Liberal Fraud


By now everyone who has not had their head in the sand has heard that the current data on weather change indicate that we are not only not in global warming but may, in fact, be headed toward a mini ice age. That’s a definite maybe – we don’t yet have enough info to form a good picture.

This has proven to be one of the coldest winters on record and the ice caps are not only up to where they were previously, but are larger. It seems that the sun does have more to do with earth’s climate than does human activity. No matter what the environuts have put out they are not qualified weather scientists.

It is worthy of note that John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, and eminently more qualified than 99% of the populous to render an opinion on the subject has written extensively debunking the global warming myth. He has even advocated suing Al Gore and all those involved in the “carbon credits” scam. An article worth reading is

I will be willing to bet that none of the true believers of the church of global warming are likely to examine their beliefs in light of the current data. Sort of – “Don’t confuse me with facts, my minds already made up”. The only problem with this nutty religion is that these people have taken over the Democrat party and a good many Republicans – and they are making law based on emotion rather than science. We are wasting resources that could be better spent on other things that are of consequence.

Another current news story from the environazis is the eco-terrorist firebombing of the million dollar homes in Seattle. These homes were being built to all the latest green standards. In showing their “love for mother earth” these idiots have damaged the environment far more than the contractor, who was being as careful as possible to be a good environmental citizen. Their activity has dumped all the products of combustion that they decry into the air. I wonder how many phony carbon offsets they need to buy to wash the soot off their hands? Would these people care if human lives were lost in their terrorist activities. Would carbon offsets wash the blood from their hands? Or does their “purity of belief” exempt them from the condemnation they heap on everyone else. And just think of all the poisons that were washed into the water table. Yeah, they really showed love for mama earth. That’s like killing your mother to prove that you love her. Not rational logic.

I do not see any difference between these people who would force their will on everyone else, either by force of law – with the implied threat of punishment if we do not accede to their world view – and any other dictatorial madman. The Moslem terrorists, the IRA terrorists, the Eco-Terrorists, the Spanish Inquisition, Hitlerian Germany. All samey-samey. Any of the above will destroy, torture, kill, jail, fine, or whatever if you disagree with their agenda and do not bow to their will.

It is high time to reject the forces of the left in this country and tell them to go away, we will not surrender our freedom in the name of junk science.

This does not mean that we should not be responsible stewards of the environment. But we are stewards, not slaves, and should act as such.


One Response to “Liberal Fraud”

  1. Mrs. Mutton Says:

    Here it is in New England, mid-April, and we *still* have snow on the ground — have had since November. It actually wasn’t the coldest winter we’ve ever had — I can’t recall any below-zero temperatures at all — but boy howdy, we sure made up for it in snow. It snowed seven out of the first ten days in February, and we had at least two snowfalls every single week of winter — and a couple in late autumn and early spring. The “global warming” jokes are flying thick and fast in this neck of the woods!

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