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You Want Some Gas –

31 May 08


It’s not very hard. As long as we compete for foreign oil with China, India, Africa, Australia, etc. we will never see affordable oil products again. And everything else in our economy such as food will continue to spiral out of reach. We will see a deliberately caused depression the likes of which we have not seen before. The funny thing is that the Chinese boom economy is riding on our backs. The African states will collapse without our foreign aid – read charity. The Mexican economy will tank without our massive amounts of cash going over the border, both legal and illegal. The Europeans will not be able to survive economically if we collapse.

The stupid beat-up-on-the-oil-companies strategy that the politicos are going for is shooting the messenger instead of acknowledging the message. If Hitlary thinks that she can dictate oil prices to the Arabs (who think little of us while they rob us), guess again. If we were the only place for OPEC to sell oil, maybe she could pull it off. With the rest of the world needing oil, they will laugh at us all the way to the bank.

It is not a difficult proposition to cut the price of oil in half quickly:

  • Remove the moratorium on exploration and drilling. Tell the enviro-kooks to go to hell. This does not mean trash the environment. That is contrary to any intelligent use of resources. By all means, keep it clean, but use the bloody resources. Do NOT go into the strategic reserve – that is suicide. But open Anwar and offshore for exploration and drilling.
  • Immediately build refineries. First – we don’t have enough to supply our needs. Second, Katrina aftermath should have shown us the stupidity of having critical resources in vulnerable places. Build at least one refinery per state. Some states might need two, or more.
  • Any state that refused a refinery or refused offshore exploration and drilling should be told that they could damn well negotiate with OPEC to get their needs met. Or pay triple for products from out of state – when they can be spared.
  • Immediately start the process for at least one nuclear power plant per state. The French have been using them safely for years, and if the French can do it we certainly can.
  • We should also be searching intelligently for those alternative sources that should certainly be out there. But we need to find something(s) that will replace oil properly, not pie in the sky lies like ethanol. For what it takes to get one gallon of ethanol you can feed a poor Mexican kid for over a year. That is not a sensible way to get fuel. Food for fuel is stupid, at the very least. Swapping over to light bulbs that are hazardous waste and cost more to own than the standard incandescent is stupid. This nonsense about one piece of paper to wipe your butt is stupid. It is not a crime in this country to be stupid. It is not a crime in this country to believe stupid things. However, these are crimes against nature, and to listen to these stupid kooks and form national policy on uninformed, unscientific information will, like most crimes against nature, have horrible long-term consequences.

Incidentally, Hillary is screaming that everything was fine when the Clintons went out of office. Nuts. The country barely avoided a massive reaction after 9/11. Things started going to pot in a big way when the Democrat Congress was elected. The President has a whole lot less to do with the economy than the Congress does.

Think about that for a while.


A Tasty Potato Spinach Fish Dish –

29 May 08

This is one that can be varied to suit your own taste and needs. Herself gets to making yummy sounds with this one.

1 large potato
1 large skinned salmon fillet
olive oil
vegetable oil
1 box frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed or about a pound of fresh, washed, de-stemmed
1 stick unsalted butter, room temp (If cold, just cut it up)
2-3 teaspoons lemon juice
2 teaspoons water
3 tsp good mustard, stone ground or German or whole-grain

Cut the ends off the potato and cut thin slices. I usually cut the potato in half lengthwise and use the slicing side of a good grater. You could use a potato peeler if you can get one wide enough for a good-sized potato. I leave the skin on since we like the taste, and most of the nutrition is in the skin anyway.

Salt and pepper the fish to your liking.

Put a good swirl of olive oil into a skillet as though you were going to sauté, you want enough to taste. Add enough neutral tasting vegetable oil to come up somewhere between ¼” and 3/8″. You want to completely cover a layer of potatoes. When the oil is good and hot, shimmering but not smoking, crank down the heat to about medium-high. Put a layer of potatoes in the skillet. Place the fish on top of the potatoes and cook for 4 minutes. You have the right amount of oil if the potatoes are covered and the fish has just enough as though you were going to sauté it. You want the potatoes golden and the fish to be about halfway done the way you like it. Take it out, set the potatoes on some paper towels to drain, put the other half of the potatoes in, put the fish back in uncooked side down, and give it the same amount of time as the first side. Set the potatoes on the paper towel and the fish on a warm plate, tented with aluminum foil.

