Democrats consistently Democrats – –


I realize that kicking Democrats rather resembles the bullying that I used to see in school where the dimmest, weakest, and goofiest were always the targets. Oh well. 

Now it seems that Michigan and cannot have the same silly early primary that Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada have. So the Dems say that they will not seat the Michigan delegates – all 156 or so of them. Seems there’s the same deal with Florida’s early primary. Poor Florida Dems – their votes never seem to count. 

I thought these were the “fair play” people. Weren’t these the same guys that made Florida recount the votes many times over? Weren’t these the people that examined chads with magnifying glasses to see if the liberal candidate’s chad had even been touched? Didn’t they want every vote to count? Especially those of liberals. Aren’t these the same people that are always launching lawsuits to stop any law requiring proof of identity or citizenship or anything else that might “disenfranchise” any voter, no matter how unqualified? Heaven forbid we should make people prove that they are citizens or haven’t already voted three times that day. 

And to hell with examining ballots with magnifiers. If someone is too stupid to read and follow the instructions about punching all the way down, then they are too stupid to be voting on important issues. 

It would seem that the fair play doctrine doesn’t hold for Dems – just everyone else. Isn’t that what we should expect from a bunch of people who are fooled by Hilary? She refuses to release any of the legal documents that show her history. She abuses the FBI and pulls off travelgate and is never held accountable by the liberals of this country. She insists that she is so experienced and qualified to lead. If that were so then just living with a surgeon for a few years would make you a qualified doctor. 

Then there’s Obama. Does anyone seriously think that he is qualified to lead this country in a time of terrible Moslem aggression? He is not qualified in any sense. Assuming that the minor difficulty of no management experience, either as a governor or the corporate type is overlooked. Assuming that he would be willing to try to stand against Moslem terrorism there is the point that, to a Moslem, he is not an acceptable person. He is the son of a Moslem father and went to some of the Madrasah training and is an unperson to a serious Moslem. He will not be able to deal with Moslem countries. That doesn’t seem to register with the Dems. He is a pretty fellow and a good emotional speaker – but that’s as far as I can see it at the moment. Oh yes, vote for him and he will bring change. But he never says what change or how he’s going to do it. I’m rather interested in how this pretty boy with zero management experience is going to run the biggest corporation on the face of the earth. 

Edwards? Well, I dunno about anyone else, but I really want someone more qualified than a sleazy trial lawyer who made more money for himself than for his client and who constantly preaches class warfare while paying ridiculous money for his beauty treatments. What on earth is Edwards qualified to do other than admire himself in the mirror while he flops his golden locks? 

Well, I suppose that the candidates reflect the people. I shouldn’t be surprised that what passes for Democrat moral outrage is only directed at Republicans. After all, they see themselves as so morally superior that any action that they desire just has to be morally correct. 

I suppose it is naïve of me to expect people to recognize that correct behavior applies first and foremost to themselves. I believe I remember something about criticizing the splinter in another fellow’s eye when you’ve got a whole 2×4 in your own.


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