellectually dishonest to persecute those who do not fervently espouse them. And there is the rub. Christianity and patriotism are contrary to the academic liberal religion and are therefore persecuted by those who claim to champion intellectual freedom. They do, but only if it aligns with their beliefs.

It is amazing to me that we now have the most ignorant bunch of people as teachers and students in the history of this country. Universities graduate people who have no clue what socialism, Marxism, communism, fascism, democracy, or republican democracy really are. People who have no clue about the history or geography of our nation. But they are “concerned” about polar bears and whales. Never mind that they don’t know enough physics to even begin to explain a psychometric chart, they are all climate experts.

When universities start putting the emphasis on education, facts, etc. and not politically correct bs then I may revise my opinion. But not until then.


One Response to “Why do I despise Universities –”

  1. turtlemom3 Says:

    Herself Sez: Yeah, that PhD experience cured me of wanting to teach in a university. I’d love to teach if it weren’t for all the BS that goes on. First, they want me to give up my religious beliefs. Second they want me to give up my political affiliation. Third they want me to do significant research and to go through the process of “publish or perish” – depending on the institution, this can mean as many as 3 or 4 peer-reviewed articles PUBLISHED each year (that could be a full-time position in and of itself). Fourth they want me to “give back” to the community in the form of community service. Fifth they want me to teach full time. Now, where, in all that, they expect me to find the time to teach, I don’t know, The research and community service assignments alone could take up a full-time position.
    Then there are the volumes of self-touting documentation faculty have to put together every year to “prove” they are “qualified” to be retained for the following academic year.
    Look, just evaluate my teaching plans, whether my students pass the NCLEX and other qualifying and certifying exams, whether my students are able to discuss and deal with issues cogently. I have enough to do what with planning classes, grading papers, planning clinicals, evalauating seminars, attending and evaluating clinicals. Teaching in the nursing area on the BSN level will involve up to 80 hours a week. Teaching on the MS or PhD levels can involve over 60 hours a week. That’s just the teaching component. Doesn’t take the research and community service components into consideration! I have always been of the opinion that an academic position should be split into proportionate areas. Those who are more interested in research could spend 2 semesters in research and one semester in teaching. Those more interested in teaching could spend 2 semesters in teaching and one semester in community service. Or some other combination. But for heaven’s sake, if someone is a “natural” teacher and can make things understandable for even the most confused student, don’t tie their hands with all the academic BS about research!! If someone is a “natural” researcher, don’t tie their hands with all the academic BS about community service! If you have an academic position in a university, you are supposed to TEACH, but you don’t necessarily have to teach full time. A research position is perfectly tenable. A service position is tenable, too. But you should put in at least 1/3 of your time teaching. If you have a teaching position, you perhaps could choose how you would spend the other 1/3 of your time.

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