Drain the skillet except for a thin layer of the oil, add a pat of unsalted butter. When the butter is melted and sizzling but not brown, add the drained and squeezed spinach. Squeezed spinach? Well, yeah. When you thaw a box of frozen spinach, wrap it up in a non-fuzzy tea towel and wring it out. You will be surprised just how much water you will get out. If using fresh stuff, just dump it in. Anyway, sauté it a bit, moving it around to pick up butter/oil flavoring. Just before it is done, sprinkle a bit of kosher or sea salt, and a few grinds of fresh pepper. Don’t overcook the spinach. If fresh, you just want to wilt it nicely. If boxed, just get it good and hot and flavored.

Put the spinach on a plate, then a layer of potatoes, then fish, then the rest of the potatoes on top.

Wipe out the skillet, add in the water, mustard, and lemon juice. Whisk it lightly around and dump in the butter. Keep whisking lightly or just swirl the pan around over the heat. All you really want to do is to melt the butter into the mix. If you overheat the mix it will separate rather than combining. Pour the sauce over and around the spinach/potato/fish mix.

A couple of comments here. Probably a good idea to use heated plates unless you are going to chow down immediately. One good sized fillet, big potato, and box of spinach is enough for two people unless they are outrageously hungry. You don’t really need much of a side with this. Maybe a light salad or some sliced tomatoes. If money is not an object and taste is paramount, forget the veggie oil. Just dump in enough good olive oil to do the job. Lastly, if you want to get really fancy and have humongous potatoes, slice it potato chip thin and completely wrap the potato around the fish. Cook the side with the seam first. It can be really tricky to turn a wrapped fish, so be careful. The taste is no different, but the wrapped fillet presents very nicely.

Be prepared for raves and yummy sounds. Refer to Young Frankenstein for a proper definition of yummy sounds.

Herself Sez: YuuuUUUMMMmmmh! uuuuUUUUMMMMmmmmh! Repeat frequently while eating! These are the proper yummy sounds for this dish – and many others made by the Ol’ Curmudgeon. He’s quite a cook!

How to Steam a Fish –

27 May 08

A Chinese sort of way of cooking a fish is to steam it. Usually they use a wok, and some notched, crossed sticks to hold the steaming platter above the boiling water. This is great, if you have the wok and the sticks. If you don’t, you can fake it with whatever will hold the platter up. I use the same Homey-D quarry tiles that I use to line the oven for baking free-form bread. If you don’t have a wok any pot large enough to hold a plate with an inch or two clearance will work just fine. A domed lid is better than a flat lid so that the condensate will run down the sides and not drip onto the platter.

Any white fish can be done this way, we like tilapia.

A leaf of Romaine or Nappa cabbage or whatever as a bed for each loin
Some chopped onion on top of the green leaf
A fish loin or filet per leaf
Sliced mushrooms on top of each fish

1/4 cup of soy sauce
1/8 cup water
small clove of garlic per fish, chopped
either some chopped fresh ginger or a pinch of dried ginger
about 5 grinds of pepper

Mix all the sauce and drizzle over the fish. Sprinkle chopped green onion over the filets. Put the platter over the boiling water, cover, and let steam for 20 minutes.

Herself Sez: I was never enthusiastic about fish. Oh I would eat it, but I wouldn’t willingly, and spontaneously order it, say, at a restaurant – except at a Japanese restaurant with a really good sushi chef!! Food of the divine!!

Well, Himself laid this little darlin’ of a dish down before me and I melted!! WOW! Fish that didn’t make me sick!! Please, sir, may I have – More?!

Heritage –

24 May 08

Here is the heritage of Eastern Orthodox Christianity:

“Here is consolation above all consolations! Here is consolation for those broken by tempest. Let them only remember that Christ is there among them, and let them not be afraid. He is the Helmsman. Here is the consolation for those in pain. Let them know that Christ is there by their bed, and let them not despair. He is the Physician. Here is consolation for the old. Let them not lose sight of the fact that Christ goes with them through time right to eternity and eternal youth, and let them be at peace. Here is consolation for those who are tormented by men. Let them not think that they are left alone, for Christ is with them in all their suffering, and at their judgment, and in prison; and let them rejoice. He is the Judge. Here is consolation for those tormented by evil spirits. Let them remember that consolation for those tormented by evil spirits. Let them remember that Christ the Conqueror of evil spirits, is on their side, and let them be strengthened. He is the Victor. Here is consolation for those who seek the light of righteousness and truth. Let them believe that Christ is closer to their souls than to their eyes, and let them follow His leading. He is the Light.
Oh, my brothers, truly Christ is always with us, as a light that is ever present to the eyes of those who look. But to our loss, if the eyes of our soul are closed, then the light seeks in vain to encounter the pupil of our eye! On, what sorrow and grief is ours when we are not with Christ! He comes to meet us – do we go to meet Him? He desires to be with us – do we desire to be with Him? If we desire consolation, we must be with Him everyday to the end of our lives.”

