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The Inquisition is Alive and Well –

15 December 07

Galileo Galilei would feel right at home in modern day America. You may remember that Galileo was persecuted by the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church when he stated the observed scientific fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun, not vice-versa. He had to recant a fact that was in conflict with the firmly held opinion of the Church that the Earth was the center of the Universe. He also got to spend the rest of his life under house arrest.The left tells us, every time they want to be obnoxious and in-our-faces about something or other, that dissent and debate are good for us. Problem is, that shoe doesn’t seem to fit their foot. When a scientific type who is employed by government or academia has an opinion on “global warming” contrary to that of the non-scientific left, they dare not express it for fear of retaliation, job loss, and McCarthy-esque blacklisting.

Any true climatological data or research is suppressed under a loud howling of obscenity and derision from the true believers of the left. Sort of like the shouting of the Earth-centrists a few hundred years ago. I love the consensus bit. Science is not consensus, whether of “scientists” or the hoi-polloi. The fact that polls show that 77% or so of Americans “believe” that “global warming” is taking place and is a result of human activity means just about as much as the statistic that 100% of the lay people of Galileo’s time believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Science is 1 scientist describing real world data that can be verified again and again.

What the young and/or brainwashed “true believers” seem to forget is that the big lib scare of 1975 was the coming ice age. We were going to be buried under glaciers within 50 years if we did not go back to the lifestyle of the Middle Ages. ‘Course the back to Earthers seemed to have forgotten that the primitive lifestyle destroys trees in massive quantities for simply heating the home and cooking. They also seem to overlook the horrible mortality rate from simple infections. It takes pretty sophisticated technology to make the medicines that prevent death from being a constant visitor in everyone’s life.

There is some difference between climate change, which we do seem to be having a mild case thereof, and “global warming”. Climate change – available non-hyped data seems to indicate that we are an aggregate of 1°C warmer than we were at the beginning of the 20th century – a natural phenomenon of cyclical nature. “Global warming” – as defined by the left – states that all “modern” change is caused by man (particularly America), the earth having reached a stead state of perfection with unchanging climate except by the interference of man.

I do advocate the responsible and conservative use of resources. I do not advocate waste at all. I do think that we should devote considerable research to finding more efficient ways of generating and using power. I am also quite willing for people who have the need to give up all kinds of things to make themselves feel some worth to their lives to have a ball giving up anything their little hearts desire. However. Your desire to wear sackcloth must not be forced on me or any other free citizen who does not feel that particular need. If the left wishes to force someone to be more careful of resources they might want to take a look at China, India, and Africa. If only America is penalized for success, the country will not survive. Of course, the same people who want to drive us into the primitive lifestyle also want to abolish the military, don’t want to stop illegal immigration, do want to raise taxes to punish the productive and do not wish to protect us from Moslem aggression. If they don’t kill the country with one strategy, they will try others until they succeed in their suicidal desire.


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