Difference between Conservative and Liberal Thought-


The conservative wants you to behave in a civilized fashion (particularly in public) and think what you like. Your opinions are your own as long as you treat others in a courteous and considerate manner. Your success or failure is up to you. The only function of government is to protect you from the excesses of others and to insure that you have the opportunity to excel as much as you like.The liberal does not care how barbarically you act as long as you think the proper thoughts. You may curse as foully as you like. You may dress as offensively as you like. You may be as rude and offensive as possible. But you must think the correct way. Your success must be from the government. Your failure must be the result of the oppression of an evil society or because the government has not provided enough for you. The role of the government is to force people into the least common denominator behavior, to insure politically correct thinking, to punish success and to reward incompetence.


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