Homily on the living presence of Christ
Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich (1881-1956), a Serbian Bishop, Prolog, v. I 29 February. pp 225-225, .

Here is the heritage of Islam:

“He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah’s cause”

5/17/2008 (Kandahar, Afghanistan) – A child is killed when Sunni extremists attach a bomb to a bicycle.

5/17/2008 (Paktia, Afghanistan) – The Taliban murders three Afghan civilians with a roadside bomb.

5/16/2008 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – Mujahideen stage a rocket attack in a commercial district, killing at least twenty people.

5/16/2008 (Fallujah, Iraq) – Sunni bomber take down four Iraqis with a bombing attack.

5/16/2008 (Khar, Pakistan) – Tehreek-e-Taliban terrorists kidnap a Pakistani man and cut off his head.

5/15/2008 (Kohat Cantt, Pakistan) – Local Taliban kill two Pakistani soldiers on routine patrol.

This same Serbian land that has produced so many outstanding people is now dominated by NATO troops who support the Moslem invaders. We have become protitutes for the Moslem oil producing countries. Rather than following that which is morally correct we so often follow what the Moslem oil producers dictate to their wholly owned American government officials.

Liberals are quite happy to see us not producing our own oil. Until we (short run) produce our own again, and, (long run) find economically viable alternatives to oil we will continue to be the slaves of these who either fund our enemies or are directly our enemies.

I suggest that those who are so opposed to “religion” are, for the most part, not anti-religion. They are mostly anti-Christianity. I do not see the people who so rail against Christianity do the same to Islam.

Re-read the above words of a contemporary saint and contrast them with the headlines below them. I will grant that there are those who pervert Christianity for their own needs. There will always be corruption in any institution that has humans associated with it. However, check the results of the heritage of the Pure Christianity of Orthodoxy when compared with the results of the heritage of Islam.

“By their fruits ye shall know them” (Matthew 7:16) is as much common sense today as when Christ first uttered those words.

Evil Oil Companies and the Present Mess –

22 May 08

Herself Sez: Warning – Liberals – read the whole thing before you start reacting! Otherwise you may put a bigger foot in your mouth than usual.

Oil prices are soaring. This affects everything else. Commodities like food have to be delivered with oil as the motive force.

Hillary and Barack seem to blame the evil big oil companies. Does supply and demand not fit into their world? We seem to want to listen to two flakes state that they want to penalize big oil. Is profit a dirty word? Should the evil shareholders not make dividends for their investments? You know, the evil capitalists like pension plans who are heavily invested in big oil stock. The very pension plans that unions hold. The pension plans that teachers hold. The pension plans that almost every working American holds. They want to reduce the gasoline taxes for a while or have the oil companies pay them. Who was it that put heavy taxes on to start with? Liberals, mostly. What idiot thinks that you can raise a corporation’s operating expenses and not have the prices raised to offset same? Corporations do not pay taxes. They pass them on to the end user in the form of higher prices. If they don’t, the profits go down and the corporation will not stay in business if it does not make a profit. The workers have no more jobs. The investors lose their money. Then the libs will want to bail them out at taxpayer expense.

So, how did we get into this mess? This is not really that difficult. We do not have enough refineries to process all the fuel we need. We are not only importing oil, we are also importing gasoline at horribly high price. See – our gasoline standards are the highest in the world. It costs much more to meet our standards than it does to meet China’s, Africa’s, India’s, or any other. We must build more refineries.

Drilling. We are totally at the mercy of the oil producing nations. Most of whom are NOT our friends. They don’t really care about us, China, India, Africa, etc. are willing to soak up a considerable amount of product. We either pay more or the oil goes elsewhere.

