Standards is standards – –


Lately, with the hoo-raw over Barack Obama’s longtime pastor, I’m hearing this business of “Well, in the black community…” and a bunch of excuses about why this church, this preacher, and Obama should not be held to the same standards as anyone else. “It’s customary in the black community to…”.Look here, indeed a preacher can say pretty much whatever he wants to. However – while the various Aryan Nation, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist groups can and do have their churches where hatred of others is preached, they are condemned not only all mainline Christians but also by all the liberals. I don’t know of anyone who would excuse the stupidity and hatred of these groups with a no-brain statement of “Well, in the white community this is just the custom…”

Now, this is proper and good. These white supremacist hate groups should be condemned. Why is it that instead of condemning black groups that preach hate the liberals start in with this “Well, in the black community…” bunch of excuses.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Should we not hold all people to the same standards? Did we not learn anything from the Jim Crow era? The evil of Jim Crow was not that black people were persecuted. That was a symptom. The underlying evil was that there were different standards for different groups. The civil rights movement was not about giving black people a different set of rights and standards, but to put in a level playing field so that all people had the same rights and standards.

The kicker that really fries me is the excuse that “well, this guy (Jeremiah Wright) has done a lot of good in the black community”. The standards of bad and wrong behavior do not change just because the perpetrator has also done a little bit of good. Let us point out that post WWI Germany was in terrible shape. The economy was wrecked, the people were defeated, broke, unemployed, hungry, despondent. Adolph Hitler got the economy of Germany going and eliminated hunger. His stirring speeches inspired and uplifted the people and restored a sense of nation unity and pride. Does any of this excuse the evil of the man? Does the fact that he gave the people hope excuse the hatred of his speeches?

Why is it that the libs want different moral standards for various minority groups? And even that is not consistent. Why are there different standards for blacks? And not for Greeks? Why are there not the same moral standards for all people, no matter what race, sex, gender, or whatever? Why do the liberals support different standards for Moslems?

The other thing that I find amusing is the press letting Obama get away with the ignorance position. After following this nut for 20 years Obama says that he never heard any of this stuff from the pew. Maybe he was asleep.

I can’t say that, we don’t have pews. But I can tell you that I have been a Christian for almost 40 years and within a month or two (or less) I would pretty well know where a priest stood on any issue. Am I that much more intelligent or awake than Obama? I don’t think so. I’ll bet you that he knew all along exactly where this fella’ stands. The libs and the liberal press have fallen all over themselves to embrace Obama and have not vetted him at all. Looks like their pig in the poke may bite them in the butt.

If the American people do not wake up real soon then there will not be a country to worry about.


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