Black Guys and Libs – –


Back in the early 1960’s my wife was one of those who demonstrated boldly and loudly for equal rights for black people. This was in the South. In Georgia. In Atlanta. She was busted on one of the demonstrations. This caused her to have an FBI record. It caused all kinds of hell in her very proper upper middle genteel white Southern household. It also caused problems when our children were in the military in the 1980’s and needed security clearances. It took a lot of guts for a white Southern girl to stand up for equal rights back then.I can remember that my parents had black friends in the early 1950’s. This was just about unheard of in genteel white society at that time. Unlike my wife’s family, ours saw only people, not black or white. Later, I worked at a church in one of the first neighborhoods to go from white to black. I taught music, English and math to the local black kids. This would have been about 1965 or 66 or so. My wife and I were adamant that equal opportunity be provided for all citizens. Our stance has not changed.

I don’t see the kinds of hatred and discrimination that I saw growing up anymore. That is not to say that there are not whites who hate black simply for being black and different. There were and are a lot of stupid, hateful, psychotic people in the world, and probably always will be. There are just as many stupid, hateful, psychotic blacks who hate whites simply for being white and different. Make no mistake, racial bigots can be of any flavor, not just vanilla.

What I do see now is a whole bunch of black people who have taken the opportunities that we all worked for so hard in the last century and have made something of themselves. I see many black people of quality in the work place. This is good, not only from the standpoint of morality, but also from just plain economics. The more people who are educated, motivated, living good lives, etc., the better off all of us are.

Then there are the other black people. The ones who keep an attitude. Who do not clean up their communities. Who hate police, and will not help the cops catch the bad guys. Who deal and do drugs or tolerate that activity in their neighborhoods. Who listen to ugly music at full volume. Who hate white people and think that we owe them something. Who follow the race lords. These people break my heart. I say that there is no general white movement keeping these people down. It is not white people who call anyone who wants to do well in school an Oreo. It is not white society who despises anyone who wants to better themselves and escape from poverty, fear, and misery.

Yet there is some truth in the notion that there are white people who want to keep these people back. There are white people who want to keep these people in the ghetto. They are called liberals. It is libs who make excuses for bad behavior and do not seem to think that rap that talks about niggers and ho’s and crime and drugs should be frowned upon. It is liberals who seem to think that it is ok for kids to grow up speaking Ebonics instead of English. It is libs who do not want accountability in the school system. It is libs who will not allow or enforce dress and behavior codes.

Children are animals that must be taught civilized behavior and educated for success in life. We are seeing generations of people, black and white who are told that whatever they do in school is just fine as long as they will hold hands and sing kumbaya, it doesn’t matter that they cannot speak, read, or write understandable English. It doesn’t matter that they cannot handle finances as long as they are concerned about the polar bears. It doesn’t matter that they have no grasp of the history that made this country. The only history that seems to be of any account is a distorted Afro centric view of Western civilization. Granted the history of the many black contributions to this country were ignored or suppressed in the past. That is no different than the current overemphasis. The fact is that many black citizens have contributed to many fields in this country from Colonial times up to today. However, the black civilizations of Africa and the Far East did not contribute directly to our foundation and to overemphasize them to the detriment of a working knowledge of Western European history is a grave disservice. It is more important to get an ego boost from genuine achievement than from feel-good lib bullshit. When the kiddies get out of school they find that the marketplace doesn’t care about their tender feelings. It only cares about results. This can be severely disillusioning for the little darlings who have not been prepared to perform as productive citizens. Is it any wonder that so many libs choose to work in academia or government service where incompetence is not penalized?

I cannot see Hollyweird or the lib community changing any of their practices. Libs like to see victims everywhere that they can keep feeding more and more government pap from inept programs that do little good other than perpetuating votes. Think about it, black guys. Does the media, whether movies, TV, news, or whatever present positive images and role models for the black youth? Or – do they show black kids with jive attitudes and smart mouths being cool? Do they show bad attitude athletes or smart, successful entrepreneurs as models for emulation? Does a total jerk and loser like Michael Vick or a winner like Herman Cain get the most airtime? Do you see black professionals and scientists or black criminals more often in the media? Do you hear Jesse and Al talk more about a false accusation launched by a low-life prostitute or do you hear them and those like them trying to clean up the images presented to your kids by the gansta’ rappers?

Us white guys have done just about all we can for you. We have provided opportunity for you to help yourself. We cannot force you to use those opportunities to better yourselves. We have provided penalties for anyone who puts you down for being black. We cannot provide penalties for being stupid. You provide those penalties for yourselves.

It is true that in America, class can be changed fairly easily. Money is not the determiner of class. Mostly it is education and personal presentation. People will treat you as the class that you present yourself. If you wish to be treated as trash, present yourself as trash. If you wish to be treated as quality, present yourself as quality. You will need enough education to sound like quality as well.

If you wish to be harassed by the cops, drive a flash car while dressed as a ghetto punk and blasting rap out of your oversized speakers. The cops will naturally focus on you before they focus on someone presenting himself as a quality gentleman. Even though you may be totally clean and straight and legal and the quiet looking gentleman may be a drug lord. Presentation of self usually dictates how others will perceive and treat you. Not fair, just reality.