We do not drill much in our own oil because all the political hooraw about it. There is about 300 years worth of oil in the Anwar reserve. The environuts won’t even hear of using it. There is considerable in the Gulf. The people in Florida want gas but don’t want any offshore drilling in their back yard. Typical. Note that with current technology and standards that it is quite possible to extract oil in a clean and responsible and safe manner. But the environazi’s don’t care.

The current craze over corn ethanol is purely stupid. It does not work on so many levels. Corn takes more energy to produce and refine than it provides. Farmers are like anyone else – they will follow the money. Corn production being profitable means more land cleared for corn. Corn depletes the soil, so more chemicals. Corn grown for fuel does not have to meet the same nutrient and pesticide requirements as corn grown for food. More pollution overall. Corn has to be subsidized or it is not affordable at the pump. So we use more financial resources that we don’t have. Corn grown for fuel means less corn for food. Poor people that depend on corn for food are squeezed even harder as food corn goes up in price. What we have is another liberal feel-good solution that has no rational support and is being pushed into national policy which is detrimental on all fronts.

We are seeing a recession brought on by newsies and Chicken Little sky-is-falling liberals for their own purposes. A recession is really defined as two negative growth quarters in a row. We have not had any negative growth yet, but the doom-and-gloomers have been preaching for the last couple of years and people are beginning to believe them. Let me point out that we came out of what was headed for a recession in 2000 very handily. Then people were stupid enough to put in a liberal Congress. The doom-and-gloom started almost as soon as the libs had a majority in the Congress.

The newsies are talking about bad unemployment when we have a 5% rate. This is the same rate that was praised to the skies under the Clinton administration as being so low.

Yeah, we are headed into a mess. But it is artificially created by the Democrats and their pet press to feed their craving for power. And the liberals in this country are dumb enough to believe their lies and put them into power.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have much use for McCain and the Republicans. I am not a Republican, I am a conservative. I don’t generally vote FOR the Republican, I just vote against whichever is the most poisonously liberal, which is usually the Democrat.

Why do I despise Universities –

17 May 08

The normal charge that universities are bastions of liberalism is only too true. I don’t necessarily mind people who disagree with me. That’s ok. Stupid, but ok. What I do mind strenuously is the dishonesty involved.

I grew up in a university environment. My mother taught at the university level for 44 years. Herself has a PhD. You might say that I have been around academia for the first half to three quarters of my life.

Typically liberal is the university mindset. Anything that slams this country or people who work for a living is fair game. Anything that gores one of their sacred oxen is likely to have severe repercussions.

Take Ward Churchill, for instance. His hatred of this country and poisonous polemics in class are well documented. The university where he was employed took the position that his diatribes were covered under free speech constitutional law. His many lies about himself and his past are well documented, but were not taken into consideration. Never mind that the students that he had were defrauded of the money that they had paid for his classes. He was allowed free reign with no repercussions.

Contrariwise, consider any professor who expresses the least doubt about the “global warming” religion. There are many examples of professors who have been disciplined or whose contract was not renewed after expressing same.

Consider the professors – documented to some extent in Ben Stein’s Expelled – who suffer bad consequences if they do not embrace Darwinism fully. To express any doubt, to even mention creationism or Intelligent Design is to expect termination of your job.

I suppose as Orthodox Christens our position is nearest to Intelligent Design. We don’t really get wrapped around the axle as to how God created the cosmos. We believe that the cosmos was created by God. We do not care whether it was 6 days as in the earth went around the sun 6 times or whether He used long periods and evolution. It is not particularly germane to our salvation which way He went. We do not get indigestion about slow evolution, and there is some evidence for that. However – and this is crucial, there is no conclusive evidence to support the Darwinist beliefs.

Another true story. I know. It happened to herself when she was getting her PhD. She experienced all kinds of discrimination and persecution. She has two very bad traits that are worthy of psychological treatment according to liberals. She is a Christian. First strike. She likes men. Second strike.

If herself even mentioned God in class she was severely put down. Contrariwise, the woman who headed the program would spend the entire class period rhapsodizing about the “Mother Goddess” and lecturing on the beauties of same-sex love. There were no disciplinary actions against this woman. Interestingly enough, she was married and had a child (female, of course). If I remember rightly, the husband was an engineer who made good money. The fact that he was a dickless liberal who put up with this nonsense was his problem.

Anyway, I would object somewhat less if these libs were honest. But I do not see any honest libs out there.

Joe McCarthy was right about the number of liberals and socialists. The problem is that McCarthy was such a dumb asshole, and his policies were so stupid and unconstitutional. But that doesn’t mean that he was wrong.

