Bah, humbug –


Hollyweird is strange on many fronts. Nowhere is it any stranger than on Christmas.

The staunch liberals would like for Christmas (and Christians) to just go away. There are schools all over that will not allow Christmas decorations. If we object to “Sally has two daddies” or “Jimmy has two mommies” then we are nothing but a bunch of homophobes and should not have a voice in what is taught to our children. Flip side. Let one jackass object to Miracle on 34th Street and the principal and/or school board will forbid showing the film so that the aforementioned jackass is not offended.

If the Hollyweird types were true to their hyper-liberal convictions there would be no Christmas films being made. Instead, they are true to two things: the liberal agenda to destroy Christmas, and, first and foremost, the almighty dollar. What does happen is that the Christmas films made have nothing to do with Christmas. Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and many others were deliberately scheduled for Christmas release. Don’t get me wrong, I do like these movies, but what on earth do they have to do with Christmas? Answer – nothing at all.

Or the movies are deliberately to the detriment of Christmas and/or the perennial “What is the true meaning of Christmas” pieces of fluff. Hate to say it, but the two that first come to mind are How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas Tree, both by liberal Jews. No – I am not anti-Semitic, I simply state that neither Jews nor liberals are qualified to address “The real meaning of Christmas”. It would be as presumptuous if I were to write a children’s book on the real meaning of Hanukkah or Ramadan.

As a side note to conservative types: be advised, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowmen, winter wonderlands and any of those other commercial and/or pagan symbols have nothing to do with Christmas. Nothing. Even Dickens’s Christmas Carol does not have anything to do with Christmas. Not that I would deny your use of these symbols. Not at all. But do be aware that they are not ultimately all that important.

Christmas is Christ Mass. The celebration of the Incarnation of God as Man. The beginning of the Redemption and Recreation of the fallen world. Nothing else. Not warm and fuzzy feelings. Jesus was not a good man. He was not a prophet. He was either God, as He stated, or He was stark, raving, totally mad.

See what I mean? Ghosts of Christmas don’t have anything to do with the Redemption of the fallen world. Love of Man flows from Love of God. Thy neighbor is the second commandment, not the first for a very good reason. We cannot truly love our neighbor if we do not love God first. Placing Man in the place of God will inevitably lead to self-hatred and disgust with the very people we claim to love.

Our Church is on the original, Julian Calendar. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, as it is in the Gregorian Calendar. There is slippage between the two calendars and dates no longer match. Currently, Julian December 25th coincides with Gregorian January 7th. This is sometimes called Old Christmas or Russian Christmas or Greek Christmas. Many ignorant people think that the Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on January 7th. Not so, we use December 25th – Julian. Notice the difference. Anyway, the point is that in my Church we really don’t care what the Western Christians do. We don’t care whether Western Christmas is commercialized or not. What we do say is that the Western Christians should be free to celebrate as they choose. The libs and atheists are welcome to ignore the whole thing if they like, but they should not be allowed to cram their beliefs down everyone else’s throat. Freedom is ignoring other’s conduct if it does no one harm and is not morally repugnant. Forbidding another’s harmless conduct is denying freedom. Liberals do not want freedom, they want to dictate how others live.

If we object to having Moslem holidays shoved down our throats then we are hateful bigots. If we object to having our traditions trampled all over then we are hateful bigots. If we try to live a life in the love of Christ then we are hateful bigots. Notice that Christians cannot win where atheists/radical liberals are concerned. At some point we have to tell these people to get a grip, grow up, get used to it, or get over it. The only appeasement that works is if we become exactly like them. That is their agenda. And to them I say – BAH, HUMBUG!


One Response to “Bah, humbug –”

  1. Dan Lindstedt Says:

    My view of “Kill ’em all and let God sort them our” is probably not acceptable.
    Strange how “their kind” can kill us and hate us while we are expected/required to allow them our freedoms in our country.

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