The Religion of the Left – –


To the Conservative the function of government is a limited thing. We want only protection of person and property from the actions of others. We want no unnecessary laws other than those for the preceding, to regulate public behavior to a reasonable decorum and to provide the maximum opportunity for personal freedom and personal success. Period. No more. Leave the success or failure of my life to me, not to others.Conservatives view charity as a church function, not government. Or private relief agencies not tied to a church, such as the Red Cross for those who do not want or have religious affiliation.

The liberals have made a church out of the government. They wish it to be the charitable nanny-state. Hitlary is a prime example, she is still on this welfare insurance mindset. She has even stated that the state should garnish the wages of those who do not voluntarily participate in her government run program. The liberal has placed the government in the place of the church in specifying acceptable and moral behavior. Unfortunately, the state can only demand lowest denominator behavior, which is easily seen in the current lack of public manners and morality. Oh, we are politically correct, but oh, so rude.

I personally don’t see how anyone with an ounce of sense can expect any government program to work properly. Everything that is government run is a mess. I would like for one of these true believers in government intervention to show me a government program that has stellar success. Education? We have gone so far downhill that our high school graduates cannot read, do math, discuss history or draw a decent map. The grammar school kids of the 1950s could do better on most of these subjects. Of course, the kiddies are concerned about polar bears, lose sleep over global warming, and “feel good” about themselves. They just cannot qualify for anything more advanced than flipping burgers – oh yeah, burgers are going to be banned because the nanny-state thinks that they are bad for you. So – what are these dead-enders doing to do?

The conservative, on the other hand, will let others go to hell in their own way. As long as they don’t affect others doing it.

Come, look around the world – just exactly where has the type of socialist government that libs yearn for ever succeeded? Show me one good example of socialism which has a higher standard of freedom and living.

Libs, I do wish you would find some religion which did not have a gun at our heads. As much as you despise Christianity, even the fundies will admit that there is no salvation by force. That is more than your government religion will allow.

One of Obama’s big supporters stated that he should be the next President because he would “feed the sheep”. To hell with that. I am not a sheep. I am a free and independent citizen. It is Christ who feeds the sheep, not the government. The only thing that separates a sheep from a slave is that the slave is required to work for his living. The sheep only has to vote and be otherwise useless. I will die before I become a government slave – or sheep, if you prefer.


4 Responses to “The Religion of the Left – –”

  1. Meg Says:

    And what’s wrong with sheep???

    Sheep are useful (or “ewesful”) alive and dead. Alive, they produce wool to keep us warm in the winter, a breathable fabric that has yet to be duplicated successfully by man. The cheese made from their milk is very light and digestible. Dead, they give us not only meat, but also sheepskin garments, which — I can attest to this personally — will keep out even a howling wind, and will keep you warm at 20 below zero Fahrenheit when paired with wool socks, wool mittens, and a wool sweater. And in the summer, they keep your lawn mowed for free.

    Not to mention the hours and hours of gentle fun they provide us knitters.

    Seriously, has it ever occurred to you that most of the problems with this government originated when it stopped serving the public and became a vehicle for social experimentation? I mean, when you get women and *some* minorities being promoted simply to “redress wrongs” (I stress “certain” because I don’t see this happening with Asians, for some strange reason), and not because they have any clue whatsoever about the job at hand — well, what do you expect? Of *course* the government is inefficient. But don’t take it out on civil servants, take it out on the politicians, who have stuck us with a bureaucracy to rival that of Peter I of Russia. (No way do I call this person “great.”)

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled bleat-in.

  2. turtlemom3 Says:

    The Ol’ Curmudgeon wasn’t talking about civil servants – at least not the 10% of the civil servants that include your husband and which keep the government and the country actually running and on an even keel. He was talking about politicians as feeders and welfare-takers as sheep. And talking about the lowest-common-denominator welfare-takers at that. He WAS taking it out on the politicians – the Liberals and the Religion of Liberality that is encouraging the mindset of “take-take-take” and “gimme-gimme-gimme” instead of independence. We are drowning in “bread and circuses” just as ancient Rome did. When will we learn from history? Before or after we fall? Or are we even capable of learning from history?

  3. Vanessa Says:

    To comment on Meg’s comment:

    I actually heard a story recently about an Indian man (not the Native kind (0:) being turned down for a small business loan for minorities because he was “not the right kind of minority”. How ridiculous is that?! What, I would like to know, is the “right” kind of minority? I would love to know how the government thinks they’re helping the situation.

    These dang social programs that are meant to “help” the poor minorities (I can complain b/c I’m black myself – I’ve got the negro exemption to talk about this) are crippling them! They never break the cycle of the slave mentality and the assistance of the paternalistic whites in politics (like the *beep* Clintons) is only serving to make things worse.

    I don’t need the government to take care of me! I’ll take care of me and mine, by working hard and staying late when I need to. All I want from the government is for them to do the basics and stay out of my life, my business and my bank account! Give me a president who will encourage the people of this country to stand on our two feet and not to wait for the government to take care of us, and I’ll vote for him no matter what color he is.

  4. Mrs. Mutton Says:

    Good luck, Vanessa. (BTW, I’m “Meg” when I’m not logged into WordPress.)

    This reminds me of a tale I heard about New Hampshire (where I live) not having enough “minorities.” A collection of social workers documented the actual minorities in our state — Greeks, French, Poles, and Lebanese are all significant cultural minorities — and submitted this to the federal government as proof that we had plenty of minorities in NH. Like the Indian you heard about — they’re not the Right Kind of minorities. Gimme a break!!

    But then, I’m jaundiced from seeing the NYC I grew up in being turned from a city you could be proud of to a welfare capital — and, under Rudy Giulani, back to a city any resident could be proud of. Another minority who isn’t the Right Kind of Minority — if you had heard the Italian jokes I heard growing up, you’d have no doubt of that.

    Turtlemom, thanks for the reassurance! We are completely on the same page as regards bread and circuses! Only nowadays, instead of circuses, it’s sports. Same animal. Notice that Latin is no longer a requirement for a good education?? Which means, the little dears don’t read Cicero anymore. Which means, no exposure to the notion of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Which means…

    Well, we don’t need to go there, do we? We’re *already* there. 😉

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