Where I have the problems with the academics is that there is no intellectual honesty. Science should be (and is) based on nothing but facts. Provable facts. Global warming and Darwinism are religions not supported by incontrovertible fact. Therefore it is intellectually dishonest to persecute those who do not fervently espouse them. And there is the rub. Christianity and patriotism are contrary to the academic liberal religion and are therefore persecuted by those who claim to champion intellectual freedom. They do, but only if it aligns with their beliefs.

It is amazing to me that we now have the most ignorant bunch of people as teachers and students in the history of this country. Universities graduate people who have no clue what socialism, Marxism, communism, fascism, democracy, or republican democracy really are. People who have no clue about the history or geography of our nation. But they are “concerned” about polar bears and whales. Never mind that they don’t know enough physics to even begin to explain a psychometric chart, they are all climate experts.

When universities start putting the emphasis on education, facts, etc. and not politically correct bs then I may revise my opinion. But not until then.

We Went Into Iraq for the Oil –

15 May 08

– is one of the great liberal lies. We have not taken one drop of oil out of Iraq. This is in line with the standard liberal cant: The US is evil, and anyone else is just an innocent victim.

Oil is one of the greatest liberal victories of all time. They must be very proud of themselves. Thank a liberal when you faint at the pump. Notice I don’t say Democrat. McCain is just as bad as any liberal where the subject of oil is concerned.

The predicament that we are in is really rather simple. We no longer allow any exploration or drilling in this country, even though there is plenty of oil. We even know generally where it is. We have the technology to extract it with minimal disturbance. We have built no refineries in the last 20 years or so. If we developed our own oil and built sufficient refineries we would see the price of oil drop by half or better quite quickly.

The oil companies that the liberals like to beat up on are captives of foreign interests, thanks to the very same liberals. They do not develop any more in the Middle East because the governments of the Middle East do not allow foreign ownership of oil resources. Even if our own companies did the developing, the Saudis or whoever would own the oil and sell it at whatever price to whomever they choose.

The repercussions of the libs strangling us over oil are far reaching. We cannot decide the price that is fair, we have no control over that. We cannot pursue foreign policy that is in our own best interests. The Saudis (home of Wahabi Islam) dictate much of our foreign policy. Foreign companies and countries own large portions of our major companies and maintain a huge network of lobbyists to pressure our politicians. Never mind McCain-Feingold, many of our politicians are so beholden to Moslem oil counties that they are merely puppets.

Never mind Afghanistan, we were determined to stop them after 9/11 and they were also a bit of an uncontrollable thorn to the Saudis. But consider that the only country we have taken out was run by a secular madman and the Saudis were quite happy for us to remove him. However, Iran is a much larger threat and we well know that they spend millions of their oil revenues to attack us and Israel. Consider that we sided against the Christian Serbs, who had a good bit of right on their side, to support the Moslems, who were invaders. These policies come from Saudi Arabia, not from our own interests.

Our foreign policy is dictated by those who hate us deeply.

As for me, I fully realize that if we pull our troops out of Iraq, the immediate consequence will be that the Iranians will own the country in less that a year. We can either abandon the people to tyranny, as we did to the South Vietnamese, or we can keep a military presence there for many years. Before you listen to the libs scream too loudly, remember that we are still a presence in Japan and Germany 60 years later.

I am of the opinion that we should take oil out of Iraq equal to the cost of this war. And enough every year to pay for the necessary support for their safety.

We keep hearing alternative this, that, and the other. Fine. Let’s start by developing enough nuclear power plants to replace all oil and gas fired plants immediately. In the long term, we also need to develop enough to replace coal fired plants as well. By the way, the coal fired plants are not nearly as dirty as the libs claim. As a general rule, whenever a lib speaks, make him prove any allegations with hard scientific data and keep a firm grip on your wallet. The libs lie like dogs and want to put us all into poverty so that we are government dependants rather than free citizens. I will believe that they are compassionate when the Kennedy’s, Kerry’s, Clintons, Obama’s, Feinstein’s, etc. etc. give some of their millions to charity. Like something higher than 1%, Many give less. And I do mean to charity, not to their own self-aggrandizing tax dodging foundations.

