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When the head rules the heart, you are a king. When the heart rules the head, you are a fool. Or words to that effect. Chaim Potok in The Chosen.

Liberals tend to see the world somewhat differently than conservatives. The liberal looks out and sees some inequity and wants the government to kiss it and make it all better. The conservative sees that people should be provided the opportunity to help themselves. The liberal wants government to help people. The conservative wants to enable people to help themselves. The majority in the middle doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. They just want more bread and circuses. The problem with the liberal approach is that using the force of law to make societal changes is like inviting in the wolf to cure your mouse problem. The wolf may get rid of the mouse, but now what do you do with the wolf?

One of the points that just about everyone seems to miss is that a government bureaucracy shares most of the characteristics of the corporation. Especially the bad ones. Any corporation/ bureaucracy will fight to stay alive and to grow. There will be more loyalty on the part of 99% of the employees of either to the parent organization than to any customer/client or code of morals.

One of the problems with letting compassion rule is that the long term consequences of any action are not considered. A small example: When the British started colonizing India they saw poverty, but not extreme, most people could get by. They also saw an appalling infant mortality rate. Being, on the whole, rather decent people the Brits decided to “do something”. They did. They managed to reduce infant death rates significantly. They did not reduce births. They did not expand the supply of food. The result was predictable – poverty and hunger became worse. Now I don’t say that saving the lives of infants is not a totally worthy goal. It is. But the consequences of meddling need to be taken into account.

I was there when LBJ declared war on poverty. We have fought the war. We lost. Humans are animals just like any other. When we are born, we only have the basic instincts for survival. We must be taught to be anything useful. If, in our compassion to “save the children”, we place no restriction on breeding, then people will do what they are paid to do. Breed. We now have several generations of welfare people who know nothing different. The survival strategy is to “dumb-down” and make no useful contribution to our society. The children who show any spark of initiative are persecuted by the other children. School smarts are punished by bullying. Local gangs are a way of life.

Conservatives are told that this is all their fault because they are greedy and do not want to share. Not so. This morass is created by liberals and their misguided compassion. Conservatives would like to see everyone succeed to the best of their abilities. The freedom to succeed also carries the freedom to fail. In the long term those who cannot or will not help themselves must be eliminated from the gene pool. We have rewarded and bred for incompetence and are reaping a rich harvest. I find it interesting that liberals seem to understand that our ecology is a complex thing, and that fiddling with one aspect may have undesirable results. And yet, the very same people do not seem to understand that human society has evolved in the same way to a very complex balance. Now, I agree that we are not simple plants. We can and do change our society to better suit the needs of the day. But we should devote a good deal more brain power to considering results before we charge in and put a band aid in place. If we need an environmental impact study – and follow its conclusions – before we build, why then is there no attention paid to the consequences of social meddling? In the recent immigration amnesty bill debacle, there was only one long term study done. Since it was done by a conservative organization, The Heritage Foundation, the libs just pooh-poohed it. The study showed that this amnesty bill would cost around 3 trillion. Pooh-pooh 3 trillion? They didn’t even see fit to do their own study. No decent scientific refutation of an established assertion. A puzzlement.

In human history, the incompetent became subservient to the producers or just died off. Mostly there was a balance. The main problem with the old way was that it tended to become hereditary. A hereditary caste system will inevitably fail as incompetent or spoiled children fail to measure up to their responsibilities. There is also the boiling frustration of superior people born lower caste who cannot rise to the level of their abilities.  Now – we not only kill off our best in war (it is the productive who serve voluntarily), but the majority of the productive middle-class people have reduced the number of children produced. Why is it the libs, who tell us to have fewer children because we are running out of resources, also tell us we can take in 20 million more illegals as citizens? If we cannot support 20 million more of our own, why can we support 20 million undesirables? Anyway, back to children. The people on the dole are breeding at an alarming rate. ZPG is nowhere near their horizon. More kiddies = more money. Birth control is economically undesirable. If we had tough schools that really taught useful knowledge and discipline and could manage to make productive citizens out of the children of these parasites then it would not be so bad. But if you breed parasites, you will only get more and more parasites that are better and better parasites and who do not contribute anything positive to our society.

I maintain that 10% of the populous is the cause of 90% of our expenditures. The lower 10% of the populous consumes the dole. Provides most of the medical costs. Constitutes the majority of the crime that costs us police time and effort. Is most of the jail population. Don’t give me any shit about discrimination being the cause. Don’t tell me my bigotry has jack to do with one punk killing another over a handful of dope because the libs wouldn’t let us train these people to be useful citizens. Don’t tell me I have anything to do with the weakening of schools so that nothing of value is taught there. I didn’t have a damn thing to with schools failing to maintain discipline or scholastic excellence. That’s all liberal compassion at work.

Libs have got it so that not only can we not paddle a young offender at school, parents are being told that if they paddle a kid at home they may be arrested as child abusers. Now child beating is one thing, but a couple of swats on a well deserving butt is one of the foundations of higher knowledge. Children are animals. They are not miniature people, they are unformed, incomplete people. It is child abuse not to teach, love and discipline as necessary to instill morals and proper behavior. An undisciplined, untrained child will surely become a totally egocentric adult who is totally impulse driven and whose only morality is to serve himself and satisfy his own desires. Sound familiar, “me generation”? Thanks, compassionate libs.

Now, just to give a kick to the other side. We would not see half the problems out there if it weren’t for some of these idiot, loudmouth libs. Most of the productive, reasonable conservative (probably reactionary) people are so caught up in their own lives that they don’t notice anything that is not directly in their faces. Normal human behavior. We do need the libs to point things out. We just need to put the brakes on their impulses until we understand the consequences.

Herself sez: Apologies for missing Thursday – I was “out and about” in greater downtown Hotlanna trying to get “things” straightened out for applying for SS and Medicare (yeah, I’m running a few months late). Anyhoo, it took up the ENTIRE day and I was so wiped out when I got home I totally forgot to post the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s blog,much less my own! But I think you will agree it was worth the wait!


2 Responses to “Compassion –”

  1. Mrs. Mutton Says:

    My priest is from Romania, and one of the things that fries him about this country is the sense of, as he puts it, “entitlement” that poor people have towards the resources of those who are better off (notice I do not say “rich”). Our parish participates in a local soup kitchen once every few months, and when it was our turn a couple of weeks ago, he showed up. “They *expected* to be served,” he said in amazement, “and then they were complaining about the food! And when they were finished eating, they just got up and left, like they were in a big rush to go somewhere!” Only one woman stayed to help with the dishes.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that churches who provide this service with no strings attached are as bad as not providing any service at all. I mean, yes, Christians are supposed to help people who *can’t* (NOT won’t) help themselves, but who says we have to help the community at large?! There are enough churches out there to provide help for *their own* indigent members, so why aren’t we insisting that these folks join a church and show up on Sundays, if they want the free grub on Tuesdays?! At least that way they’d hear St. Paul’s Epistle about “if any man not work, neither shall he eat” — it might give them pause to think.

  2. turtlemom3 Says:

    Herself Sez: Do you remember (as I do) the days when the poor were only fed by places like the Salvation Army, and the poor had to sit and listen to a sermon and then were expected to take part in the cleaning up?? I remember that quite clearly. And I don’t know why or when it changed. But change it did.
    Pendulums swing back and forth. They have to swing too far to one side before they return to the center. We seem to be remembering the center. Lord have mercy and God grant us patience – we are experiencing the pendulum going entirely too far. Has it already gone to the end of the swing? Or is it still swinging away from the middle?

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