Some Ruminations on Warfare –


Just some rather superficial observations. When I was much younger I studied von Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, strategy, tactics, legal theory of war and all that sort of stuff. If I drug in all that went behind these ruminations, I’d have a thick book instead of a short essay.

Observation the first: Whenever some theory of war as fought by some set of rules comes about, someone who does not play by the rules kicks butt. The knights and heavy cavalry had it reasonably well until people figured out grouped pikes – yes, the phalanx was revived. Then the unsporting Brit peasants started using bows. This was rough on knights and horses.

Observation the second: When a bunch of civilians is involved with the how, the result is chaos and loss. It is quite correct for the ruling civilians to say what the objectives are. For a nation, military force is an instrument of national policy. Therefore the ruling civilians can say what the objective is, the mistake is to allow the civilians to dictate how the war is fought. Look at the abortion that jackass Carter made of the Iranian hostage rescues. Yeah, it was Jimmy that micro-managed those soldier’s deaths and failure. The Congress is following the same path to failure. If you give the military an assignment, get out of the way and let them do their jobs.

Observation the third: Unless great care is taken, a military ossifies in peaceful times and loses the ability to think flexibly. It has been observed numerous times that we always fight the last war for the first half of the next war. Great daring is not the path to promotion in peacetime. Great tacticians are not trusted by bean counters and are cut off at the knees during the peacetime preceding the next war.

Observation the fourth: Most of the America hating people of this country have migrated to the left. These people will not only not serve in a voluntary military, they will do their dead level best to tear down the military so that no one will defend our country and its interests.

When a society loses the will to defend itself, it will surely fall. I saw an interview on FOX news where a woman was suing to prevent the military from recruiting in schools. Her cowardly son, of course, would not even consider service. When she was asked if we should even have a military, she would not answer. I suspect that she knew that she would be revealed as the fool that she is. Make no mistake – the worst enemies of this country are not those external who will do the conquering. The worst are the cowards and traitors who are rotting from within. The irony is that these adamant proclaimers of their ‘rights’ are the ones who will kiss the invader’s butts the fastest. Or die. I hope you America hating libs enjoy bowing down, for your conquerors will require that you not only bow to Allah, but you also bow to your masters as the slaves you will be. You will have brought it on yourselves and your children. I will bet the farm that you don’t have the guts to stand up to your Moslem conquerors and insist on your ‘rights’. Try telling them that you have the right to your own opinion.

There is not a country in the world that has any resources worth mentioning that can ‘study war no more’. As surely as they try that, some envious neighbor will take those resources. It is only by being willing to fight an invader that invasion is prevented. Conquest is not dead in the world.

The other thing to worry about is hatred. If a country or a people is viewed as an object of hatred, someone will inevitably try to remove the hated object from the planet. Ask the Jews about that. You can also ask the various tribes in Africa that have been targeted for extermination by their neighbors. The only thing that will stop genocide is military force.

Oh yes, let’s have the UN police the world. Well, the UN will not function even at its current incompetent level without US tax dollars and US troops. The UN ‘peacekeepers’ have committed some of the worst acts in history. The Belgians serving in Somalia regularly tortured children. Belgium is part of the ‘civilized’ European Union that regularly lectures us about ‘civilized behavior’. Do you libs really want people like that dictating your behavior? I don’t. I say that you people will either wake up or you will see modern civilization go up in smoke.

BTW – one particular incident in which two Belgian soldiers roasted a child over a fire and was caught on film was dismissed by the UN as “a form of playing without violence”. Really? It is nice to know that the UN considers it ok to roast someone. It isn’t violence, it’s just playing. The UN’s policy is to not embarrass member nations..

You don’t see stuff like that in the liberal US news media, they are too busy digging up any dirt they can on our country. According to the liberal media it is inhumane to keep killers taken on the battlefield at Gitmo, and you have certainly heard a load about that. But you haven’t heard beans about UN atrocities. Check it out. It happens. It’s real. Now tell me once again how we don’t need a military, the UN or Santa Claus will protect us.

Oh yeah, we have passed beyond all that. Well, we only have to look within our own society to see that people have not changed since the dawn of time. We can see gays that have been brutally murdered for being gay. Blacks have been killed by whites for being black. Whites have been killed by blacks for being white. People are routinely murdered for less than twenty dollars. Nations are not any different. The fact is that the psycho nations will kill for little or no reason. We cannot stop murder in this country by talking nice to the murderers. We cannot stop a psycho people by caving in or talking nice. It someone wishes you dead, you can only stop that happening by force. Or by running far enough away. We haven’t yet figured how to pick up a country and move it into hiding. Only the military option will keep you alive and free.

Oh well, we deserve whatever bad happens to us. 9/11 was our own fault. People don’t attack unless provoked. I say again, look at crime. According to this logic, the women raped and tortured to death asked for it. The taxi driver brutally murdered was the one at fault. The convenience store clerk killed for pocket change was the aggressor. I guess I’m just too stupid to see that. I believe that aggressors should be stopped. You can’t do that without organized force. That’s called a military. They are still necessary.


2 Responses to “Some Ruminations on Warfare –”

  1. Meg Says:

    *Belgian soldiers roasting a child over a fire*?!?! That used to be a charge during WWI, that *German* soldiers were roasting *Belgian* children. I guess some things never change.

    One particular vice of mine is baiting those Orthodox Christians who think that Orthodoxy is a sort of Christian hippie lifestyle — peace, love, and brotherhood minus the rock ‘n’ roll, or something — and I always tell them that Christianity is not a religion of peace, but a religion of war. They *hate* that! Then you tell them that “spiritual warfare is warfare until the last breath,” and they *really* don’t know what to do with that.

    But it is a fact: That is what Orthodoxy is all about. It’s *all* about war. Enjoyed your post, as always!

  2. Andreas Says:

    As always Ted, you’re right “on the mark” in regards to war. I’m glad to see you back from your road trip. I’m sure herself is glad you’re back, too! 🙂

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