We Went Into Iraq for the Oil –


– is one of the great liberal lies. We have not taken one drop of oil out of Iraq. This is in line with the standard liberal cant: The US is evil, and anyone else is just an innocent victim.

Oil is one of the greatest liberal victories of all time. They must be very proud of themselves. Thank a liberal when you faint at the pump. Notice I don’t say Democrat. McCain is just as bad as any liberal where the subject of oil is concerned.

The predicament that we are in is really rather simple. We no longer allow any exploration or drilling in this country, even though there is plenty of oil. We even know generally where it is. We have the technology to extract it with minimal disturbance. We have built no refineries in the last 20 years or so. If we developed our own oil and built sufficient refineries we would see the price of oil drop by half or better quite quickly.

The oil companies that the liberals like to beat up on are captives of foreign interests, thanks to the very same liberals. They do not develop any more in the Middle East because the governments of the Middle East do not allow foreign ownership of oil resources. Even if our own companies did the developing, the Saudis or whoever would own the oil and sell it at whatever price to whomever they choose.

The repercussions of the libs strangling us over oil are far reaching. We cannot decide the price that is fair, we have no control over that. We cannot pursue foreign policy that is in our own best interests. The Saudis (home of Wahabi Islam) dictate much of our foreign policy. Foreign companies and countries own large portions of our major companies and maintain a huge network of lobbyists to pressure our politicians. Never mind McCain-Feingold, many of our politicians are so beholden to Moslem oil counties that they are merely puppets.

Never mind Afghanistan, we were determined to stop them after 9/11 and they were also a bit of an uncontrollable thorn to the Saudis. But consider that the only country we have taken out was run by a secular madman and the Saudis were quite happy for us to remove him. However, Iran is a much larger threat and we well know that they spend millions of their oil revenues to attack us and Israel. Consider that we sided against the Christian Serbs, who had a good bit of right on their side, to support the Moslems, who were invaders. These policies come from Saudi Arabia, not from our own interests.

Our foreign policy is dictated by those who hate us deeply.

As for me, I fully realize that if we pull our troops out of Iraq, the immediate consequence will be that the Iranians will own the country in less that a year. We can either abandon the people to tyranny, as we did to the South Vietnamese, or we can keep a military presence there for many years. Before you listen to the libs scream too loudly, remember that we are still a presence in Japan and Germany 60 years later.

I am of the opinion that we should take oil out of Iraq equal to the cost of this war. And enough every year to pay for the necessary support for their safety.

We keep hearing alternative this, that, and the other. Fine. Let’s start by developing enough nuclear power plants to replace all oil and gas fired plants immediately. In the long term, we also need to develop enough to replace coal fired plants as well. By the way, the coal fired plants are not nearly as dirty as the libs claim. As a general rule, whenever a lib speaks, make him prove any allegations with hard scientific data and keep a firm grip on your wallet. The libs lie like dogs and want to put us all into poverty so that we are government dependants rather than free citizens. I will believe that they are compassionate when the Kennedy’s, Kerry’s, Clintons, Obama’s, Feinstein’s, etc. etc. give some of their millions to charity. Like something higher than 1%, Many give less. And I do mean to charity, not to their own self-aggrandizing tax dodging foundations.

If you check the facts, you will see that conservatives, in general give significantly more to charity than do liberals. George Bush gives over 10% of his income to charity. Ted Kennedy, Obama, Clintons, etc. give mostly less than 1%. I will not trust a bunch who want to use the force of government to do to me what they do not willingly do themselves. Betcha Ted Kennedy pays a smaller percentage of total worth to taxes than I do.

After we have stabilized sufficient energy to keep going, I say well and good, go after alternatives. But – prove the science before jumping. We are doing entirely too many things stupidly just because we think that it is the feel-good politically expedient thing to do. I am all for alternatives that genuinely work to improve our lives and leave things clean. But only when they are proven better.


3 Responses to “We Went Into Iraq for the Oil –”

  1. turtlemom3 Says:

    Herself Sez: The Ol’ Curmudgeon is from Missouri – can you tell? Show Him! Don’t just say something, show him!

    He and I are at odds on a couple of energy issues. So I’ll just jump in here with my proof-less allegations and let him rumble about it later. I’m a “flower child” of the 60’s and 70’s. I delivered babies in some really weird situations. The XH and I had some real down and dirty ideas based on “The Whole Earth Catalog” and “5 Acres and Independence.” Draw your own conclusions from that! I’m convinced that IF-IF-IF-IF-IF the PTB had worked at it, we would have reasonably-priced photovoltaic roofing tiles and energy storage system right now. Given that, we certainly are in a position to move into a rapid-development on that front.That would reduce the wind-coal-nuclear needs.

    As far as our gas needs go, I’m convinced that the electric-powered auto is not feasible for much of our needs. But high-efficiency engines for long commutes, and the electric moped type smart-car for running errands around town is probably a good combination. We will always need the van for deliveries and the mini-van both for soccer moms and for us disabled people to use. That’s a given. But increase the engine efficiency. Please.

    Drilling in the US is critical. Drilling offshore is critical. But – BUT – SHOW ME exactly HOW the environment will be protected. For too many years we haven’t been particularly careful. The pendulum is swinging a bit too far to the left, but we do have to be careful of the environment, and SHOW the public how the environment will be protected.

    Now let’s see how the Ol’ Curmudgeon grumps about this comment!

  2. Mike Harmon Says:

    I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  3. Mrs. Mutton Says:

    I’m actually with both of you. The environment is also very important to me, but I *loathe* the way the Left has taken it over, and disagree with almost everything they say on the subject. And DON’T get me started on the subject of the war being “about oil”!!!!!

    I remember when the war in Afghanistan started, and one of the local protesters was holding up a poster of a cute little Afghan girl with the sign, “Is she your enemy?” How I wished I had a photo of that little 3-year-old who was killed on Flight 11 with the sign, “Was she their enemy?” Of course she was, just as all of us are — but what kind of a nut case makes an enemy out of a 3-year-old?!?! (See Achmed the Dead Terrorist on You-Tube…!!)

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