Scotch Eggs –


This one is written by Herself – The ol’ curmudgeon can rave about ground beef all he wants to, but I know what he REALLY likes!

He likes Scotch Eggs. Every cool weather fast, he wants Scotch Eggs just before it starts and then wants them again in the first week or so after the fast is over! There must be a million and one ways to make ‘em, but this is what I do. First, hardboil, shell and chill 8-12 eggs. Set aside. Then put 2# of 1/3 ground beef, 1/3 ground pork and 1/3 ground veal [old fashioned meatloaf mix] in a large bowl – just put, don’t do anything with them yet. Then I add 2-3 SWEET Italian sausages (skinned), add a little salt, a little pepper, 2-3 tablespoons of good steak sauce, about 1/4 cup of soft breadcrumbs, and an egg or two and NOW you mix lightly, and carefully, but thoroughly into the meat mixture. (If you mix ground meat too much it gets “tough.”) Beat a couple of eggs in a dish with a tablespoon of milk and set aside.

Put some breadcrumbs (Panko works, as does cornflake crumbs. I’ve even crushed croutons on occasion and used them) in another dish and set aside. Now bring about 1 1/2 inches depth of good oil to about 350 degrees F in a deep skillet. (I use my cast iron and get the heat up by guess and by golly. Now that we have an electric skillet, I may try it.) Now is the fun part. Take a dollop of meat mixture and gently shape it around an egg. Be sure there are no gaps. Do this for each egg until all the meat mixture is used up.

Don’t make it too thick or it won’t cook well. Remember, this has pork in it, and must be cooked “done.” Now, roll the little darlin’s in the egg mixture, and then roll in the crumbs. Gently lay them in the hot oil, and cook about 2-3 minutes then turn and cook the side that was up. If they get too brown, the heat is too high, turn it down. If they aren’t nice and browned when you turn them, then the heat needs to be a “skosh” higher. You want the heat to be warm enough to cook them all the way through the meat without making the eggs too firm and dry. Now, these are very rich, so one, maybe one and a half of these is a meal – even for a big appetite!! Serve them hot with either a green salad or a fruit salad on the side. The next day, they are still good – serve ‘em cold, with that salad mentioned above.

Now that I’ve written this up, I expect the Ol’ Curmudgeon will start bugging me to make some! His food Nazi will have hiccups and then a seizure. Himself will just give her the fish eye and tell her to take it up with me. And I’ll sigh and say, “Well, what can you do with a Curmudgeon?”

The occasional “fall off the cholesterol wagon” won’t hurt him (especially with all those expensive anti-cholesterol medicines he takes) – going without his favorite pre and post fasting food will hurt him. Mentally. Besides, he whines about it.

A Blessed Nativity Season (old calendar style) to all y’all out there in blogland! I return you to your regularly-scheduled Ol’ Curmudgeon on Thursday!


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