Something to Offend Everyone –


This country is in a mess. If we do not get several things on track, our grandchildren, if they survive, will not live in the USA. We will collapse and someone else will be ruling. Here is a set of suggestions to think about. If you read far enough, you will probably find something that makes you angry. Good. Just think about it a bit and formulate a concise and coherent rationale for your disagreement. Not emotion. Good logical reasoning and preferably a rational and workable alternative. Ready, set, offend!

Illegal aliens. Deport them. If they are violent offenders, execute them. This will rapidly reduce the population by somewhere around 40 million, relieving the strain on our infrastructure considerably. Do make it easier and faster for desirable people to immigrate legally, and do get a viable green card program going. But enforce the leaving deadlines. And just because a non-citizen drops a kid does not make said kid a citizen.

Oh yeah, the farmers will whine about getting the crops in. Fine. Several possibilities here. First off, the cost of produce can rise a bit because of all the money we will not be spending on the illegals. Then non-violent prisoners could and should be used to gather the crops. Let them work for the cost of keeping them. Really, they are still stealing from us every day. Get a WPA type program going for some of the able-bodied on welfare. Same as prisoners, they are stealing from us every day at gunpoint.

Legalize, regulate and tax drugs. It is ridiculous that smokers are penalized more severely than the druggies. I have never seen anyone commit a violent crime or vehicular homicide because of being under the influence of nicotine. Catch to this – if someone commits a crime while doped up maximize the penalty. Being doped up is a choice that did not have to be made.

Same for booze. If you drive under the influence you are indicating a callous disregard for anyone else’s life. If you have lost your license and repeat, you should be executed.

Set up a Storyville or Amsterdam type red-light district. Legalize, regulate, and tax prostitution. Keep drugs, prostitution and the like in given geographic areas such that those who want them know where to find them. And those who do not want to see this kind of junk will know where not to go.

Stop sending jobs overseas. The corporations that are doing this are guilty of economic sabotage. Don’t buy from corporations who do this or you are aiding and abetting. Stop buying foreign cars. Stop letting Detroit sell us stuff we don’t want. American manufacturers will do what it takes to get your dollar. Use these dollars to change the way they do business. It is absurd to send aircraft engines to China for repair. Look at the outstanding job the Chinese have done for us with children’s toys. It is true that between the unions pricing themselves out of the picture and the non-support (somewhat justified) that the airline industry has they are in a tremendous economic squeeze.

Stop government pork barrel spending. We don’t need bridges in Alaska that cost more than all the people served by it will make in their collective lifetimes. I did not force these people to live on remote islands and see no reason why I should pay for their bridge. I see no reason why I should pay for the “arts” other than by purchasing the works of the “artist” if I like them. I am being forced to fund art projects that are crap and totally offensive to me. At gunpoint. Why? If someone wants to paint a picture that offends me they have that right. I should also have the right to not support that artist. Let him starve if enough people do not support his junk. I might point out that if the city fathers of Minneapolis had spent less on poor art and more on bridge maintenance, several people would still be alive. If New Orleans had spent less on welfare and artsy stuff and more on dike repair, things would be somewhat different today.

Stop paying women to have illegitimate children. Provide free birth control. Provide mandatory sterilization for those who cannot support children and insist on getting pregnant. I am not the father. I am not responsible for raising that kid. Provide a good education and vocational training for the kid. But nothing more. Quit paying non-productive people to reproduce. We can’t afford them as pets. They constitute a sizable chunk of the criminals which are costing us a fortune to house and the social cost is horrible at best.

If politicians break the law toss them out of office immediately and make them ineligible for office ever again.

Exclude no evidence from a trial. If it was illegally gathered, punish the cop or official responsible. Do not punish the rest by letting dangerous criminals loose. If evidence is falsified or an innocent knowingly prosecuted punish the offending official heavily, very heavily.

Hold schools accountable for educating the kiddies. Do not let kids out of school without a knowledge of English, mathematics, history, geography, etc. Eliminate sports program participation for any student who does not have at least a B average. Hold children to an acceptable standard of dress and behavior. Enforce decent and respectful behavior in the entire campus. Do not get more bent out of shape about a butter knife than crude behavior and inappropriate dress. Zero tolerance usually means that the school administration does not have any brains or judgment at all. If they are not qualified, then fire them and hire someone who is qualified. Do not allow whining from students or parents to overrule the primary mission of educating the children.

Have separate girls and boys schools. Do not sexualize children. They don’t need it. It is not the place of the school to provide sex education. It is their place to provide English, math, etc. It is the parents responsibility to provide sex education. It seems that the school people want to make little sex machines out of each kid. It is not the place of the school to provide birth control. It is their job to teach civilized behavior.

Stop supporting stores and television shows that thrust aggressive and sexual ads at children. Do not allow advertising that is aimed at children at all.

Penalize parents who do not take care of their children – severely. It is rather too bad that people don’t seem to take any precautions so that their recreational sex is just fun and not fruitful. Of course, if people were responsible enough to be good parents they would be responsible enough not to be creating unwanted children. Used to be before birth control was available that social pressure and the stigma of having a bastard kept people much more careful. They still had all kinds of sex, but were generally more careful. Now that birth control is cheap, easy, pretty reliable there is no excuse for creating bastards, but the social stigma which should be greater for being that stupid and irresponsible is no longer there. As a society we have completely lost any sense of morality.

