AIDS is a government plot –


– to bring about the complete genocide of people of color.

So speaks Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s beloved pastor.

Let’s look at this rationally. There are three ways to get AIDS that I know of:

  1. Blood transfusion or dirty infected medical instruments
  2. Sharing dirty needles of infected people while injecting drugs
  3. Sex with infected partner

OK. So we are going to give AIDS transfusions to all the people of color in the world and keep the blood supply for white people clean. Yeah, right. What kind of paranoid kook thinks that would work? What kind of rational US Senator and presidential hopeful sits there and listens to this kind of insanity every week?

Dirty needles and indiscriminate sex. Yeah, right. We all know that those black people are druggies and have no morals and screw anything in sight.

Deep sigh. If a white man had said those kinds of things he would correctly be branded as an idiot, an asshole, a racial bigot, and every other derogatory term in the left’s limited vocabulary. Since it is a black man (and a preacher at that), he gets a pass from the mainstream media and the libs who support Obama. Mr. Obama soft-pedals and dodges any questions on why he has not repudiated this kook,

People, wake up. Stupidity and bigotry do not belong to any particular race. Actually, that’s wrong. They belong to the human race.

If a Republican had intimated that the AIDS epidemic would be effective in the black communities because blacks are less moral than whites said Republican would have been fried by the media and the race baiters of this country. If a presidential candidate of the Republican persuasion were even remotely associated with such a pastor the press would be crucifying him. Why does Obama get a pass? Didn’t we fight the fight to get equal treatment for all people? Why do the libs get passes for outrageous and unacceptable behavior?

Wake up people. Equality means just that – treat all fairly and equitably. If you will fry the right – then apply the same standards to the left.

Seems to me that if Mr. Wright were a Christian of the type I’m familiar with he’d be telling his people not to participate in immoral conduct. If you don’t do drugs or have sex outside marriage the odds of getting AIDS are pretty well non-existent. Just a thought to consider.

By the way, this is only one of the lunatic statements of Mr. Wright. There are many, many more. One must question the integrity of Mr. Obama for having followed this man for 20 years, and for accepting his support until the story of this gentleman’s crazy statements was outed. Says more about Obama and the libs than it does about Mr. Wright – who is so very wrong.


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