Why Do You Always Beat Up On Liberals and Democrats – –


Don’t the Republicans do things wrong?You betcha, in spades. However, obviously I am a conservative – original, true meaning. And secondly, the liberal press does just fine crucifying conservatives or Republicans. Look at MS-NBC, CNN, The New York Times, and all the other examples of the liberal press. They do a fine job pillorying Republican mistakes (whether real or imagined).

Take George Bush. Now, I don’t particularly approve of Mr. Bush, but – he is the duly elected Chief Executive and CIC and should be accorded the respect due his office. Would I go into Iraq – knowing what I know now? Probably not. Would I have gone into Iraq with the intelligence that we had at the time? Probably. Saddam Hussein was running a mammoth bluff and had every intelligence unit in the world convinced that he had WMD and the capacity to deliver. And he foxed us as well. This was an error. But, this does not give the left the right to be so totally foul towards our President.

I must also point out that having put our hands to this plow of Iraq we must finish the job or it will be many times worse.

George Bush had an opportunity to be great. Unfortunately he didn’t have enough personal charisma to carry it off in the face of all the liberal hatred and opposition. Even in the early days after 9/11 when the Democrats and the Republicans were reasonably united there were enough negative kooks around to take the wind out of his sails.

What kind of people complacently sit in their places looking like cows when some French bimbo tells them that 9/11 was an American conspiracy? The liberals of Hollywood at the Academy Awards. Sick. The Academy should tell these wackos that if they make political hay out of their awards they will lose them on the spot. No exceptions.

The press and the Republicans made a monstrous mistake in prosecuting Bill Clinton for the Monika Lewinsky business. (Not to mention Paula Jones and all the others). Did Bill do wrong – yes, big time – and the senior members of the Senate and the House should have gone to him privately and told him to clean up his act. The press did not print that kind of nonsense about other Presidents who had affairs. Consider JFK – many affairs – and nothing published during his presidency. There have been others. Sometimes covering the father’s nakedness is better for the country. Of course, these lib newsies don’t care about the country, only about themselves and their agendas.

Since the left successfully hounded Richard Nixon out of office it has been open season on the office, no matter which party was in. Unless there was nothing even microscopically useful for smearing the person. Gerald Ford was pretty clean and straight. Jimmy Carter was elected in a backlash and, although he was one of the worst presidents and biggest fools in history, there was nothing in his personal conduct to smear. Ronald Reagan was completely straight. George Bush senior was straight – he did not lose the presidency to Bill Clinton, he lost it to Ross Perot. Clinton was dirty, but he should have been nailed on his incompetence and illegalities, not his affairs. There is no discretion in the press anymore. Remember that we did not tell the press about Panama or Grenada until they were established facts. The press cannot be trusted not to give information to our enemies. There is no dirt on George Bush junior, so Dan Rather went with a story that was completely fabricated in an effort to discredit him. There is really no need for foreign intelligence in this country. All our enemies have to do is read the papers and watch CNN. Of course they might have some difficulty in separating truth from lies.

The Rosie O’Donalds of the world spew forth all sorts of filth about our president with no concern about the known foibles of their darling Hillary, who has been shown to be less than truthful on more than one occasion. Rose Law Firm, Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, etc. Is it any wonder that we are losing any sort of prestige in the world? Why should foreign governments give any respect to our chief executive when our own people refuse to be courteous or respectful? In the military we learned that you always salute the rank, even if the individual does not deserve it.

So, I beat up on liberals and Democrats frequently. I must repeat that I am a conservative, but I am not a Republican, not anymore. The Republicans have left the principles that I hold dear: The Constitution as a basis for all law, applied equally to all people with no special groups favored either way. The essential dignity of all citizens. Fiscal responsibility with no pork barrel spending. Limited government. Firm and impartial application of the law. Tax reform. A strong military. Controlled immigration. I guess that makes me old-fashioned and oddball nowadays. I will admit freely that I usually vote against the Democrat in whatever race. I very seldom find that the Republican is someone I can vote for happily, just that he is likely the least poisonous choice available.

Have no fear, I will slam the Republicans as necessary. If we get McCain, it will probably prove necessary rather regularly. He is at least marginally qualified for the office. If we get Hillary or Obama I will definitely have things to gripe about, assuming we still have a country left. Neither one of those has any experience at all that qualifies them in the least to be Chief Executive. And both have promised to steer us down the road to hell and socialism.


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