There are Geniuses and then there’s us –


I am not a genius. I am, and so is Herself, a near-genius. The IQ – a silly measure of things if there ever was one, is pretty high. I myself have scored anywhere from a low of 138 to a high of 172 on these stupid tests. One number is the top 2%, the other is the top 1%. Which is true? Who knows? Who cares? Since these tests are age related it would probably be much lower now that ossification of the gray cells is taking place. Herself was/is a member of Mensa, for whatever that’s worth (about negative $100.00 in annual dues).A near-genius is capable of quick comprehension and of relating the current topic to information already at hand. We can get A + B and pretty quickly get to C or maybe even D while the rest of the class is try to figure out what an A is. A genius can make the intuitive leap to information not presently known, and can see relationships and patterns that have never been seen before. A genius can take A + B and get somewhere between G and H and then backfill. That’s not us.

Those of us in the near-genius group tend not to do as well in life as the true geniuses, who are quite frequently singled out for special education and for unique and financially rewarding jobs.

The schools don’t know what to do with those of us who are only highly intelligent without the divine spark of genius. We usually got whatever concept was being taught the first time, and the teachers just wanted us to siddown and shuddup while they went over the same damn thing 10 more times for the dummies. We would be bored to tears at that point. Mostly we would just tune out and miss the next concept because we were off in la-la-land (either dreaming or reading a hidden book). Sometime we (or at least I) would misbehave in class when we (I) just could not stand it anymore. That doesn’t get one points with the teacher or the dummies. Back in the day it also got me into bad company and some really bad behavior.

What kills us in life is that there are so many interesting (and easy) things to learn and do that it is impossible to stay with any one thing for long. I get interested in things, learn them from books/doing/talking to others. Then I master (or nearly master) the thing at hand, teach it to others, get bored, and move on to the next fascinating aspect of God’s universe. I know Herself does the same. Sometimes, we come back to an earlier love and revisit time and time again over a period of years. Sometimes, it is just enough to know how the interest works.

In life, frequently the most successful are those of the 110 to 125 IQ range. They have enough marbles to understand the tasks at hand, and do not generally get as distracted with all the other fascinating things that there are to learn/do.

I might also point out that inner motivation counts more than anything else. There are people in this world who are not terribly bright by IQ type measurement, but who have the drive and the desire to succeed, and do so.

Often the true genius is not terribly smarter than we are, but has much better focusing ability.


2 Responses to “There are Geniuses and then there’s us –”

  1. Denise Says:

    Yes! I understand! You have put to word what I’ve long thought!

  2. mtriggs Says:

    Glad to have been able to do that for you. Did it mainly for me. Others liking it is a bonus.

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