Insist that mandatory birth control be part of welfare. Terminate any benefits for those who violate. Enforce sterilization for males who father children and will not support them.

Insist that the Constitution be enforced. Protect the rights of all individuals. Don’t make laws for minorities, either against – as in the odious Jim Crow junk, or for – as in the stuff that would single out black, female, homosexual, or whatever for special treatment. Equal treatment for all people. As long as someone behaves in a reasonably civilized fashion that individual should not be discriminated against in opportunity, education, jobs, housing, etc. This does not mean that social discrimination is not possible. Everyone has people that are liked, and desires to socialize with same. They also have people that are not liked, and do not desire to socialize with same. That is discrimination. When we join a special interest club to socialize with people of like interests, that is discrimination. Every time we decide that we like one object better than another we discriminate. Learn what words really mean and use them properly. As a side note: if we can not discriminate socially we are lacking the foundation of all other rights.

We need to take the Australian approach to Moslems. Tell them straight up that they are welcome if they want to assimilate. They are not welcome to come here and try to change us. They are not welcome to plot against us. They are not welcome to use their mosques for centers of hatred. They are welcome to come here and live by our rules. They are welcome to peacefully practice their religion. If they don’t like this attitude they should get the hell out of our country.

Why is it that the libs and/or atheists that “hate religion” seem to feel free to kick Christianity everywhere/whenever possible? When are the Moslems going to be told where to get off? Or do the libs/atheists only hate Christians? Or do they lack the guts to tell the purveyors of murder and destruction that they are not going to put up with their crap under the “freedom from religion” lie?

Here’s one: mandatory execution for serial anything. Child molesters, rapists, murderers. No insanity defense. Anyone who would commit cold-blooded murder is insane by any rational definition. Consider execution of repeat offenders. Consider executing violent offenders. Consider flogging rather than imprisonment as a punishment for misdemeanors. We don’t owe people that are a danger to society a free ride.

HERSELF SEZ: The Ol’ Curmudgeon and I have a couple of disagreements here (and we still love each other – see, it IS possible!). First, I totally disagree about legalizing and taxing hard drugs (narcotics, major hallucinogens). Yes, legalize and heavily tax smoking and booze, and maybe, MAYBE, marijuana. But not LSD, not psilocybin mushrooms, not any narcotics for recreational use. On the other hand, let licensed medical practitioners prescribe unlimited narcotics and marijuana for the patient with intractable pain or who is terminally ill with ongoing pain problems.

Second, I disagree about mandatory sterilization of fathers of more than one illegitimate welfare infant. I think the mothers of more than one illegitimate welfare infant should be mandatorily sterilized, too. If a couple can *afford* to raise a child, without government assistance, fine. But this business of validating irresponsible reproduction is for the birds. And if you don’t think many of the welfare moms get pregnant at 16 in order to get away from momma, think again. And if you think these same welfare moms don’t get pregnant in order to raise their welfare income, think again. I’ve personally seen both too many times.

Third, while I agree totally on sex-segregated education, I go a few steps further. Uniforms should be required. PERIOD. No more baggy pants. No more tank tops. No more tee shirts. Uniforms do not need to be any more expensive than “regular” clothes. A brisk trade in outgrown uniforms will soon spring up, I assure you, and parents will more likely require their children to be more careful of their clothes if uniforms are required. And I believe in competition. Highest grade on each test should be rewarded. Highest grade average at the end of the school year should be rewarded. Fewest days absent should be rewarded. Validictorians and Salutatorians should be given all the rewards and honors possible.

It took several generations to produce the current crop of sleazy attitudes, and it will take several generations to tighten up morals and behaviors. But if we don’t start now, it will be even longer before the desired outcome will occur.


3 Responses to “Something to Offend Everyone –”

  1. Meg Says:

    Personally, I have already given up on this country. But I’m with you, “Herself,” ๐Ÿ˜‰ on all your points.

    As for “No sports for children with averages under a B” — good luck! In this neck of the woods, the teachers are *told* to give the jocks a B, whether or not they’ve earned it!! Personally, I’d like to see *no* competitive sports at all — teach the little horrors sports that will do them some *good* in life, like golf or tennis or something you can do into your seventies. Who plays football past the age of about 35?!

  2. turtlemom3 Says:

    HERSELF SEZ: I shoulda-coulda-woulda put that in as a comment, or at least put it in italics and block-quoted it to set it apart, but I got in a hurry and didn’t look at the raving closely enough! LOL! I’ll fix it later.

    Yes, I agree about the competitive sports – but I really enjoyed going to the football games when I was a teen! How about soccer? People can play soccer as long as their lungs, knees and backs hold up! And fewer kids get hurt playing it.

    But I believe in organized sports for kids – not OVER-organized as we currently have. Let the little horrors organize their own sandlot baseball games, and let the schools subsidize soccer as *the* sport between schools – starting in high school, thank you.

    O if the Ol’ Curmudgeon and I were co-dictators with you as our Secretary of something or other, we’d whip this country into shape from A to Izzard in 1 year, wouldn’t we! LOLOL!

  3. Meg Says:

    Myself, I’m a monarchist. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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