If you check the facts, you will see that conservatives, in general give significantly more to charity than do liberals. George Bush gives over 10% of his income to charity. Ted Kennedy, Obama, Clintons, etc. give mostly less than 1%. I will not trust a bunch who want to use the force of government to do to me what they do not willingly do themselves. Betcha Ted Kennedy pays a smaller percentage of total worth to taxes than I do.

After we have stabilized sufficient energy to keep going, I say well and good, go after alternatives. But – prove the science before jumping. We are doing entirely too many things stupidly just because we think that it is the feel-good politically expedient thing to do. I am all for alternatives that genuinely work to improve our lives and leave things clean. But only when they are proven better.

My Mother’s Ginger Cookies –

13 May 08

Except that they aren’t. These are really a variation on soft molasses cookies. That’s what kept driving me nuts over the years. I made these with my mother when I was young and have never been able to duplicate them since (until now). Mother was from Kentucky and these may be what Louisville people called ginger cookies, but they are not like the normal ginger cookie. I know. I’ve tried all kinds of ginger cookie variations and they were never right. Good, maybe, but not what I was looking for.

Anyway, try these. They’re rather good.

1 stick shortning – can be butter flavor or plain (1 cup)
210 g sugar (1 cup)
1 beaten egg
400 g all-purpose flour (2-1/2 cups)
350 g molasses (1 cup)
4 g salt (1/2 tsp)
9 g soda (2 tsp)
3 g cinnamon (1 tsp)
3 g cloves (1 tsp)
3 g ground ginger (1 tsp)

Preheat the oven to 350°F.

Cream the shorting and sugar. Beat in the egg and molasses. Add the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly.

You can skip the cinnamon and cloves if that’s not to your taste.

Traditionally, chill the dough, roll thin on a floured surface, then cut out with a cookie cutter. Place on a greased cookie sheet.

That’s too much fuss for me. I don’t fool with the chilling bit. I just drop tablespoonfuls onto the greased cookie sheet (doesn’t need greasing if non-stick type), then kind of pat flat with my greasy fingers. Works just fine.

Somewhere around 10 minutes in the oven, then let them cool on the sheet before transferring to a cooling rack. Don’t burn them. The molasses makes them kind of touchy.


Herself Sez: OMG These are good! Although my little Gam was from Kentucky, too, she didn’t make anything like these – she wasn’t from Louisville – she was from the Eastern Mountains – Pulaski County. So the foodways and traditions were somewhat different.

She was a good cook, and I still am trying to find her cookie recipes for a date-spice drop cookie and an almond-pecan icebox cookie. Both are delicious. She only made them at Christmas time. {{SIGH}} I don’t know what was wrong with me – when she was alive and “with it,” it didn’t occur to me to get those recipes and some others that are very important and precious to me now. But isn’t it always the way??

But the Ol’ Curmudgeon has successfully reconstructed his mother’s “ginger” cookies. They are delicious. Not crisp, but soft and chewy. Uuuuuuuum!

Compassion –

10 May 08

When the head rules the heart, you are a king. When the heart rules the head, you are a fool. Or words to that effect. Chaim Potok in The Chosen.

Liberals tend to see the world somewhat differently than conservatives. The liberal looks out and sees some inequity and wants the government to kiss it and make it all better. The conservative sees that people should be provided the opportunity to help themselves. The liberal wants government to help people. The conservative wants to enable people to help themselves. The majority in the middle doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. They just want more bread and circuses. The problem with the liberal approach is that using the force of law to make societal changes is like inviting in the wolf to cure your mouse problem. The wolf may get rid of the mouse, but now what do you do with the wolf?

One of the points that just about everyone seems to miss is that a government bureaucracy shares most of the characteristics of the corporation. Especially the bad ones. Any corporation/ bureaucracy will fight to stay alive and to grow. There will be more loyalty on the part of 99% of the employees of either to the parent organization than to any customer/client or code of morals.

One of the problems with letting compassion rule is that the long term consequences of any action are not considered. A small example: When the British started colonizing India they saw poverty, but not extreme, most people could get by. They also saw an appalling infant mortality rate. Being, on the whole, rather decent people the Brits decided to “do something”. They did. They managed to reduce infant death rates significantly. They did not reduce births. They did not expand the supply of food. The result was predictable – poverty and hunger became worse. Now I don’t say that saving the lives of infants is not a totally worthy goal. It is. But the consequences of meddling need to be taken into account.

