Conservative vs Liberal


Basic premise: I tend to divide people in 5 basic groups (this is, of course, a simplification):

1.    True Conservative – these people can think and know why they think what they do. Generally want freedom and opportunity for people to reach whatever potential they have (include freedom to fail in life). Want the absolute least interference from government. Believe that people should suffer the consequences of their actions.
2.    Reactionary Conservative – includes a great many of the fundamentalist Christian Right. Just part of the herd and usually reflexively interested in tearing down anything/anyone that does not agree with them. Rather obnoxious, but usually polite in public if you don’t kick one of their triggers.
3.    The great unwashed middle – don’t give a damn about anything except their own bead and circus. Check that the ‘mainstream’ media spent more time on the doings of Paris Hilton than they did on anything of substance. (Can’t tell the mainstream media – which IS liberal anyway – from the celebrity rags anymore).
4.    Reactionary Liberal. Rather poisonous. A large chunk of the hippie and me generation legacy. Just part of the herd and usually reflexively interested in tearing down anything/anyone that does not agree with them. Same as #2, just the other end of the ass. Tend to get loud and obnoxious when in groups. Have been known to protest and expect big-daddy government to fix things rather than exercise initiative to find their own solutions.
5.    True Liberal – Opposite of #1, these people can think and know why they think what they do. Generally want to take care of “victims” and see victims everywhere. Tend to want government intervention to achieve goals. They are interested in freedom, but way too much want to penalize minor behavioral differences – Crucify Don Imus for saying “nappy headed hos”, and say nothing about the thousands of black rappers whose every other word is nigger or obscenity. On the other hand Liberals do not seem to want extreme murderers to pay the penalty for their crime. I do find this somewhat puzzling.

As a #1 conservative, I would like most of the amendments to the Constitution thrown out. Also 90% of the laws we have now. We don’t need them, we just need to pay attention to the original document. Special amendment to grant women the vote. Unnecessary. Just realize that the vote applies to all citizens. The role of the central government is to govern interstate commerce and to provide an entity for foreign government relations. The only time the central government should be evident in local affairs is when the local government has failed to protect one citizen from another. “Your freedom ends where my nose begins”. Local government can pass any laws that they like, however the central government has a mechanism to survey these laws and bounce them if they do not meet the constitutional test. This is called the Supreme Court.

Right now I’m going to pick on liberals, particularly #4 variety. But don’t worry, #2 reactionary conservatives get theirs later.
The left has gotten people so politically correct (afraid) that perfectly good and innocent words can get one into all kinds of trouble. Example: niggardly. Has absolutely nothing to do with nigger. Comes from Old Norse “nigla” – to wrangle over small or insignificant matters. Niggling comes from the same word. Nigger – as a gently raised middle class Southerner I still don’t like that word – comes from Negro – comes from Latin niger – black.
Now – if you want to get fried by the #4 liberals in your world, just use the word niggardly in proper context in a conversation. I find it amusing that #4 liberals get most of their exercise by jumping to wrong conclusions. Particularly about white males – who are, after all, guilty of all the bad in the world. Anyway, a rather nice example can be found at the Engines of Our Ingenuity web site: I don’t remember which episode it was (currently 2240), but John Lienhard, the commentator (and a bit pc) was talking to one of his engineering professor associates and the guy said “we’ve just GOT to get more nigras into engineering”. Lienhard was ready to bust a gasket when a black student standing nearby took him aside and said “Relax, man, he’s on our side. We know what he really means”. Good attitude. There should be less touchiness about normal human fumbling with words and not see evil where there is no evil intended.
I find it perplexing that the various “human rights” groups seem perfectly content to slam the USA at every turn and brand us the worst violator in the world. These people ignore all the countries that use rape, torture and murder as everyday instruments of policy. The continuing elimination of the Mung tribes by the government of Cambodia is never mentioned. The treatment of anyone who acts outside the tenants of Sharia law in most any Moslem country is never mentioned. There was a great outcry when the Serbs tried to get the Moslem Croatians out. Documented ad museum. And, while such treatment of people is inexcusable, there was no mention of corresponding Croatian treatment of Serbs. Once again, the Christians are the bad guys and Moslems are not held to the same standards. As a historical note: the Moslems are the invaders and have systematically persecuted the Serb Christians for 400 years. Nonetheless, the UN & US bombed the Christians and supported and gave refuge to the Moslems, several of whom were recently stopped in the middle of an assassination plot against the people of Fort Dix, New Jersey. Thanks, Bill & Hillary.

Of course, you can get just as fried by a #2 reactionary conservative. Try disagreeing in some way that doesn’t set well with their particular bigotries. You could get your head bit off. Mostly these people don’t march and scream and shout, but some of them do. You can usually tell that these are #2 flavor since they are convinced that they speak for God, and put all kinds of things in His Name that cannot be supported by historical Church Law or Doctrine or Practice. They also seems to think that their interpretation of what they think the Scriptures say should become secular law. Challenge them on this and, if they don’t bash you with their sign physically, the usual answer is some Biblical verse quoted out of context with rabidly dogmatic intensity. And little – if any – understanding of the Traditional Church position. Truthfully, a lot of these people are exactly the same mentality as the Old Testament types who happily stoned anyone who acted outside the accepted Moasic Law.

Needless to say – the #3 slobs are the ones who are the real majority in this country and in the world. Most of them will vote for whichever worthless politician panders to them most recently. The lib Democrats hold first place here, but the usless, weak, and corrupt Republicans are catching up fast, and may pass the Dems as the spend, spend, spend party of excess. The Republicans, be it noted, are NOT truly Conservative, they have just been less stinkily lib then the Democrats. This is changing, and there is no truly Conservative party out there. The true #1 Conservative feels alone and abandoned. The reason we feel this way is that it is the truth.


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