Straining at Gnats and Swallowing Camels –

by Lovelock is eminently more qualified to speak on climate change than any 100 popular entertainers or politicians. He is the fellow who invented the instruments used to measure atmospheric ozone. He is not a self-righteous environasty, he is a qualified scientist. Now, it must be stated that he does not have a 100% track record, and admits it. He does not try to make his points by shouting down opposing views.

Lovelock insists that the climate change is going to be much worse than the meanie-greenies admit, and thinks that these people are pathetic and just distracting us from addressing the real problem. While I do not know that I agree with his conclusions I am firmly with him on despising the current politically correct flakes.

The idea that banning standard light bulbs is going to save the planet is simply daft. Expecting America to carry the clean up by ourselves is naïve. I have said many times that this America hating enviro-nut movement is not doing any good, and is probably hurting us worse than the Moslems.

I say again, clean up – certainly. Intelligent use of resources – absolutely. But let us not panic and run around in circles. Let us get real – not politically correct – research to figure out what is really happening. We cannot predict next week’s weather with any accuracy. Next decade or next century is even more iffy. Until we get real data we cannot determine the correct path for survival.

Now it is likely that one of three possibilities will occur. First possibility – nothing that is going to have any long term consequences will happen. Second possibility – there will be a small fluctuation in overall temperature with fairly minimal consequence. And let us remember that between 1970 and 1980 all the climate predictions were for an ice age. Third possibility – catastrophic change that will have devastating consequences that will kill billions – James Lovelock’s scenario.

While Lovelock talks about the Chinese having nowhere but Siberia to go I will give you one a bit more frightening. We may note that the majority of the world’s Moslem population lives in a climate that is already on the upper limit of hot and dry (desert) that humans can tolerate. If their climate gets any hotter or any drier they will be looking to the relatively better Northern European and North American lands. While it is possible that they would try moving in peacefully their history and mindset show that they are much more likely to occupy by conquest – murder, rape, slavery – all the traditional fun activities of their sick belief system. Even if peaceful immigration takes place we have only to look at the current disaster that is European Moslem behavior. Or Denmark. Move in and then suck the society dry.

Of course the peace and love kum-by-yah crowd will say that I am a terrible person and all that. But that does not change the fact that the leopard has spots and 1500 years of track record to examine. I am not at all against Middle Eastern people. I know and admire many Middle Easter Christians – it’s the Moslems that I despise – from their own behavior.

Anyway – back to the main point. If we are in a position to affect this climate change – whatever it is – by bandaid methods that wreck our economy and send jobs overseas – then it is not that big a deal to start with. If we are headed toward a real disaster that will kill billions – then these bandaid proponents are distracting us from the real business of preparation for racial survival.

Like it or not – the libs are distracting us from anything serious and we need to slap them down. Whether or not we would be investigating the climate without these nuts and their howling is debatable. We might be getting good science if there were not all the pressure on climatologists to be politically correct. We might be ignoring the whole mess like the old head in the sand routine. Who know? We have to deal with what is. And that means good science that will shape our policies, not self-hating hysteria.


One Response to “Straining at Gnats and Swallowing Camels –”

  1. Ernest O'Dell Says:

    Well, it snowed here again last week. And the temperatures have been hovering anywhere between 17ºF to 32ºF.

    So much for global warming.

    If the ragheads decide they want to move to the South Plains, then they’ll have to get used to the Ice Age, high winds (gusting up to 70MPH) – because there is nothing out here to stop the camel shit from flying – and guns… LOTS of guns. And plenty rednecks who know how to use them. >:)

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