It is a dangerous world out there – –


I look out across the world and I see a puzzling set of circumstances. It appears to me that there are 5 major players in the world today. The US, Russia, China, the European Union, and the Moslems.The US is getting weaker and weaker. We have people who are far more interested in their own little versions of a welfare state than they are in building a future that is safe and free for their children and grandchildren. We have the legacy of the Vietnam era, the children and grandchildren of that spoiled and self centered lot who are as bad as or even worse. The Code Pink people come to mind. These people will demonstrate and break all kinds of laws to get their own way. Sorta-kinda “we will kill you to get peace”. The same kind of thinking goes into the Eco-Terrorists who will bomb buildings in the name of mother nature; fouling the air, the land and the water with the products of their protests. These people will spike trees with the hope that some poor bastard trying to feed his family will be killed or severely injured when a saw hits the spike. These people will party when someone else is suffering with the smug self-assurance that “they got what they deserved”. We have people who not only would not think of serving in the military, but are willing to tear down our military and leave us defenseless while prating of their precious “rights”. Which rights they would not have without the sacrifice of all the brave soldiers since the Revolution. Let the loudmouths dis Allah half as much as they do Christ when they are under Moslem domination. Hah.

Meanwhile the others are not our friends. The biggest player is the Chinese. We seem to forget that they do not love freedom. While our corporations send more and more jobs to China we do not remember that the avowed aim of China is to run the US completely out of the Pacific Basin and turn it into a Chinese lake. They believe the destiny of China is to rule over Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc. all the way to and including Hawaii. This country is an oligarchy with a socialist/Maoist veneer. They are benefiting from our trade to build up their own manufacturing capability while we sacrifice our own. They are also becoming one of our largest debt holders. We will be in a world of hurt when they call the bills due, which they are likely to do when it will hurt the most.

Russia. Well – what can I say. The Russians impede our attempts to get the UN off its duff with the same glee they had when they were the Soviet Union. The Russia of today is rapidly becoming a dictatorship again. Dictators need a bad guy to rail against to keep the power. Watch this space for future developments.

The European Union is becoming the tool of the Germans. Don’t get me wrong, I rather like Germans. But – we have seen that they started two World Wars already, and I find it quite ominous that they are consolidating power in the EU. They are gaining quite a bit of territory without firing a shot. European consolidation under German rule has long been their passion. Looks like they are getting there. The recent mess in the Balkans is an eerie replay of the lead up to WWI. France and England will not be willing partners to German hegemony, but both are so weakened with internal Moslem problems that they can do little to rein in Germany.

The whole thrust of Islam is conquest of non-believers. Where Christianity seeks to convert by persuasion and good works, Islam has conversion by the sword built in. Remember that murder, rape, and slavery are regarded as good and holy activities. Under Sharia law it is no sin to lie to an unbeliever, it can even be considered holy behavior. Think about that before you trust Iran’s psycho leader.

England and France are so tied up with Moslem problems that their ability to function is becoming quite minimized and should be a good lesson for those who want to allow Moslems free access to this country. The only countries that I know of that have set the Moslems in their places are Australia and Denmark. The Danes nearly lost it when they allowed Moslems to come in freely, sign up for various welfare programs and vote. They finally came to their senses and started restricting Moslem immigration and insisted that they have jobs and learn the language. The Australians have made it quite clear that if Moslems want to come to their country then they must become Australians, that Australia will not become a Moslem state and that they cannot live under Sharia law. We should take a good look at these two country’s policies. In the county I live in an Orthodox Christian Church was denied permission to build; the excuse used was that it was a foreign religion and that the neighbors would object (there was no survey of the potential neighbors). Hindus and Moslems were granted building permits, and the neighbors did object. Interesting.

And don’t forget all the minor players out there, such as Hugo Chavez. They may be minor, but a lot of minor can be pretty major. The minor tinpots will cheer on our adversaries and rejoice at every little setback for our country. They may not amount to much individually, but collectively they do mean a fair amount.

We can either get a grip and be free, strong, honest and pretty much self-sufficient or we can see our grandchildren conquered. It won’t happen overnight, but unless we make a commitment to freedom and self-reliance we will fall. Guaranteed. And the wolves are out there, make no mistake.

Freedom requires a strong military. Those liberals who want to weaken or destroy the military will leave us in the position of the idiot who brings a knife to a gun fight. Code Pink would do more for world peace if the protested the armies of the people who seek to destroy us. What don’t they understand about the Moslems who murdered innocent  people on 9/11? The Moslems are quite happy to murder innocent people, it is part of their ethos. If we destroy our military there will be more and more murders of innocents.

It might also be noted that if we keep sending jobs and manufacturing to China, India, and other such places that we weaken ourselves to make them strong. When the time comes that we must arm ourselves or die we will have nowhere to manufacture our armaments. We will not be able to defend ourselves with our big screen TVs and boom-boxes.

While it is true that there are wolves out there and that it is indeed a dangerous world I find that the biggest danger is the mindless masses in our midst. God help America (even though we have turned our backs on Him), no one else will.


2 Responses to “It is a dangerous world out there – –”

  1. Jason Elder Says:

    Excellent Blog. I’ve been reading along and just wanted to say hi. I will be reading more of your posts in the future.

    – Jason.

  2. The Sundowner Says:

    I wonder… if we, the United States, were to take these countries off the government tit, if we quit supporting those who would kill us… if things might be different?

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