I was there when LBJ declared war on poverty. We have fought the war. We lost. Humans are animals just like any other. When we are born, we only have the basic instincts for survival. We must be taught to be anything useful. If, in our compassion to “save the children”, we place no restriction on breeding, then people will do what they are paid to do. Breed. We now have several generations of welfare people who know nothing different. The survival strategy is to “dumb-down” and make no useful contribution to our society. The children who show any spark of initiative are persecuted by the other children. School smarts are punished by bullying. Local gangs are a way of life.

Conservatives are told that this is all their fault because they are greedy and do not want to share. Not so. This morass is created by liberals and their misguided compassion. Conservatives would like to see everyone succeed to the best of their abilities. The freedom to succeed also carries the freedom to fail. In the long term those who cannot or will not help themselves must be eliminated from the gene pool. We have rewarded and bred for incompetence and are reaping a rich harvest. I find it interesting that liberals seem to understand that our ecology is a complex thing, and that fiddling with one aspect may have undesirable results. And yet, the very same people do not seem to understand that human society has evolved in the same way to a very complex balance. Now, I agree that we are not simple plants. We can and do change our society to better suit the needs of the day. But we should devote a good deal more brain power to considering results before we charge in and put a band aid in place. If we need an environmental impact study – and follow its conclusions – before we build, why then is there no attention paid to the consequences of social meddling? In the recent immigration amnesty bill debacle, there was only one long term study done. Since it was done by a conservative organization, The Heritage Foundation, the libs just pooh-poohed it. The study showed that this amnesty bill would cost around 3 trillion. Pooh-pooh 3 trillion? They didn’t even see fit to do their own study. No decent scientific refutation of an established assertion. A puzzlement.

In human history, the incompetent became subservient to the producers or just died off. Mostly there was a balance. The main problem with the old way was that it tended to become hereditary. A hereditary caste system will inevitably fail as incompetent or spoiled children fail to measure up to their responsibilities. There is also the boiling frustration of superior people born lower caste who cannot rise to the level of their abilities.  Now – we not only kill off our best in war (it is the productive who serve voluntarily), but the majority of the productive middle-class people have reduced the number of children produced. Why is it the libs, who tell us to have fewer children because we are running out of resources, also tell us we can take in 20 million more illegals as citizens? If we cannot support 20 million more of our own, why can we support 20 million undesirables? Anyway, back to children. The people on the dole are breeding at an alarming rate. ZPG is nowhere near their horizon. More kiddies = more money. Birth control is economically undesirable. If we had tough schools that really taught useful knowledge and discipline and could manage to make productive citizens out of the children of these parasites then it would not be so bad. But if you breed parasites, you will only get more and more parasites that are better and better parasites and who do not contribute anything positive to our society.

I maintain that 10% of the populous is the cause of 90% of our expenditures. The lower 10% of the populous consumes the dole. Provides most of the medical costs. Constitutes the majority of the crime that costs us police time and effort. Is most of the jail population. Don’t give me any shit about discrimination being the cause. Don’t tell me my bigotry has jack to do with one punk killing another over a handful of dope because the libs wouldn’t let us train these people to be useful citizens. Don’t tell me I have anything to do with the weakening of schools so that nothing of value is taught there. I didn’t have a damn thing to with schools failing to maintain discipline or scholastic excellence. That’s all liberal compassion at work.

Libs have got it so that not only can we not paddle a young offender at school, parents are being told that if they paddle a kid at home they may be arrested as child abusers. Now child beating is one thing, but a couple of swats on a well deserving butt is one of the foundations of higher knowledge. Children are animals. They are not miniature people, they are unformed, incomplete people. It is child abuse not to teach, love and discipline as necessary to instill morals and proper behavior. An undisciplined, untrained child will surely become a totally egocentric adult who is totally impulse driven and whose only morality is to serve himself and satisfy his own desires. Sound familiar, “me generation”? Thanks, compassionate libs.

Now, just to give a kick to the other side. We would not see half the problems out there if it weren’t for some of these idiot, loudmouth libs. Most of the productive, reasonable conservative (probably reactionary) people are so caught up in their own lives that they don’t notice anything that is not directly in their faces. Normal human behavior. We do need the libs to point things out. We just need to put the brakes on their impulses until we understand the consequences.

Herself sez: Apologies for missing Thursday – I was “out and about” in greater downtown Hotlanna trying to get “things” straightened out for applying for SS and Medicare (yeah, I’m running a few months late). Anyhoo, it took up the ENTIRE day and I was so wiped out when I got home I totally forgot to post the Ol’ Curmudgeon’s blog,much less my own! But I think you will agree it was worth the wait!