I once overheard a black woman stating that she wanted to be able to raise her son as a black man. She didn’t want him to be raised as a white man. Huh? I have always been somewhat puzzled by this. What exactly does it mean to be raised a black man? I understand raising someone to be a successful human being. We want to teach them all the skills necessary for functioning as a person of integrity, compassion, intelligence, warmth, decency, and so on down the list. We wish to raise them as productive and successful members of society who make the earth better by their presence. Where does color come into this? I certainly tried to inculcate all the aforementioned values into my children, but I wouldn’t have a clue what it meant to raise them “white”. For the most part, I’m unclear what color has to do with integrity, or decency. Is intelligence a white characteristic? Is compassion a black function? I’m not seeing something here. For that matter, I’m rather unclear what sex might have to do with the most important values we should be teaching our kiddies. I guess I tend to see people as humans of whatever virtues they might display first, with color and sex being somewhat further down the list than integrity, etc.

Now conservatives – you guys don’t get off scot-free either. (Old English: sceot = tax. Scot-free = tax dodge). What have you done to improve the schools in your neighborhood? In your district? In your town? In your state? Or have you just kept on making a living with no thought as to what your children and the children of your neighbors are being taught? The kids in the inner cities are your neighbors too. These kids will affect the world that your children and grandchildren inherit. You cannot make a better country for your kids and ignore the rest of the people in this country. We all sink or swim together. I grant that you have a perfectly good complaint about the crap the schools are trying to shove down your kid’s throats. But you must also be actively concerned about what the rest of the kiddies in the country are getting as well. You must be constantly working to improve schooling even after your kids are through. Am I my brother’s keeper? Yes, and we should be more diligent about practicing this than anyone else. Do you understand and practice this? Or do you just shrug your shoulders and say that’s their problem, it doesn’t affect me?

It is worth your while to read Dr. Thomas Sowell’s book Black Rednecks and White Liberals. Whether you agree with Dr. Sowell’s conclusions or not will depend a lot on your personal bias. Nonetheless, the man is brilliant and thought provoking. I must say that I have for years stated that inner city “black culture” was just another name for low class, uneducated behavior that is not acceptable in anyone, black or white. At least when whites act in this boorish way we can sneer at them as “redneck trash”. It is not racial to say that bad behavior is bad, no matter what the race of the people involved. Bad manners and bad English are marks of trash, no matter whether it is a redneck whine or a black mush mouth mumble. Equal rules for all people, equal rules.


2 Responses to “Black Guys and Libs – –”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    You know I love you Ted. And for anyone reading this comment, I happen to be black. Well, actually I’m black, German/Irish and a few other things. But anyone who looks at me would not know this, so for the purpose of this comment, I’ll just refer to myself as black.

    I agree with you 100%. I grew up with a [black] father who refused to allow me and my sister to use improper English. I wasn’t allowed to use “yeah”, “huh”, or any other slang until I was 18 years old. I remember being teased for “talking white” by other kids, and I remember thinking how ridiculous that was. I never felt tempted to slip into slang, not just because I enjoyed language, but b/c I was deathly afraid that my father would catch me. I am saddened by the state of “my people” today. And it infuriates me that the so-called “leaders” perpetuate this myth that the moral poverty of so many can be blamed on “the white man”. That idea is simply preposterous and damaging. Until all people – black, white, purple or green, make a determined effort to improve their own station in life, change will never come. I fear for my children and the examples they will see from people who have similarly colored skin. But I know and accept that who they become is entirely my responsibility. And I will accept it and I will succeed.

    This is a great post. Thanks Ted! You’ve probably heard of Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, but in case you haven’t, here’s a link to some of his articles. He’s a black minister who is putting the truth on the line a’ la Bill Cosby. Very interesting articles. (0:

  2. turtlemom3 Says:

    Herself Sez: Hi Vanessa! Yeah! Rev. Jesse Lee is great!! So is Cosby. I think Herman Cain should be run off the radio, however — and right into the White House!! Gee, a southern Black guy, well spoken, with much executive experience, conservative values, makes McCain look like a “flippy-hippy-dippy” liberal, and even makes Huckabee look pretty silly. Sheesh! Who will rescue us from the “bread-and-circuses” whiners and apply the “palm of hand to seat of higher learning” we need?? My folks told me to get off my bohunkus and get to learning a vocation in college – get a good education. So I did. And a Masters and a PhD. And I have worked hard all my life. And taught my kids to work hard. Which they are teaching their kids. Black, white, green or purple – you have to work to live. And to get a good job, you have to speak well and you have to get a decent edcation and you have to work hard at your chosen profession to get anywhere.

    I’m proud of my family. There isn’t a pre-judging bone in their bodies. Bias? Oh yeah! I’m biased against people who are demonstrably lazy, who don’t bother to speak intelligibly and clearly, who don’t bother to work at their education, who whine that they “can’t” go to college. With all the opportunities out there, that doesn’t work. I know of 6 people – 2 of color – who work as lifeguards at the pool where I swim/exercise who are working their way through college that way. Don’t tell me you “can’t” go to college! I know 5 people – 3 of color – who worked their way through college working at fast-food places. Were they living near poverty? Yep. But they considered it an investment in their future. They borrowed books, they used libraries, they got extra unused ends of paper from copy-shops. How innovative can you be? Want to go to Harvard but can’t afford it? Go to your local junior college, take every tough, academic course available make really good grades and transfer into Harvard on a full scholarship in your junior or senior year. Have people done that? Yep!

    So don’t get me started! This was only a micro-mini rant!!

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