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One of the most interesting things that I have observed over the span of my life as a white Southerner is the affiliation of the black community with the Democrats. A brief review of history may be instructive here. The Democrats were a party evolved from the Anti-federalists in the late 1700’s. The party won much support in the early 1800’s and evolved into the party which supported slavery. The Republicans started in the 1850’s with one of the main points being anti-slavery and support of human dignity. The Democrats lost power to the Republicans led by Abraham Lincoln. The majority of the Confederacy was Democrat, and after the Civil War, the Democrats were staunchly anti-black and lead the rush to enact the Jim Crow laws that legalized discrimination. Roosevelt and all his cronies did nothing to eliminate legalized discrimination. The party that pressed for the armed forces to be integrated was the Republican. It was the Republicans that started de-segregating the schools in the 1950’s.The Democrats, led by the Dixiecrats, were entrenched in denying blacks the vote and access to businesses. I can remember this in the 1960’s, when segregation was still the goal of the Dixiecrats. Kennedy and the Democrats did little to support black efforts to secure the common rights of the American citizen. It was a Republican congress that, true to its origins, enacted the legislation that buried all the Jim Crow legislation. It was the Republicans who lead the way to the voter rights legislation. It was Democrat legislation that eventually spawned the welfare mentality that has crippled the black community for the last 40 years. The Democrats wanted power from keeping people dependant on government for the necessities of life. It was the Republicans that led the way to people enabled to help themselves.

HERSELF SEZ: The first election I voted in, I voted Republican – because I believed then and believe now “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” The party that came closest to securing these rights at the time was – and is now – the Republican Party. I don’t always agree with the planks and platforms of the various campaigns, but I don’t believe in “give-away programs” nor in “bread and circuses.” Therein lies madness.

So, why is it that so many blacks identify themselves as Democrats and liberals? These people see you as second class, unable to do things for yourselves. Only as government pawns. Take your destiny into your own hands. You are only a voting pet if you let these people convince you that you must have life given to you. I say regain your place as free, independent, successful human beings and members of the American society.

Unfortunately, nowadays the Republicans are just as power-hungry and corrupt as the Democrats. Such is human nature.


3 Responses to “Democratic-Republicans –”

  1. Meg Says:

    Blacks nowadays remind me of the working class of my youth. I was the first Republican in my family, and my mother was aghast: “The Democratic Party is the working man’s Party, and the Republican Party is the rich man’s Party!” That was in 1967. By 1968, the Democratic Party came out of the closet in terms of having abandoned the working man, and although there are still some who fall for that fiction — notably, union bosses — every single working-class person I know always votes Republican.

    I’m starting to see that now with Blacks, as it finally dawns on them that they were just being used as a power base, and as they figure out that while there are some pro-abortion Republicans, there are *no* pro-life Democrats. Blacks take family very seriously, and are as troubled by the pro-abortion plank of the Democrats as my generation was by the anti-war plank (since we all took patriotism very seriously).

    Anyway, I’m starting to see more defections to the Republicans by Black folks. Go for it, I say!

  2. blank Says:

    I would rather be in the “Rich Man’s Party” than in the “Working Schlep’s Party.”

    Unions? Blood-sucking liberals living like leeches on the backs of hard working individuals who actually EARN a living and produce something productive for society. When have unions EVER contributed anything? They TAKE… like lawyers.

    Black Americans, get smart! Read your history. It was the Democrats who were your slave owners and KKK, not the Republicans. They are STILL pro-slavery because it is the Democrats who have given you every entitlement to keep you dependent on the government. If they could make you into a victim, they wouldn’t exist!

  3. blank Says:

    If the Democrats couldn’t make you into a victim, nobody would need them.

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