Negotiation –

6 May 08

We were watching The Patriot with director’s commentary. For a fellow who made a movie about the American Revolution he had the standard liberal’s misunderstanding of what war is and what negotiation is.

Deep sigh. First off, negotiation requires that the parties at hand be willing to sit down at a table and discuss the issue(s) at hand. Secondly, in the liberal understanding of things they seems to think that both parties will each give a little bit and arrive at a mutually satisfactory settlement.

If the parties hold diametrically opposed views and/or one will not sit down to discuss the matter, then what? Kosovo comes to mind. The liberal view is that the parties should have just sat down and talked out their differences. Fact is, you had Moslem invaders that had been systematically persecuting native Christians for 400 years, and wanted to keep on doing so. You had native Christians (the Serbians) who wanted these invaders and persecutors out. As usual, the libs leading this country had us siding with the Moslems and bombing the Christians. But anyway, where is the negotiating room here? The Moslems weren’t going to leave peaceably. They were not going to stop persecuting the Christians. The Moslems had (as usual) no intention of giving any on that position. The Christians wanted freedom and the Moslems out of their hereditary lands. There was no give in their position.

Liberals seem to think that war is the same thing as a fist fight, and if everyone just went home and slept it off everything would be fine. That is a fundamental misunderstanding of war. War is not testosterone gone amuck. War is an instrument of national policy. War takes place when negotiations and diplomats have failed. If a nation has a goal which can not be achieved by diplomatic means it must either give up that goal or resort to war as the final choice.

For instance, the Germans of the 1930s entered into all kinds of negotiations and signed all kinds of agreements, which they happily broke and then entered into more negotiations and treaties, buying all kinds of time. Chamberlain was the liberal of his day and proudly proclaimed “peace for our time” after entering into the Munich Agreement which gave a chunk of Czechoslovakia to Germany in return for the German’s promise to be good boys and not do it again. After digesting the big bite for a year and consolidating their position, the Germans invaded Poland. The only way to stop a nation that will not negotiate honorably is war. Otherwise they will do what they please.

The Korean War took place when North Korea invaded South Korea. South Korea appealed to the United Nations for help. North Korea’s position was that they had conquered and would hold South Korea as theirs and would not give it up. The United Nations declared war upon North Korea and invaded to free the South Koreans. The United States troops sent to Korea were part of the UN forces. The United States did not declare a separate war upon North Korea. Contrary to the TV show MASH with its frequent soulful “why are we here” dialogs, most people understood quite well why we were there. It had nothing to do with “stopping the red stain” as Frank Burns so stupidly and piously intoned. Notice the standard Hollywierd liberal ploy of making all liberals reasonable and intelligent and all conservative positions stupid and ridiculous? It had everything to do with honoring the UN resolution to protect an ally who was being systematically conquered and pillaged. That is the same UN which the current crop of liberals wants to have running the planet nowadays. Especially if it puts the US in a bad position. BTW – if that had been a US war and we had finished it, instead of pulling out when the UN said to, we would not have the North Korean problem today. The people of North Korea would not be starving, they would be just as fat, sassy, and wealthy as the South Koreans are today.

Anyone who thinks that negotiation can be successful when one of the parties will not make treaties or hold to honorable terms will deserve what they get. Conquered. Or should we continue to let aggressors do as they damn well please until there is no freedom in the world? A nation that will not fight will not continue to exist. A people that will not fight will not keep freedom.

If we take war off the table, then there is nothing to make rogue nations such as Iran, North Korea, etc. even come to the table. We have to no reason to expect them to even go through the motions of negotiation, much less keep their word if there is no expectation of retaliation and punishment through war.

While no one in his right mind considers war desirable, it is still an instrument of policy that must be available. No pantywaist liberal abhors and hates war as much as the military does. The difference is that our military accepts the role of protector of freedom. The loudmouth pacifistic types seem only to protest those who protect freedom. I never see them protesting those who would take freedom away. When was the last time you saw the Code Pink people protest radical Islam? When was the last time you saw the peaceniks protest an aggressive dictatorship such as North Korea? When was the last time you saw protests against the murderous bombing of innocent civilians by Moslem terrorists such as we see every day on the news?

Them’s the facts, ma’am.

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