You do go on about Islam – –


Yes, I do. Islam is incompatible with freedom and democracy. It is, in fact, really illegal under American law.Whoa, hold it, what about freedom of religion? The government does not interfere with religion. Actually, it does. Ask the Mormon polygamists if the government has interfered with their free practice of religion. Ask the practitioners of Voodoo if they are allowed to freely torture animals to sacrificial death. Ask the White Supremacists if they can freely practice their beliefs. Ask the totally anti-gay crowd if their beliefs are being trampled. Ask the Branch Davidians.

Hate speech is against the law. The hallmarks of hate speech are:

  1. Drawing a distinction between one’s own identity group and those outside it
  2. Moral comparison based on this distinction
  3. Devaluation or dehumanization of other groups and the insistence of personal superiority
  4. The advocating of different standards of treatment based on identity group membership
  5. A call to violence against members of other groups

The Qur’an and the other “holy books” of Islam qualify on all the above counts in spades. Even a cursory examination of the writings of Islam shows the contempt with which all non-Moslems are regarded.

Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. But go to the sources, don’t just take the self-serving and lying of groups like CAIR. Remember that it is Sharia “holy” to lie to non-Moslems.

Preaching subjugation of anyone who does not believe as you do is not Constitutional. It is one thing to preach, as some of the more ignorant fundamentalists do, that someone who does not believe as you do will go to Hell after they die. It is another thing entirely to preach that you should send them there yourself.

Yeah, I would completely outlaw Islam in this country as it is unconstitutional. I happily work and live with Christians, Jews, Mormons (who are not Christians), Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses (likewise not Christians), Christian Scientists (neither Christian nor scientific), Buddhists, Sikhs, atheists and so on. But Islam is a cancer that cannot be reconciled with freedom and toleration. Their entire history is full of duplicity, lying, murder, rape, slavery, torture and persecution whenever they got the upper hand. Ask the three Jewish tribes around Medina about living in peaceful tolerant co-existence with Moslems. Ask the 270 million who have been murdered by Moslems. Ask the Jews who are blown up by Moslem terrorists daily. Ask the ghosts of 9/11. Ask the ghosts of those who are beheaded by Moslems – a holy act under Sharia law.

It is not that there have not been nutcases who purported to be Christian. There have. But nowhere in the Bible or the writings of the Church Fathers can you find any justification for murder. It is clear in any form of Christianity that is not some nut-cult that while God may hate the sin He loves the sinner. Whenever some nut-cult springs up that advocates hate it is condemned by Christians everywhere.

This is not true of Islam. In Islam Allah hates anyone not a bloodthirsty Moslem. Allah doesn’t even approve of non-murderous Moslems. Islam is a religion of hatred and oppression. Those who commit atrocities are not condemned by the rest of the Moslems. In fact, those few Moslems who do make some sort of feeble protest are regarded as apostates by the rest of the Moslem world.

Like I said, a cancer that should be eliminated from any free society.

Doubtless there will be those, either of Moslem persuasion or, more reprehensibly, American liberals who will accuse me of being hateful. It is not hateful to point out the truth about some group behavior. Is it hate speech to declare that the KKK is a hate group? Is it hate speech to declare that the Nazis were a hate organization? What I say would be hate speech if it were not true. It is. Check it out.

Oh yeah, the Harvard weaklings who gave in to the Moslem’s women only demand for the gym. If any male group had demanded male only times they would have been told to go away. If any Christian group had requested special treatment in the gym they would have been laughed at and ridiculed. But the limp libs at Harvard made the totally wrong move for Moslem women. The correct answer would have been abide by the current rules or don’t use the facility.

This is the same tactic Mohammed used over and over, take a little, take a little, take a little, then kill the people who didn’t finish him off, and start the same cycle all over again until there was no one left to oppose him. Ask the Arab polytheists who had Mecca before Mohammed took over. They tolerated him. He didn’t return the favor. Ask the Jews around Medina. Take a little, take a little, kill. That’s Moslem history. And their holy behavior. Not hate speech.


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